Inside: Are you ready for a 30-day decluttering challenge? Make it your own and alter it as needed, but here are some ideas to help you get started!

Do you desperately need to declutter – but don’t know where to start?

Consider a decluttering challenge!

By breaking the task of decluttering down into small, bite-sized steps and challenging yourself to tackle one thing each day, you can make the whole process easier – and a lot less overwhelming. 

While it might be tempting to tell yourself you can tackle it all in a single weekend, taking a slower, more methodical approach will keep stress at bay and help you stay focused. 

Not sure where to begin? Try this 30-Day Decluttering Challenge! You’ll spend some time each day decluttering something specific in your home.

And when you’re done? You’ll be surprised to see what a dramatic difference you’ve made when it comes to making your space clean and clutter-free.

30 day decluttering challenge

My 30-Day Decluttering Challenge – Your Key to a Clutter-Free Home

The following list can serve as a great starting point for your 30-day decluttering challenge.

Need to focus on something I haven’t included, or see something on the list that doesn’t apply to you? Feel free to make edits or adjust the timing as needed to customize this challenge so that it works for you. It’s not a race so go at your own pace.

Since this is an individual challenge, there is no such thing as getting behind and each small step is progress. If you prefer to have some accountability, ask a friend to do the challenge with you.

Ready to get started on your 30-day decluttering challenge? Here we go!

Day 1: Junk mail

These days, virtually everything you receive in the mail is junk – advertisements, solicitations, and stuff you don’t really need. Many of us are guilty of bringing it inside and throwing it down on the closest available surface.

Get rid of any piled-up junk mail – and see if there’s anything you can unsubscribe from or opt out of.

Day 2: Clothes

Are your closets and drawers filled with stuff you don’t wear? Take a look and ruthlessly declutter the clothes that don’t fit, that you never wear, or that no longer serve you.

Donate unwanted pieces to a friend, community group, or organization that you’d like to support.

Day 3: Old books 

Do you think books can’t become clutter? Take a look at your bookshelf. Chances are there are at least a few books that are simply collecting dust. If you’re never going to read them again, why keep them?

Fill a box (or two!) and see if your local library accepts donations. If not, donate them to a local school, nursing home, or thrift shop.

box cables

Day 4: Random cords, cables, and chargers

We all have one – a drawer or a box filled with all kinds of miscellaneous cords, cables, chargers, and plugs. We’ve convinced ourselves that we need to keep them… but why?

If you haven’t needed them in years, odds are low you’re ever going to find a use for them. Get rid of them. And for the ones you do need, go ahead and label what they’re for to make your life a little easier. 

Day 5: Kitchen tools and appliances

Head to the kitchen and take a look around. What’s taking up space that you don’t really use?

Air fryers, toaster ovens, slow cookers, waffle makers, blenders, potato mashers – if you aren’t actively using them on a regular basis, you can probably move them elsewhere. And if you don’t use them at all, consider letting them go. 

Day 6: Medicine cabinet

When was the last time you evaluated the stuff in your medicine cabinet? Odds are high that you’re holding onto some medicine that’s expired – and needs to be disposed of.

Instead of tossing everything in the trash, do a quick Google search to see where you can safely dispose of medications in your area. 

Day 7: DVDs

Let’s be honest – most of us rely on streaming services when it comes to watching movies these days. And even if you do watch DVDs, you probably don’t watch all of the ones in your collection.

Sort them into a ‘keep’ and ‘donate’ pile and see if you can find someone to take the ones you don’t need off of your hands. 

30 day decluttering challenge

Day 8: Your phone

Digital clutter isn’t as obvious as physical clutter in your home, but it’s still distracting and can waste your time.

See how much storage you’re using on your phone – and see if you can reclaim some memory. Delete unused apps, get rid of photos you’ve backed up to the cloud, and free up some space. 

Day 9: Unneeded stuff in your fridge and freezer 

Expired condiments, uneaten leftovers, and stuff that’s lurked in your freezer for way too long has to go. Bag it up and throw it out.

Preparing meals is so much easier when you know what you have on hand and you know that it’s still good. This can also be a good opportunity to take note of ingredients you need to replace.

Day 10:  The junk in your junk drawer 

Almost everyone has at least one designated junk drawer. Start with the one that has been bothering you the most.

Take everything out, group things by like kind, and then get rid of what you don’t need and put misplaced items back where they belong.

Day 11: The stuff under your kitchen sink

Whether you use the space under your kitchen sink to store cleaning supplies, kitchen stuff, or something else, take a good look at what’s there and clear out the stuff you don’t actually use. 

It’s helpful to periodically check under your sinks as slow leaks can occur without you realizing it otherwise.

family playing a board game

Day 12: Board games

While our family loves certain board games, we’ve had others that we didn’t enjoy as much.

Never going to play Risk again? Get rid of it – and all of the other games you don’t love. Consider selling them online or donating them.

Day 13: Toys

Some toys are great for encouraging creativity and imagination. And others are well, annoying, or not often played with.

Have your kids help declutter the toys that are broken, outgrown, or simply not played with. Donate the ones that are still in good condition while freeing up additional space in your home.

Day 14: Holiday decorations 

Dust off the holiday decor and figure out what you actually put out each year. Which pieces are most meaningful to you?

Set aside the ones you don’t love or use and go ahead and donate the rest. It’s much easier to keep your holiday decorations organized after you’ve downsized your collection.

30 day decluttering challenge

Day 15: Spices – and other stuff in your pantry 

Similar to your fridge, chances are there’s some stuff lurking in your pantry that’s past its prime. Old spices, expired canned goods (yes – they can expire!), and snacks you’ll never actually eat can go into the trash.

Decluttering and organizing your pantry will make it much easier to access the necessary ingredients when you’re cooking or baking.

Day 16: Linens 

Open up your linen closet and do a quick evaluation. Do you really need that many spare sheets and pillowcases? What about those old comforters? 

Linens that aren’t in great condition may be able to be donated to your local animal shelter. Call them to check.

Day 17: Craft supplies

If you love to craft, you know just how much stuff you can accumulate as part of the process. Whether you paint, knit, create art with stained glass, or prefer another medium, sort through your stuff and part ways with anything you don’t need.

Decluttering and organizing your craft supplies will make it easier to find what you want which can make your creative pursuits that much more enjoyable.

Day 18: Makeup and personal care products

Expired makeup, old bottles of lotion, dried-up nail polish? All of those can go. Make a habit of periodically decluttering your makeup.

While you’re at it, take a look in your bathroom and see what else you can find that you no longer need. 

organized office space

Day 19: Personal files 

Whether your personal files are digital or physical, dedicate some time to organizing them. Find stuff you don’t actually need to keep? Shred it – or delete it. 

You’ll save yourself a lot of future time and stress by having your files organized and streamlined.

Day 20: Pet products

If you own a pet, you know you can accumulate a surprising amount of stuff for them. Take a look and see if there are any pet products you don’t need to keep.

Check expired treats, overly-chewed toys, and dog collars or leashes that no longer fit or aren’t in good shape. 

Day 21: Shoes 

Many people own more shoes than they know what to do with. Evaluate your collection and declutter any pairs that no longer fit, are too scuffed or worn to wear again, or no longer suit your taste. 

Life is too short for uncomfortable shoes.

Day 22: Decor

Most of us forget about our home decor when it comes to clutter – but it can take up a lot of space and can make things like dusting or cleaning the counters a lot more difficult.

Do you really enjoy all of those pictures, decor items, and tchotchkes? Consider taking a more minimalist approach. Keep fewer things out and pass along the things you don’t love.

30 day decluttering challenge

Day 23: Countertops

Counters and other flat surfaces are magnets for clutter. Spend some time clearing off the clutter that’s accumulated there – and commit to keeping them clear moving forward. 

You’ll enjoy how your home looks and functions better and is easier to clean when there’s less stuff sitting out.

Day 24: Purse

When was the last time you cleaned out your purse? What about your wallet? Empty them out and determine what stays and what can go. 

If you’re a mom, you may notice quite a few random odds and ends that show up here.

Day 25: Nightstand 

Nightstands are a sneaky place where clutter can hide – especially if yours has a drawer. Clear it out and commit to keeping only what you need in there. 

Clearing off your nightstands is a helpful part of decluttering your bedroom to make it a calming space where you can completely relax.

Day 26: Laundry Room

The laundry room is another spot that most of us don’t consider when it comes to clutter – but chances are, there are a few things here that can go. 

Clear off the top of your machines and put away any items that belong in other rooms. It can make doing laundry just a little more pleasant.

messy car

Day 27: Car

Take a quick look around your car. What’s hiding in the glove box? What about the trunk? Take out anything that doesn’t truly belong. 

There’s often some garbage needing to be tossed and items that need to go back inside your home. With as much time as we spend driving, it’s a good idea the time to clean and organize your car.

Day 28: Garage

The garage can easily become a dumping ground for all kinds of stuff – gardening supplies, sports equipment, and random things that don’t have a place in the house. Figure out what’s worth keeping and what you can part ways with.

Decluttering your garage can help you find items more easily and allow you to actually park your car in it.

Day 29: Technology and electronics

Many of us are guilty of keeping old cell phones, computers, televisions, gaming systems, and other tech that we will likely never need again. Instead of letting it take up room in your closets, clear it out. 

Clear off any data and then look for electronic recycling options in your area.

Day 30: Your choice 

Maybe you noticed an additional area you wanted to tackle or one of the areas you worked on needs a bit more work.

Take a look around and see if there are any spots you’ve missed – and give them a little love today as a way to wrap up this challenge.

30 day decluttering challenge

How did the 30-Day Decluttering Challenge go for you? Let us know by celebrating your wins in the comments!

Remember to make the 30-day decluttering challenge your own! If you need to take more than a month, go for it. If you want to swap out some of the suggested items or areas to declutter, do it. The goal is to create a plan that works for you and your home.

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  2. Why is it I never see tools and other workshop stuff on decluttering lists? How many jars of nuts and bolts, nails, screws, etc. does one need? How many sets of wrenches? How many hammers? There are usually tool bags or kits in the garage, the basement, the truck, etc. I found six plus what was in drawers, cabinets, etc. It isn’t just women’s craft rooms taking up space.

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