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8 Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

Inside: Use these helpful yard sale tips to make your garage sale a success. Get the clutter out of your house and make a little money too! Does it feel like you have too much stuff in your house?  Do you want to earn some extra cash – and get rid of some things you…
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Decluttering: What Are You Creating Space for?

A guest post by Jen Rao of Clear Your Life Inside: What are you creating space for when you declutter your home and life? Let’s dive into why we want to clear the clutter and the reasons for creating space. Let’s face it, a home filled with unwanted clutter just doesn’t feel good. Everywhere you look,…
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How to Set Your Top Priorities in Life

Inside: Learn how to set your priorities in life so that you can get clear on what to say yes and no to. Do you feel like you never have enough time to do everything you want to accomplish? Are you constantly adding new items to your to-do list, even though you know there’s no…
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Minimalism for Moms: How to Get Started

A guest post by Katie Barton of Cabin Lane Do you often feel rushed in the morning? Overwhelmed when you see the state of your house? Tired of continually picking up clothes and toys? Today I want to share with you why minimalism for moms is so important. I used to feel like that, too. …
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Spring Decluttering Checklist: 10 Items to Toss Today

Inside: Get the spring decluttering checklist and refresh your home for the new season with these tips and tricks for spring decluttering. Want to freshen up your home for the new season? There is something about the spring that motivates me to clean and declutter. In winter I tend to feel more like I want…
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