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How to Clean Out and Declutter a Storage Unit

Inside: Learn how to clean out a storage unit so that you can stop paying for it! These decluttering tips will help you eliminate the junk you’ve been storing. Did you know that 9.4% of U.S. households rent a storage unit? Even with the average square footage of homes increasing, it appears we are still…
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The Best Way to Organize Books in Your Home

Inside: Learn the best ways to organize books in your home. You can do these with or without a bookshelf! Do you own a lot of books? If you do, you’ve probably spent some time trying to figure out how to organize your home library. Coming up with the best way to arrange books in…
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Sorry Parents, Millennials Don’t Want Your Stuff

Inside: Learn why millennials don’t want stuff and what to do when your kids don’t want your stuff. If you’re the parent of a millennial, I’ve got some bad news. They don’t want your stuff. If you have plans to gift your children your antique furniture, fancy dishes and flatware, or your beloved collections, it’s…
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Downsizing Early in Life – What You Need to Know

A guest post by Jen Rao of Clear Your Life Inside: Downsizing early in life is a great option for some people. This is my story of how and why we chose to downsize early in our lives. Downsizing isn’t just for elderly retirees anymore. Why wait decades to minimize your living expenses and maximize your…
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