Inside: Learn how to get rid of countertop clutter for good and enjoy your space more by decluttering and creating habits to keep them clear.

When you look at your kitchen countertop, what do you see? How does it make you feel?

Countertops are one of the most likely places to accumulate clutter. Today let’s look at how to get rid of countertop clutter for good.

For my birthday this year, I asked my husband and daughters to clean the house. Gifts aren’t really my thing, but someone besides me doing housework? Yes, please.

They worked so hard without complaints and it was lovely. One of the things my husband did when he cleaned the kitchen was cleared everything off the counters.

When I walked into the kitchen I noticed what a huge difference that made. The kitchen felt bigger and I saw how much more workspace there was.

This got me to thinking about how countertops get cluttered in the first place.

Why there’s countertop clutter

There are a variety of reasons that countertop clutter accumulates. Here are the 6 most common that I’ve seen and experienced.

1. It doesn’t have a home

One reason items get left on the counter is because they don’t have a home to go to. It may be something that is new or something you’ve never found a good location for storing it.

If you notice this happening, first question whether or not you want to keep the item. I’ve found that some people don’t create a home because they don’t actually want or need the item.

If it is something you want to keep, then now is the time to find a home for it. Where would it make sense to store it? Think of somewhere that is convenient and that you’ll remember.

Sometimes the places that seemed so logical initially are soon forgotten leaving you questioning your memory. Think of where you’d look for that item. Maybe that’s where it’s home should be.

2. Laziness

Countertop clutter often piles up due to sheer laziness. Let’s just admit we have all done this.

The item is easy enough to put away, but you just don’t feel like doing it right now. ‘I’ll remember to do that later’ is the gateway for clutter accumulation.

If this one resonates with you, challenge yourself to practice the one-minute rule. If it will take you less than a minute to put that item back where it belongs, go ahead and do it now.

Most often it does take a very short amount of time. Once you get in the habit of putting things away immediately and remembering this rule, your countertops will be clearer.

countertop clutter

3. As a reminder

How many times have you left something out on the counter intentionally? Not because you were lazy but because you felt like putting it away would make you forget the project you needed to do with that item.

Leaving items out as a reminder isn’t really the most effective way to get a project completed. How long have you had those items sit out for days, weeks, or months even, and at some point you’ve gotten used to seeing them there and no longer notice?

A better way to remind yourself is to leave a note on a whiteboard or put a reminder in your phone. Better yet, stop pushing off the project and just get it done as soon as you can.

So often we imagine things will take longer or be more difficult than they really are. We waste our mental energy and clutter our counters

4. Because of kids

Countertop clutter can come from any member of the household, but I’ve noticed it happens the most with my kids at my house. There could be a combination of reasons for this.

Laziness may be a factor or not knowing where that item belongs can be another one. Although, sometimes I hear one of my kids use that as an excuse when they full well know where things belong.

To help prevent kids from cluttering up the countertops make sure you have systems in place for where those items belong and that your children are aware of them.

Have one or two times during the day where they help with a quick clean up and clear those items off the counter and put them away.

countertop clutter

5. Due to assumptions

Another reason for countertop clutter is assumptions. Perhaps in the home you grew up in the toaster always sat on the counter so yours does too.

Maybe you’ve never tried other storage solutions so you have extra items sitting out.

Often times we adjust to what we have out on our counters and we become blind to the clutter they create. I know this had happened to me and I didn’t even realize it until all the items were removed.

You may assume you have to own certain kinds of items or they have to be stored on the counter because that’s the way it’s always been.

6. For the love of accessories

Are you a super fan of Home Goods, Marshalls and/or TJ Maxx? They, and other similar stores, offer a plethora of home decor.

So many of them look so cute in the store and so you bring them home to brighten up the kitchen or make your space feel more cozy.

There’s nothing wrong with a little of that, but for some people, there is a lot of that. Having too many accessories can make your house look cluttered. Instead of it looking cute, it can become too much.

It isn’t that you shouldn’t have any accessories. It’s just that when you have too many you no longer notice any of them and they all begin to collect dust and clutter up your countertops.

It’s not just your kitchen

While countertop clutter may be the most common in the kitchen, this same theory applies to bathroom countertops and to the top of furniture as well.

Look around your home at the top of any flat surface where items collect. That could be on dressers, nightstands, kitchen tables, desks, coffee tables, bookshelves, or even the top of your fridge.

In almost all homes (in fact, I’ve never seen one where this wasn’t true) these areas collect clutter. You get used to seeing it over time so you stop questioning it. All these areas lend to feeling like your home is cluttered.

Once you are able to see your home with a fresh perspective you can begin the task of getting rid of the countertop clutter for good.

How to get rid of countertop clutter it for good

You may now be noticing your countertop clutter more than you have before. That’s a good thing because once you can see it you can work on getting rid of it for good.

Here are some tips to help you through it.

countertop clutter

1. Take everything off

The first step is to take everything off the counters. Every appliance, every decor item, and every item that holds other items (utensil holders and knife blocks, I am talking to you).

Now that you have everything off the counters notice what the space looks like. How does it feel?

It takes time to adjust and see how it functions, so I suggest setting those items aside for a period of time so you can see what’s truly essential.

You’ll likely quickly notice the benefits of having decluttered countertops. That feeling will help you be more selective in what you put back.

2. Be selective

Now that you’ve noticed what it’s like to have less on the counters, you may find you are missing a few things.

Maybe the empty counters feel too cold. That’s fine. Feel free to add selectively add back a few items.

For functional items you’ve had sitting out, consider if you could store them elsewhere. Do you have room in a cabinet to store the toaster? Do you have a pantry or cabinet the mixed would fit in?

If you truly don’t have other options or they are just too inconvenient, it’s ok to leave some items out. Just try to be selective on what you keep out to decrease the visual clutter and so you have more room on the counters to work in your kitchen.

Declutter & Re-home

Decluttering your kitchen will help you to have more storage options. I found that after I decluttered my pots and pans, I had space to store the toaster in that cabinet.

There are a variety of options for storing items differently. The cooking utensils could go in a drawer. The knives can too, although you may want to add a lock to it if you have young children.

The act of clearing the items off and only slowly adding back the necessary helps you to think more creatively about storage solutions. It also helps you to more clearly see the clutter.

Now when items are left out on the counter, they stand out more, which leads us to looking at daily habits.

3. Daily habits

Now I know you might be thinking sure it is easy to take everything off the counter and declutter and rehome some things. I can get my counter looking nice. What I can’t get is them to stay that way.

And yes, that is the eternal challenge isn’t it? This is the point in which habits need to change. It may be some of your own habits and also those of other family members.

When everyone has been used to treating counters or tables as dumping grounds it takes some effort to break those practices.

For yourself practice that one-minute rule. When it takes less than a minute to put it away, do it immediately. Also, make sure you have appropriate systems for dealing with mail or other paper clutter.

Get the family in on doing daily decluttering or tidying up. You could make it at a particular time or have it be right after dinner each night. Whatever works best for your family.

During this short time, everyone needs to put away the things they left out earlier in the day. This becomes part of training your kids to be responsible for their own stuff and helps the adults to lead by example and be responsible too.

You can make it fun by listening to music. When you get in the habit of doing this daily, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

Benefits of not having countertop clutter

There are numerous benefits to decluttering your home. For the countertops specifically, these are the most noticeable effects.

1. Enjoy your space more

When you look in a room and there isn’t clutter sitting on the tops of furniture and counters, it lets you breathe easier and feel more at peace.

That’s not to say everything is barren. It is just that the items are chosen carefully and not all sitting out by default.

When you have clutter free counters, you have more freedom to prepare food. Cooking is more enjoyable and less frustrating when you have the space to work.

You may be surprised by how much simply getting rid of countertop clutter as well as clutter on the top of furniture helps you gain a fresh perspective on your home.

2. Less visual clutter

With having less out and visible, you have greatly reduced the visual clutter in your home. We adapt to our living conditions so you get to a point where you no longer see the clutter or realize how it’s negatively impacting you.

Having visual clutter in every room of your home can make you feel tired, distracted, or uneasy.

Your home should feel peaceful. It should be where you go to relax and recharge and get a break from the busyness of the outside world.

When you limit the visual clutter, your mind is better able to rest. There are things about your home you can’t control, but clutter is one you can.

You may find that you love your home more when you get rid of the excess.

3. Saves time

When your countertops are cluttered, it’s so much harder to find things. Have you spent far too long looking for that school assignment for one of your kids or the note where you wrote down when your dental appointment is?

We’ve all been in those situations where we’ve spent too much time looking for something. It’s frustrating and it’s a waste of time.

When you take the time on the front end to keep the countertops decluttered, you’ll save yourself time in the long run.

It also makes for less stressful mornings as you’re trying to get everyone out the door with all the things needed for the day.

4. Easier to clean

When you get rid of the countertop clutter, cleaning becomes so much easier. Cleaning off your kitchen and bathroom counters is really fast when you don’t have to remove a bunch of items.

Dusting furniture is also lots easier when you don’t have excess item on them. Your space will take less time to clean and also just appear cleaner without the extra stuff sitting out.

I hope that this has helped motivate you to get rid of the countertop clutter and the flat surface clutter on your furniture for good. It takes some intention and ongoing effort, but the benefits are worth it.

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  1. What do you do with coffee maker , toaster oven and large countertop microwave? Too big, and no
    Place to rehouse.

    1. Hi Sue. The decisions of what stays out vs put away depends on the counter space and storage options in the home. Not everyone can put everything somewhere else (nor would they want to necessarily). It’s more about seeing what you can clear off and find what works best for you & your home 🙂

  2. I’ve done exactly this in my new home. It was quite easy and really gives me a sense of peace. As we get older, we realize how little we really need. I also realized how great a single bowl kitchen sink is. No longer have a dish drainer out, and I wash, dry and put away dishes immediately. I love it! Just takes so little time to simplify your life.

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