Inside: Have many pairs of shoes that you never wear? Use these five helpful tips for decluttering shoes to clear up some space in your home!

Does it feel like you’re constantly tripping over shoes?

Do you have so many shoes that you can’t actually find the ones you want to wear?

Or are there shoes in your closet that are literally collecting dust?

It might be time to declutter your shoes. 

Having too many shoes can be really overwhelming. They can take up a surprising amount of space and aren’t always easy to store.

And since many of us default to wearing the same few pairs every week, it makes sense to ask ourselves – why do we have so many?

And do we really need them? 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to some shoes and get your shoe situation organized, this article is for you. Keep reading to learn how to purge shoes from your closet – without losing your mind in the process!

shoe clutter

Why Do I Need to Declutter Shoes?

Did you know that 32% of women own more than 25 pairs of shoes (source)? How’s that for a surprising clutter statistic!

Saying goodbye to the things we’ve invested our time, money, and energy acquiring isn’t always fun. You bought those shoes because, at some point, you liked them – maybe even loved them. You wanted them enough to buy them. 

If you are a shoe lover, getting rid of shoes can feel rough. But it’s going to benefit you in the long run.

Living with clutter is never a good idea. Clutter can be overwhelming, and it can totally take over your life – without you even realizing it.

Living in a cluttered space makes it difficult to focus, think, or really tap into your creativity. It’s a constant burden. Fortunately, it’s one you can relieve yourself of with a little bit of effort.

Decluttering Shoes: Five Tips To Make It Happen

Not sure how to purge shoes from your home? I’ve got you covered. With these simple tips to help you get rid of the shoes that you don’t need and you’ll be on your way to a much more manageable shoe collection.

decluttering shoes

Tip #1: Get rid of shoes that no longer work for you.

One of the biggest things that contributes to shoe clutter is holding onto pairs of shoes that you wouldn’t – or shouldn’t – wear again.

What shoes fall into this category?

  • Shoes that have been totally worn out. If they’re torn, ripped, or legitimately broken, it’s time to say goodbye.
  • Uncomfortable shoes. Are you holding onto shoes that give you blisters every time you wear them or leave your feet screaming in pain by the end of the night? Ditch ‘em. Chances are, if they hurt your feet, you aren’t wearing them anyway. 
  • Shoes that don’t actually fit. If they’re too big or too small, they aren’t right for you – and they need to go. 

Of course, there could be other shoes that meet the definition of “no longer work for you” in your closet. Maybe you’re holding onto shoes that aren’t really in style anymore – you won’t wear them, but you don’t want to say goodbye.

Or maybe you’ve got that ONE pair of boots that work for that ONE outfit… which isn’t enough justification to keep them around. 

Be critical and ask yourself – are you really going to wear those shoes again?

If the answer is anything other than a resounding YES, it’s time for those shoes to go.

Tip #2: Group your shoes by similar types to see where you can cut back.

Another great way to cut down on your cluttered shoes? Evaluate your shoe collection and get rid of duplicates – either by storing them away for when the other pair wears out or by donating them now. 

Sort your shoes into groups based on the type – athletic shoes, winter boots, sandals, heels, casual sneakers, etc. Once you’ve organized your shoes and grouped similar styles together, you can really analyze your collection and make some decisions around what stays and what goes.

Do you really need four different pairs of black high heels? 

By getting rid of shoes that are too similar to others in your collection, and only keeping the shoes you’ll actually want to wear, you can really cut down on your shoe clutter. 

decluttering shoes

Tip #3: Evaluate your shoe storage situation and invest in solutions to minimize clutter.

Maybe your problem isn’t that you have too many shoes. 

Maybe you just don’t have the right storage solution in place to keep your shoe collection under control.

There are endless solutions on the market to help you organize shoes. You’ve got shoe racks that come in all shapes and sizes – little ones, big ones, long ones. You’ve got over-the-door shoe storage options and shoe holders that hang in your closet.

You can buy shoe drawers, shoe boxes, shoe bins, shoe shelves, and all kinds of devices to help you store your shoes, whether you need them stowed near your front door, in your bedroom, or the mudroom.

Do a little research and find a storage solution that can help you organize your cluttered shoes.

Tip #4: Donate unwanted or unneeded shoes to a good cause.

When decluttering shoes, I’m not telling you to give your old, worn-out falling apart soccer cleats to Goodwill. 

But I am telling you there are ways to responsibly donate good shoes to keep them out of the landfill whenever you can!

Look into local charities to see if you can give your unwanted shoes new life. Donate dress shoes to organizations that help folks in need get clothes for a new job.

Send your heels and flats to nonprofits that support women escaping domestic violence, or groups that help girls who couldn’t otherwise afford to go to prom make their dream a reality. 

As long as they aren’t gross, damaged, or truly defective, chances are good that someone will truly appreciate them – and you’re getting rid of clutter in the process.

organized shoes

Tip #5: Set a shoe limit – and stick to it!

Finally, if you’re struggling to get rid of cluttered shoes, you can help yourself avoid future situations by setting a shoe limit for yourself.

Think about it. How many pairs of shoes do you want? How many do you need?

And how many do you truly have room to accommodate in your house without making it feel cluttered? How many other people are sharing your space with shoes of their own that need to be considered?

Maybe you can cut it down to twenty pairs, or ten – maybe even five. When it comes to decluttering shoes, you need to pick the number of pairs that are reasonable for you. After all, everyone has a different definition of clutter. What falls into the “not enough” category for some can easily be “too much” for someone else. 

And once you decide how many shoes you truly need and pare down your collection? Establish a one in, one out rule for yourself.

Anytime you bring a new pair of shoes into your home, make yourself say goodbye to another pair. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the same situation sooner than you’d like.

When it comes to decluttering shoes, what has worked for YOU? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Hey, thank you for your helpful tips!
    I have many shoes (50 🙈) I admit! So I need a lot of space to examine all together!
    But now I begin to follow your decluttering tips for my Summer to Fall seasonal change!

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