journey towards simplicity

Reading these shocking statistics on clutter was a bit of a wake-up call for me. While I don’t personally identify with all of them (I’m bringing down those shopping averages), it’s clear that our nation isn’t exactly on a journey towards simplicity…

It is crazy to think how much our culture has changed from our grandparents’ generation to ours. The quickly changing world of technology and retail as far as the eye can see have deeply impacted American homes both in size and the amount of stuff in them.

There are likely some ways in which these changes have made our lives easier (hello, fancy modern conveniences), but there are also many ways in which our stuff has made our lives harder.

It is no coincidence that Americans are also deeply in debt. The average household credit card debt is about $5,000 with the median debt at more than $16,000, not to mention the mortgages that go along with those big houses (the average mortgage debt is nearly $173,000) (NASDAQ). If you want more clutter statistics, go here.

I think it is fair to say from these statistics that we have a stuff problem.

My heart for this blog is to expose some of the challenges we face in our homes and lives and help resolve those issues through simplicity habits.

My goal for my own home is to get back to simple. No, I don’t mean I want to live on a farm (although I admire those who are homesteaders).

Rather, I am trying to find ways to reduce the extra stuff of life in order to have more space to breathe, more room left to say yes to great things, and more freedom from all the junk that weighs me down.

My purpose and passion are to break free from the norm and be comfortable with being different. I don’t want to be part of those average American statistics. I want to be intentional with my belongings, schedule, and relationships.

I want to say no to busy and to allow time for rest, for family, and for living. I want my life to reflect my values and my why, which is the driving force behind my decision making. If you want to read more about my journey, you can find that HERE

If any of this resonates with you, I invite you to join me on this journey towards simplicity.

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