Inside: Looking for gift ideas for the minimalists in your life? Read on for twenty of the best gifts for minimalists.

When it comes to buying gifts for friends and family, it’s all about finding something to give that your recipient will value.

But what if you’re on the hunt for a birthday present or Christmas gift for a minimalist – someone who finds value in the absence of stuff? Shopping for someone who does not particularly like, want, or need a ton of material things can be a challenge, to say the least. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the minimalist in your life, I’ve got you covered. Keep reading for some great gift ideas that minimalists will love

gift ideas for minimalists

20 of the Best Gifts for Minimalists

While picking out the perfect gift for your minimalist friend or family member might not be the easiest task, it doesn’t have to be too difficult! From meaningful experiences to digital subscriptions and more, here are some of the best gift ideas for minimalists: 

Make Memories With An Experience

Since most minimalists are on a mission to reduce the amount of stuff and clutter in their lives, a physical gift isn’t always the best choice. But an experience is something that virtually everyone can find value in – as long as you choose an experience that resonates with your recipient!

Put a little thought into the types of activities the minimalist in your life enjoys. Do they love cooking? Are they constantly trying to plan their next vacation? Do they spend a ton of spare time at concerts? Do they enjoy a little TLC – or an adrenaline rush? 

There are so many different experiences that make incredible gifts. Here are some ideas to get you started:

gift ideas for minimalists

1. Concert tickets

If you’re shopping for someone who loves live music, tickets to an upcoming show could make a great gift.

2. Spa service

A relaxing massage, facial, or manicure is a great choice for minimalists who prioritize self-care. Buy a voucher for a specific spa, or give a gift card through SpaFinder to let them choose their own experience. 

3. Tickets to a play or movie

If your giftee is passionate about theater or just loves a good show, consider tickets to a local play or new release.

4. Tickets to a sporting event

Whether they love football, hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, or some other sport, tickets to an upcoming game can make a fun gift!

5. A class

A fun, hands-on learning experience is almost always a valuable present. Depending on their hobbies, you could consider a cooking class, a pottery class, an art class, a dance lesson, a photography lesson – and that’s just a few of the options you’ll find!

6. Something adventurous

From guided horseback rides and kayak trips to skydiving and hot air balloon experiences, there are all kinds of memorable options out there for the thrillseekers in your life. 

7. A Cameo

Cameo is a service that lets you purchase a personalized video from tons of different celebrities. If you’re shopping for someone who loves a particular star, gifting them a shout-out or special message from their favorite celeb can make for a very memorable experience.

family at the zoo

Gifts That Keep On Giving: A Membership, Subscription, or Donation

Another great gift for the minimalist in your life could be a membership – something they can use again and again over the course of a month, or even a year!

So many different services and locations offer memberships that you can buy into to enjoy your favorite places, products, media, and more at a great deal. Ideas here include…

8. An annual membership to a local museum

If you’re shopping for someone who lives near a museum and enjoys the experience, consider surprising them with an annual membership! Many museums feature rotating exhibits to keep things fresh throughout the year, making this a gift that keeps on giving. 

9. A family membership to the zoo

Like museums, many zoos offer memberships for individuals and families to return as many times as they’d like! 

10. A subscription to a streaming service

Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services have become a regular part of our routines. Consider giving the gift of a streaming service membership. Most offer the ability to customize the duration of your gift, making this a great budget-friendly option. 

11. A membership to Headspace or Calm

Are you buying a gift for someone who prioritizes mindfulness and well-being? A membership to Headspace, Calm, or another guided meditation app could be a great choice. 

12. Make a donation in their honor

Consider the causes that the giftee cares about. There are a lot of options for making a donation to a local or worldwide organization that would both be meaningful to the recipient as well as benefit people or groups that are in need.

homemade Christmas cookies

Cheers! Gift Something Edible – Or Drinkable! 

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Who doesn’t enjoy good food and drinks? Give the gift of flavor this season with…

13. A gift card for dinner at a local restaurant

Even if you love to cook, there are going to be some nights when you just don’t feel like making dinner. Not only does a gift card for a local restaurant support local businesses, but it’s a great way for your giftee to get out and enjoy a good meal.

14. A wine, beer, or coffee-tasting class

For a fun and interactive experience, see if you can find a local tasting at a coffee shop, brewery, or winery. Not only will your minimalist get to learn about something they love, but they’ll also likely get to enjoy plenty of samples.

15. A wine or coffee subscription

For the wine and coffee connoisseurs in your life, a monthly subscription can be a great way to introduce them to flavors they’ve never tried before and revisit old favorites. 

We love Atlas Coffee for a coffee subscription. We’ve had ours for over a year and their quality is top notch. If you’re new to Atlas, you can save $10 through my referral link.

16. A homemade treat

If you love to cook or bake, a delicious homemade meal, pie, cake, or bread can make a much-appreciated gift. 

17. Tickets to a local food festival

Some areas are known for food, wine, or beer festivals. Gift your friend a ticket to one that’s coming up – and grab one for yourself, too, so you can share the experience! 

gift ideas for minimalists

Put a Bow on It: Physical Gifts Your Minimalist Friends Will Love

Giving a physical gift to a minimalist isn’t necessarily a bad thing! While minimalists typically try to avoid unwanted stuff, there are a few gifts that most will still appreciate, like…

18. Plants

If you’re shopping for a minimalist with a green thumb, a new potted plant to add to their collection can make a meaningful gift.

19. Candles

Candles are a great choice for minimalists because they’re temporary – not something that’s going to take up space forever.

20. Books

If your minimalist is also a bookworm, a well-bound copy of their favorite work or a book you think they’ll love could make a great option. If they prefer to read books digitally, you could purchase the kindle version or a kindle membership for them.

Want more gift ideas for minimalists?

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gift ideas for minimalists

The gift of nothing

Initially, this might sound a bit strange, but if you have a minimalist in your life who insists that they don’t want anything, respect their wishes by not giving them a gift.

For various reasons, a person may not want to receive anything. It really is ok to mutually decide not to exchange gifts. Discuss your expectations in advance to reach a mutual understanding.

If you’re someone who loves to gift things, this can be a challenge. But really gifting should take into consideration what the recipient wants, not what we think the recipient should want.

Spending time with someone or even sharing a kind word can be a great ‘gift’ too.

If you’re a minimalist and despite sharing your wishes with your loved ones, you still receive gifts you do not want, accept them with gratitude. Be kind, but don’t feel obligated to keep things that would become clutter in your home.

What are your favorite gift ideas for minimalists? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. I like to give family members and friends, a gift-voucher to a local Cafe’ or Movie Theatre, so they can treat themselves to some ‘time out’ for an hour or two and if I’m lucky, they may even invite me to join them (at my own expense of course)!

  2. In two months I’ll be 80! I love accessories for the home and beautiful things of all kind. But I am trying to minimize what I have.
    My children don’t really understand what I’m going to tell you.
    I love that they’ll sit with me in my favorite spot almost front row in Church.
    I love that they will go out for dinner with me and enjoy a wonderful meal.
    I love that they come to visit me and stay overnight. That we can get up together in the morning and have a cuppa coffee and long wonderful conversation.
    I love being able to go shopping with them, giggle and have the clerk say, “you girls really have a good time don’t you?!”
    I love knowing that they’re there if I need them.
    And I love long conversations on the phone or short if necessary.
    I love that they encourage me in all ways and tell me that I’m beautiful and give me credit for the things I tried to do for them as they were growing up.
    These are all really, really wonderful gifts to give to someone you love, and I appreciate them so much!

    1. Jerry, beautifully said. I couldn’t agree more that time spent together is the greatest gift.
      Thanks for sharing.

    2. I love what you have said here … I think all of these things are wonderful “gifts”. I know that there are many people that would agree that these are the best gifts of all!! Thank you for sharing … have a blessed holiday!!

  3. My husband and I make a family calendar. Each family member emails us one to four pictures of their favorite memories of the year to be printed on their birthday month. We add their birthdate on the bottom where the days are displayed. We send the finished product to the Costco printer, but I know other companies do this, too. Everyone is thrilled and so appreciative!

  4. For years now I’ve purchased/organized a “family” gift and this year it will be the only gift, primarily for sustainability reasons but also because we are all adults now. It’s usually an activity we’ve never done or seen before. One year it was a glass blowing class and last year it was cross-country skiing 🙃. Spending time together while supporting and laughing at each other makes for great memories. Happy Holidays!

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