Inside: Find clutter-free stocking stuffers for everyone on your list! Get them gifts they’ll enjoy that won’t create clutter in your home.

I love the holiday season. However, I must admit I don’t love the shopping part.

In recent years, we’ve made big strides in moving to more experience-based gifts and other clutter-free gift ideas. This has carried over to how we do stockings as well.

I’ve been intentional to come up with ideas for their stockings that aren’t too expensive but also weren’t cheap junk that would clutter up our home.

Here are our favorite clutter-free stocking stuffers for all ages.

Clutter-Free Stocking Stuffers

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Do you struggle with the piles of post Christmas morning stuff? If you find yourself overwhelmed and not sure where to put all the things, it’s a good sign that you should reconsider how you shop for gifts.

Clutter-free gift ideas and clutter-free stocking stuffers are ones that will get used and many of which are consumable.

The goal is not to end up with a pile of random cheap stuff that you really don’t want in your home. My kids get very excited to see what’s in their stockings and they love this list of clutter-free stocking stuffers and helped me to come up up with some extra ideas.

Now, it is possible that some of the items listed could become clutter if you don’t love them or use them, so make sure to consider the preferences of the person you are gifting them to.

I’ve broken up the lists by adults and children, although there are some ideas that can work for both.

So here are our favorite clutter-free stocking stuffers.

clutter-free stocking stuffers

Clutter-free Stocking Stuffers for Adults

Here is the list of clutter-free stocking stuffers for the adults in your household. Keep in mind the needs and wants of the person you are selecting them for. The more customized they are to the recipient the less likely they are to become clutter.

1. Favorite candy

What is this person’s favorite candy? Include a bit of it in their stocking.

2. Essential oils

If you have someone in your home who likes scents, essential oils are great, I love diffusing them and my husband uses some for his beard oil.

For the past few years, I’ve been using Plant Therapy essential oils and really like them. They have a great price point, free shipping, and an excellent return policy. If you haven’t ordered from them before you can use my referral link to get $10 off your first order of $25 or more. I really like their holiday scents!

3. Socks

Socks can get a bad rap. While some people may not appreciate receiving them, I love getting good quality socks in my stocking as does my husband. They’re useful and sadly, end up being disposable at some point.

4. Tea or coffee

For the tea or coffee lover in your life you could buy them their favorite or something new to try!

Last year my sister got her husband a monthly subscription to Atlas Coffee and he’s loved it, so I bought it for my husband this year. If you’re new to Atlas, you can save $10 through my referral link.

5. Candle

A small candle is a great option for a clutter-free stocking stuffer too if the person in your life enjoys them.

6. Cookies

If you’re wanting to include some homemade treats, you could bake their favorite cookies.

7. Card game

Card games are the perfect size to include in a stocking. There are so many games you can play with a simple deck of cards.

8. Travel mug

An insulated travel mug is a great clutter-free stocking stuffer (bonus that this one takes up a lot of the space in the stocking. My husband likes the Contigo travel mugs. My favorite is from Pioneer Woman.

9. Wireless earbuds

While I am not one to spring for the high end ones, I have loved my inexpensive wireless earbuds. I use them to listen to podcasts while I’m washing dishes, cleaning, and getting ready.

10. Cake in a mug

Sometimes you want a small treat you don’t have to share and cake in a mug is the perfect thing for that! You can buy the cup in a mug packets or go the DIY route.

11. Coffee/tea cozy

Know someone who loves getting coffee on the go? These handmade coffee/tea cozies are super cute and practical. No need for any more cardboard sleeves to keep your hands from burning!

12. Hand soap

I love new hand soaps. Mrs. Meyers and Method are my two favorite brands. The seasonal scents usually smell really good.

13. Notebook or notepad

My husband loves to sketch so these moleskin notebooks are perfect for him. I love making lists so these notepads are something I’d love in my stocking.

14. Flashlight

Having a flashlight in your pocket, purse, or beside your bed is always a good idea. We own flashlights in a variety of sizes depending on where we are storing them.

15. Aeropress

My husband really likes coffee and promises that it tastes better when made with an Aeropress. I’m more of a little coffee with my creamer kind of girl, but I can tell when he makes it this way that it is less bitter. It’s an option too for if the power goes out or if you’re camping.

16. Toiletries

Toiletries can be fun stocking stuffers too. Shaving cream, body wash, or really anything that the recipient would use and enjoy are great.

17. Cashmere hair scrunchies

These upcycled hair scrunchies from Love Woolies are so cute & so soft! A great gift idea for the lady in your life. They also sell other assorted handmade upcycled items that you can check out on their site!

18. Rubs or spices

Have a chef in your home who likes to BBQ? Specialty rubs and spices would be a fun addition to their stocking.

19. Pen

If you have someone on your household who is picky about what they write with, a new set of pens would be a practical option to include.

20. Gift card

Gift cards to Amazon, Target, Starbucks or iTunes would all be welcome gifts for most people.

21. Healthier snacks

Looking for a healthier snack option to include? Nuts and dried fruits are a great on the go option that would make a great stocking stuffer.

22. Pocket knife/multi tool

My husband loves to be ready with a knife or tool in his pocket available for whenever we need to open a package or cut something. He likes having both a multitool around as well as regularly carrying his Swiss Army knife.

23. Kitchen utensil

In order to include this one on a list of clutter-free stocking stuffers, I don’t suggest you get unusual gadgets or unnecessary items, but if you need a new spatula or slotted spoon, go for it.

24. Gourmet salts

For the chef who loves to cook an assortment of gourmet salts would be a fun stocking stuffer.

25. Chocolate biscotti

If you have a chocolate lover in your home, this biscotti assortment would be quite the treat.

clutter-free stocking stuffers

Clutter-free Stocking Stuffers for Kids

1. Favorite candy

My daughter’s on wish list for her stocking? Gummy worms. Funny, yes, but kids of course enjoy getting their own little candy supply.

2. Glow sticks

Glow sticks are a fun stocking stuffer. A friend told me last year she uses them for when her kids are taking a bath on occasion. We tried this with our kids and they loved it.

They’re also great to have on hand for any activities you may be doing outside after dark.

3. Socks

Now I hear that some kids don’t like getting new socks, but my kids do. My one daughter especially likes socks with animals on them like these.

4. Hot cocoa

Hot cocoa packets are a fun additional to a kid’s stocking.

5. Fruit snacks

We don’t keep fruit snacks in the house all the time, so my kids really like getting these Annie’s fruit snacks in their stockings.

6. Chex mix

We’ve been making this peppermint Chex mix the last few years and really enjoy it. It makes a fun stocking addition.

7. Card game

Uno is a favorite of my kids’ card games. We got Uno Flip last year and they’ve really enjoyed that variation.

8. Water bottle

Needing new water bottles or cups for your kids? This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of one that is in bad shape and replace it with a new water bottle.

9. Lip balm/chapstick

Chapstick or lip balm are also great options for clutter-free stocking stuffers.

10. Cars

If you have a kiddo who loves cars, a new Matchbox car would be a hit.

11. Gloves

My kids are often losing gloves, outgrowing them, or putting holes in them. New gloves are a practical option for their stocking.

12. Nail polish

My daughters love nail polish so some years they have gotten a few non-toxic nail polishes in their stockings that they have enjoyed.

13. Scratch art

These smaller pieces of scratch art paper would fit great in a stocking. Just be careful where your kids use it as it can make a little mess.

14. Flashlight

Our kids keep a flashlight on their nightstands too. We have ones like these for them.

15. Bubble bath or bath bombs

My daughters love taking baths so bubble bath or bath bombs are really fun for their stockings.

16. Toothpaste

Yes, this may seem funny, but my kids are particular about the kind of toothpaste they prefer so they enjoy getting them in their stockings.

17. Gum

If your kids are old enough to chew gum, sugarless gum can be a fun option for them.

18. Scrunchies

It’s hard to believe that they’ve made such a strong comeback, but scrunchies are everywhere and could be a great stocking stuffer.

19. Pens/markers/pencils

My kids always enjoy new colored pencils, gel pens, or fun markers. Whether metallic, glitter, or scented they love all the different options.

clutter-free stocking stuffers

20. Amazon or Target gift card

My kids love getting gift cards to Amazon or Target and being able to choose something themselves.

21. Gardening gloves & accessories

Have a budding gardener? Some gardening gloves and accessories would be a fun addition.

22. Bubbles

Children of all ages seem to love bubbles, so they’re a great clutter-free stocking stuffer.

23. Sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk is another great option for kids to be able to use up.

24. Sunglasses

My kids’ sunglasses are constantly being lost, so having a backup pair that we keep in the car has been very helpful.

25. Story Cubes

These Story Cubes are fun and promote creative thinking and storytelling. I love toys that promote creativity and imagination.

I hope that you’ve found this list of clutter-free stocking stuffers for all ages helpful as you prepare for the holiday season. If you’re looking for more clutter-free gifts, check out this post.

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  1. This is a great list but please don’t pigeonhole children. Boys for matchbox cars and girls for bath bombs? I have twin boys – one loves matchbox cars but the other would prefer a bath bomb.
    Can I just add to the list – a home made voucher for a day of cookie baking, a trip to the park or whatever activity the recipient would enjoy ❤️

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