Inside: Use these simple ideas to make your home more welcoming and inviting so that it’s a place you’re proud of and where you can relax as well.

We want our homes to be our sanctuary. A place where we can relax, unwind, and shake off the stresses of our day.

We also want them to be a place where we feel comfortable inviting our friends and family. We want to create a space that’s warm, inviting, and welcoming.

But how do you actually make it happen?

How do you make your home more welcoming?

Many of us think we need to call in an interior designer to make it happen. But believe it or not, you can actually do it yourself.

With a little effort and a few changes, chances are you can transform your home into the inviting oasis you want it to be – for yourself and for your guests. 

home more welcoming and inviting

Ideas to Make Your Home More Welcoming and Inviting 

There are lots of things you can do to make your home an inviting space – regardless of how large your home is or what your budget looks like!

From focusing your efforts on certain spots in your home to little decorative touches that can make a big difference, here are some simple ways you can make your home more welcoming.

1. Set the tone with an inviting exterior and entryway. 

Unless your guests are sneaking in through the backdoor, the front of your home and your entryway is your first opportunity to make a good impression. Put a little time and effort into warming that space up, and you’ll set the tone for your entire space.

When it comes to your home’s exterior, a fresh coat of paint or a few decorative flowers and shrubs can make a huge difference! A seasonal wreath on the door, a welcoming doormat, and other small touches can give your home personality and a welcoming feel.

And inside, aim to make your entryway feel as spacious as possible. You don’t want people to feel cramped, so consider getting rid of any big, bulky furniture taking up space here.

Instead, consider a cozy area rug. And don’t forget about the wall across from your entryway – after all, that’s the first thing people are going to see when they walk in! An accent wall, painting, or mirror can attract the eye and immediately make your home feel more welcoming and inviting.

welcome mat

2. Use comfortable seating.

Lots of modern furniture and decor is very structured and stiff – which isn’t the most welcoming. Instead, focus on ways to introduce a little softness into your space.

Use a couple of toss pillows to make seats more comfortable or opt for more comfortable couches and chairs when you’re bringing new pieces into the home.

Set up your living space in a way that optimizes interactions. Create a comfortable space that enables conversations as well as relaxation.

3. Incorporate soft, interesting textiles.

Another great way to make your home more welcoming is to incorporate lots of different textures and colors through textiles.

Choose long drapes to frame your windows and attract the eye. Drape a few cozy blankets over a ladder that leans against the wall – or across the back of the couch, ready to be used.

Adding rugs can help a space to feel more cozy and welcoming while also adding visual interest.

Be choosy when it comes to your kitchen towels, your dining table placemats, and your hand towels. All of these little touches can make a surprisingly big impact on the overall feel of your space. 

home more welcoming and inviting

4. Keep your space free and clear of clutter.

Clutter is the opposite of warm and inviting. It’s overwhelming, distracting, and chaotic. Clutter incites stress – not relaxation. That’s why you should keep clutter to a minimum if your aim is to make your home more welcoming. 

For many of us, avoiding clutter is easier said than done, but there are a few things you can do to help maintain a clutter-free space. Make sure everything you own has a place where it belongs, don’t buy stuff that you don’t actually need, and tidy up often to ensure your mess doesn’t get out of control. 

This isn’t to say that you should expect your home to look perfect all of the time. Homes are meant to be lived in and enjoyed. Aiming for imperfect simplicity is a great goal for creating a space where you can relax and that your guests will also appreciate.

5. Look for lighting to set the tone. 

Another feature in your home that can have a surprisingly big impact on how welcoming your space feels is the lighting you’ve selected. You’ll notice a big difference between spaces with standard, boring lighting fixtures and one where they’ve been hand-selected to complement the space. 

Lamps and other lighting, too, can make a big impact when placed strategically and chosen with care. Table lamps, standing lamps, and even string lights can be used to create a relaxing, intimate space. 

And it’s not just about the light fixtures and lamps – it’s also the types of bulbs you’re using and how bright those lights really are.

Harsh, white light can give off an institutional feel. Instead, choosing softer lights, installing dimmers so you have more control, and even incorporating candles in the evening can be a great frugal way to create a feeling of hygge in your home.

comfortable living room

6. Add artwork and mirrors to your walls. 

An easy way to add a lot of character to your home? Hang select pieces on the walls! Some people like leaving their walls empty, but I like adding at least a few select pieces of artwork, compelling photographs, or eye-catching mirrors to make a space more welcoming and inviting. 

Since art preference is a pretty personal matter, I encourage you to spend some time looking around to see what you really like. Unique pieces from local artists or boutique shops can be a great way to give your home some personality, spark conversation, and ultimately create a space that you truly love. 

Shopping second-hand for artwork and mirrors is a great way to save money and get a one-of-a-kind piece for your home.

7. Make your guest room a space where guests will actually want to stay.

Many people put tons of time and effort into decorating and organizing – only to totally neglect the guest room. Barebones furniture, mismatched linens, assorted items that actually belong elsewhere can make your guests feel less welcome.

Pick a color scheme that’s relaxing, inviting, and intentional. Add some personal touches – an alarm clock on the nightstand, a plant on the windowsill, and a candle or couple of well selected knickknacks on the shelves can add personality and warmth to the space.

Keep comfort in mind for your guests as well. Choose soft, comfortable bedding – and make sure it’s freshly washed! 

home more welcoming and inviting

8. Serve up something good!

Whether you’re hosting guests or simply want to make your home more welcoming for yourself, you can make it happen in the kitchen.

Offering food to guests is a great way to be a hospitable host. Fresh-baked cookies are an easy win, since they taste and smell heavenly. But chips and salsa or a charcuterie board – plus a couple of beverage options – work just as well. 

You can also opt to keep things simple and just offer coffee, tea, or an alternate beverage to welcome your guests.

And even if you aren’t hosting? Enjoy your favorite beverage or treat while relaxing in your space as you appreciate some of the simple joys in life

9. Create a space that makes you feel relaxed.

Ultimately you are the person who spends the most time in your home so it is of utmost importance that you create a home that is welcoming and inviting to you.

When you are comfortable in your space, you will feel more calm and relaxed. Your disposition will set the tone for when guests visit. A stressed host does not make for a relaxed guest.

Think about your senses and what helps you to feel more relaxed in your home. If that’s reducing visual clutter focus on that. If that’s having a particular scent in your space, make sure to include that.

Have a love of plants and flowers? Sprinkle them throughout your space. Consider the simple small things that bring you joy and make sure to incorporate them into your home.

Do what makes you feel best in your home and your guests will be able to enjoy the benefits too.

How do you make your home feel more welcoming and inviting? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. I think flowers and plants are a must have to create a welcoming, comfortable space. I also think that having a clean space is important to make guests feel comfortable. Also, laying out a bath towel with washcloth on their bed or in the guest bathroom ahead of time is a nice touch.

  2. We like the idea of soft pillows added to seating areas but if you have too many, people are reluctant to move them to make room to sit down. Just a thought for keeping this in balance.

  3. Also clear pathways to the front door. No bushes taking over the walkway or plants that stick out.
    Avoid stumble hazards – yard ornaments in the way, plants, tree roots, too many rugs, newspapers, and bulging plants that you need to walk around.
    Clean that front door and sweep down spider webs, dirt dobber nests, hornet nests* *caution: make sure they are empty or spray the nest to knock down tomorrow.
    Annually or as needed clean walk way, porch with pressure washer.

  4. Great article–thank you. Last time we had guests, both husband and wife commented:
    “Your home is so tidy and feels so clean.” One accent I use often is a room diffuser, with
    fresh light scents, such as citrus. This became a conversation piece and does top a room
    with a subtle but nice scent. Also created a theme, weaving warm colors into each and
    every room. The colors that make me happy are vibrant and make me feel good when I
    walk into a room. (Bedrooms have soft tones to create a calm feeling). We do make a
    habit of not allowing things to pile up, but find a place and put things where they belong.
    I vowed long ago to never say to an unexpected visitor or a guest: “Sorry about the mess.
    Let me clear a place so you can sit down.” That’s now how we want to live even if no
    one is coming to visit. Our home is our sanctuary–apart from the noisy world.

  5. This was very helpful. I suffer with OCD but right now my back is injured so I’m limited on what I can do. There some simple things you mentioned that I can accomplish as long as I take sit down when the pain gets bad. Ty for this helpful article! 💜

  6. It took 3 months to declutter and organize my apartment. Two weeks ago I did spring cleaning. This weekend I had an overnight guest who I had not seen since pre-pandemic. She slept in my study which acts as a guest room. I put effort into making the room attractive and comfortable, mostly because this is where I write. It was wonderful to offer it to my guest – drawings from a local artist, wall lined with books of authors she also loves, soft lighting, window treatments that give glance of the moon at midnight and sunlight in evening, music, a comfortable bed covered with the right amount of blankets for one allergic to the cold. Just the right pillow.

    My apartment is small. No dining room. One of the days my guest was here I was asked to babysit my 3 month old twin grands. Any opportunity to see the babies is an opportunity to say yes. My guest was delighted, needing a baby fix of her own since her grand is now 6 years old. Along came a mutual friend and my elder aunt, plus the twins and the living room was full.

    There being no clutter, everyone settled in, passing the babies around as we chatted for more than 4 hours. The babies interrupted dinner plans so we ordered gobs of Indian food for delivery and because all surfaces were decluttered, we set up a big communal food station on the oversized coffee table and ate to capacity.

    I was pleased. Everyone was comfortable. They obviously enjoyed my home, each other, the food. There was nothing to prep. It was fabulous hosting an impromptu dinner party in an uncluttered home that felt so much bigger than 950 square feet. And the fact that I could do it again next weekend if need be makes me happy. Decluttering and organizing are key to a welcoming home.

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