Inside: Use these best morning habits to get your day started off right to improve your mindset and productivity.

Rise and shine!

How do you start your day? 

Whether you consider yourself a morning person or you dread the sound of your alarm, there’s no getting around it – the way you spend your morning can have a significant impact on the rest of your day. 

By being intentional and incorporating meaningful morning habits to set yourself up for success, you’ll find mornings easier to manage – and be in a better position to make the most of the hours that follow.

Not sure what morning habits can help you start your day off right?

Here are a few that can help boost your mood, find your focus, and set you on a productive path. 

8 Best Morning Habits to Start Your Day

Not everyone is a morning person, but by adopting some of these best morning habits you can help to get your stay started off right.

best morning habits

1 – Wake up early.

While the idea of waking up earlier may initially be unappealing to some, hear me out.

Self-care should be part of your to-do list and can begin by getting up a little bit earlier in order to have a few minutes to yourself to slowly wake up to start your day.

By giving yourself enough time in the morning to truly wake up and ease into the day – as opposed to snoozing for as long as you can and frantically scrambling to get ready – you’ll find yourself in a much better place. 

If you start your day with a sense of calm and relaxation, you can more easily carry those feelings throughout the rest of your day.

And by giving yourself time before you launch into your obligations and commitments, you can incorporate plenty of other healthy, mindful morning habits that will set you up for further success.

best morning habits

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2 – Feel the sun on your face.

If waking up in the morning feels particularly challenging for you, this morning habit will definitely come in handy.

Incorporating a bit of natural sunlight into your morning routine is a great way to help regulate your circadian rhythm – the internal cycle that tells you when you should sleep and when it’s time to wake up. 

It’s a great way to get some vitamin D and jumpstart your body for the day.

While getting outside and taking a walk around your neighborhood or enjoying coffee on the back patio is a great way to make this happen, simply opening your curtains and letting natural light fill your space will make a big difference. 

Live somewhere that’s grey often? A happy light can help mimic the sun during the seasons when sunlight is nowhere to be found.

drink water

3 – Drink water.

Many of us are tempted to enjoy a big cup of coffee as the first beverage of our day. However, starting with water may be a better option.

Most people struggle to drink their recommended daily water intake, so getting a head start and enjoying a cool glass when you first wake up is a great way to make some progress toward that goal. 

There are so many benefits of staying hydrated – clearer skin, better sleep, enhanced mood, and more. Make drinking water a part of your morning routine, and your body and mind will thank you.

If you don’t love plain water try adding lemon, lime, orange, or cucumber slices to it to mix things up.


4 – Get moving.

While many don’t love the idea of working out immediately after waking up, it’s smart to incorporate some form of movement into your morning routine for a few reasons.

If you struggle to wake up and start your day, moving your body in meaningful, intentional ways will help that. You’ll wake up your muscles, and in turn, your mind. By the end of your workout, chances are you’ll feel energized and ready to start the day. 

Exercising in the morning is a great way to start the day with a sense of accomplishment, too. If you need a little motivation to tackle that to-do list and make progress toward your goals, a morning workout session can give you the boost you need to make it happen.

And if you work out at a gym? Working out early is a great way to beat the crowds. Whether you participate in fitness classes, jump on a treadmill, or lift weights, you’ll find fewer people in your way if you hit the gym before the day begins. 

If the gym isn’t your thing and you prefer the outdoors, taking a walk can help you accomplish two of the best morning habits at once by getting sun while getting moving.

woman thinking

5 – Find your focus.

Another one of the best morning habits to incorporate into your routine is identifying what you need to accomplish that day.

Life can get overwhelming, and many of us are juggling a lot on our plates. By finding our focus and listing the most important things we need to achieve that day, we can keep feelings of overwhelm at bay and know where to direct our energy and attention.

There are a few different ways you can do this. If you keep a physical planner, see what’s on the agenda and ask yourself if you can reasonably accomplish it all. If not? Figure out what can be pushed until tomorrow and what needs to happen today.

No planner? Pull out a piece of paper or a note-taking app on your phone and do a quick brain dump of everything you need to do.

Highlight, circle, or otherwise identify the top three to five priorities. Consider how much time you have and how much time those things will take. Then put a plan into motion to make them happen.

It’s important to be realistic when you do this so that you’re setting yourself up for success for the day. By taking care of your top priorities first, you’ll ensure that you’re effectively planning your day.


6 – Do something you love.

Most of us save our hobbies and passions for later in the day. They’re something to do in the afternoon or evening, after work is done.

But why?

After you’ve finished work and handled all of your other obligations for the day, many of us are too tired or simply don’t have the time left to do the things we love. 

By making those things a priority and incorporating them into your morning routine, you’ll ensure you get to enjoy them. And it can give your mood a little boost that’ll carry you through the day.

Love to read? Pick up your latest book as you enjoy your morning coffee and get through a chapter or two.

Love to paint? Set aside 30 minutes at the start of your day and work on your latest project.

Love to bake, ride bikes, rock climb, swim, or write? Pretty much everything you love to do can be incorporated into your morning routine, as long as you’re willing to wake up a little earlier to make it happen.

making bed

7 – Make your bed.

Making your bed is considered a great morning habit to incorporate into your day for a few reasons.

It’s quick and relatively low effort. It should only take a minute or two for you to straighten out your covers and fluff your pillows.

And by completing this one simple task shortly after waking, you’ll help build that momentum that’ll carry you through your day. That sense of accomplishment can help increase your productivity

And if you’re someone who’s tempted to lay back down to get a few more minutes of sleep? Making your bed will make it a little less tempting to crawl back under the covers – because you’ll have to make it again when you get back up.

But you should be aware that there is a case to be made for not making your bed first thing in the morning. Apparently, dust mites thrive in a warm environment, so it’s better to leave the sheets exposed to air and sunlight for a bit before making it.

Making your bed is a simple habit to adopt in your home that can help your day get off on the right foot.

best morning habits

8 – List at least 3 things you’re grateful for.

One of the best morning habits that can make the biggest difference in your life is reflecting on three things you’re grateful for each day.

By intentionally focusing on the good, you’ll improve your mindset throughout the day.

Listing your gratitudes can be as easy as noticing some of the simple joys in life and writing them down.

Or if you want to take it a step further, use these gratitude prompts in a journal to reflect on some of the things you’re thankful for.

Beginning the day with this practice will help to set the tone for your entire day. When you intentionally look for things to be grateful for, you’ll begin to form a habit of gratitude. And that is one of the very best morning habits to develop in your life.

Which of the best morning habits will YOU incorporate into your day? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Will try, but mornings are just to hurried. Especially when the grandsons come at 6:30. After I feed them breakfast, feed the dogs, it’s off to daycare for the oldest, while I take the youngest to work with me. After picking the oldest up form daycare and taking them both home to their parents, I hurry home to let the dogs out and start dinner. Clean up, feed dogs, take a walk with my neighbor, or go to Bible study. By the end of the day, I’m usually too pooped to focus. If I don’t get some cleaning done on Saturday morning, it trickles over to Sunday afternoon. I do like your suggestions, and it may work for some. But in reality, I just can’t implement them. I already am feeling like I don’t get enough sleep. So getting up at 5:30 to start my day is early enough.

    1. In my opinion you are living your life to the fullest. enjoy every moment of it! Frankly 80% think of having the life you are living but only 20% really get to enjoy it in reality.

    2. Wake up 6am do my prayer and then start my yoga session and some stretching exercises made my bed . 7 am have my tea 8 clock drop my granddaughter to school then walking in the mall one hour after come home start cleaning house.. cooking for the day I work part time.

    3. I hear you. I am gratefully now retired and can do some of these things. Hang on, life actually gets better as we age, in my opinion!

      1. I fully agree
        Life is supposed to get better for all as we age…
        And also by sharing our knowledge and experience to our youth Will make life better for all

        Stay safe and blessed

    4. Don’t miss the point here. It’s about re-evaluating your life and habits. Not disproving these suggestions. Have you even tried any before you said…you can’t do it? Can you give some responsibility back to your grandchildren’s parents? When they dropoff at 6:30am can the parents allowyou 5min to rest your mind? They can wait in the car until you go to greet them or in living room. Can you get an “off day” once or twice a week? Can someone help you? Can you take your lunch break to exercise some? Can the grandkids exercise with you on some days in morning or another time? This is a starting point, but you have to be willing to try it as it fits your life. Cheers!

    5. 🙂 With respect, and I ask myself this every day, what’s important to me. What do I really want to accomplish today.
      Proud of you getting up early. 15 minutes of quiet time will probably help clear your mind, center you 🙂 Hope helps.

  2. outside in the morning. so simple and such a great idea.
    watch the sunrise while doing some yoga

    1. Great article! My mornings have been intentional for years and I discovered that it makes for a better day. I usually start with prayer, meditation and stretching. I also drink at least 8oz of warm water. I try not to read emails until after I complete any priority task at work if possible but allways stay flexible. I exercise in the evenings but still try to incorporate some walking during lunch into my day. My attitude is more positive and I don’t let anyone steal my joy!

  3. I like the idea of a Gratitude List as motivation, approaching your day with optimism, and (hopefully) carrying that mindset throughout the day.
    Another thing I found motivating (from the Fly Lady), is “Dress To Shoes”. Going through your morning routine shouldn’t just be about making your bed (although this helps tremendously for people who struggle to accomplish anything due to depression, for example). Dressing to shoes is an excellent way to get you feeling up and ready to take on your day. No sense slouching around in your pajamas till lunch time as this just makes you feel demotivated and keeps you less inclined to being active.

    1. A fellow Fly Lady fan! It’s been 15 years since I discovered her. I still think about getting dressed to shoes on days I’m still in jammies and feeling blah.

  4. When you talked about sleeping until the last minute then rushing to get ready, you perfectly described me.
    I want to purchase a happy light now. The image of someone waking up to sunshine and stretching always seems so encouraging. Now it is possible.
    Thank you for the much needed motivation!

  5. after a stroke last year I came home to a untidy home… I was still wobbly, couldn’t speak properly, couldn’t always remember how to work the machines… but determined. Started by making my bed. Moved on to tidying my bedroom. Then to tidying the kitchen. Then to the living room. I still need help, but I feel more in control! And now have started ridding the house of unwanted things. slow but getting there.

  6. I’ve done many of these for 3 months now, and they feel great! Up at 5:50, roll right into clothes, drink 2 cups of LMNT, walk a fast mile in sun while listening to podcast, work 1 body part, stretches, cold shower, then simple breakfast and reward with coffee and journaling and Wordle. The key to success is to prep the night before. Also, start small, and add only one thing once the routine is comfortable.

  7. Thank you for these ideas. I am raising my 13 year old Grandson this year and at 69 I am trying to adjust to a different life. After raising six children it’s nothing really new but I have a lot less energy. I will try all of the ideas.

  8. Love all the ideas ….some I already do! I’m going to try drinking the water first thing and incorporate some yoga. I used to do the yoga but got off track! thank you so much!

  9. I starting doing all of the above 3 years ago, sun on your face can be a bit tricky tho living in Melbourne. It is the most amazing way to kick start your day! During the week I do have to get up at 4.45am but I am fast asleep in bed by 9pm! Weekends I have a little lie-in and like to start my day at 6.30!
    I go to work with a smile on my face and am always told what a happy soul I am! Why not set a month aside and give it a go! You will be amazed at how good you feel! Sending much love to you all x

  10. I write in my journal every day. It helps me stay focused and stay on track.
    Thank you from Terri of Healing Oils Perth Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  11. Since my retirement I’ve become unbelievably lazy in the mornings. But then I’m usually still awake up to 2am! So I’m going make a very gentle start at getting more value out of my mornings and sunlight, and build up an evening routine in preparation for earlier nights! I’m delighted with the suggested habits and plan to start working on them straight away! I’ve already made quite good progress with decluttering. Thank you from 75 year old Grandma Clare! Best wishes to all!

    1. Since a walk around the block is 17 miles I don’t even drive it, though I do drive down the driveway to get the mail every 2 weeks ( I have a large locking box).
      I start my day between 4 and 6am with a quick sip of water on my way to the bathroom then flip on my coffee to start my first 30 ounce cup. I open the curtains throughout the house, open the doors if weather permits, check my 3 pets’ water and food. By that time my coffee is ready, black and strong, I straighten my bed covers, turn on a recorded TV program, and cimb onto (NOT into) my bed, ready to knit and crochet for a few hours. I do some stretching during commercials and fix a second cup of coffee on my next bathroom trip. Around 2PM I have a salad and about 9PM dinner. I’m 79, look 50, am more flexible than my grandchildren (other than my fused ankle that won’t flex) with low blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar. I think I will continue my routine.

  12. Early to bed & early to raise (10PM-6 AM).
    5 mnts deep breath with fresh air,prayer & one cup of warm water (with lemon twice weekly) &
    30 mnts exercise preferably early morning sunlight then breakfast .

  13. I used to be feet hit the cold deck as my eyes were opening. But somewhere in my 40’s I decided to change. I adopted the regimen you outlined. Took me awhile to secure the habit change you have achieved. With a few minor changes I still do routine and I’m in my 80’s.
    I believe the “wake-up” has been beneficial.

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