Inside: Want to change your mindset? Use these tips to shift your perspective and feel better quickly.

Most people want a successful, happy life. There are likely goals to want to accomplish to help you get there. Whether these goals are for business, home, family, or self-improvement, setting your mindset for success is key to making things happen.

Everyone’s version of success is unique, so we all have our own goals that align with our values and vision for our lives. Whatever your goals are, there’s something we all need in order to achieve them: a positive mindset.

Whether you’re a natural pessimist or currently stuck in a rut, here are 15 simple tips to help you improve your mindset and as a result, change your life for the better.

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15 Ways to Change Your Mindset

Use these tips to change your mindset and improve how you’re feeling right away!

1. Listen to empowering podcasts

Podcasts are the Netflix for go-getters, and they can have an incredible impact on your mindset.

The best part about them? You can listen to an episode while driving to work, going grocery shopping, washing dishes, or while working out at the gym, which means this tip is easy to add to your daily life without taking too much time away from your schedule!

Not only will listening to other people’s inspiring success stories help lift you up and get you in the mood to go after your dreams but listening to other people talk is a wonderful way to get a brand new perspective on how to approach life.

There are a lot of great podcast options out there to help inspire your life.

Check out this list if you’re looking for podcasts that will motivate you to simplify and declutter.

2. Develop an intentional morning routine

Mornings can have a huge impact on your mindset throughout the day, so make sure to make them count.

Try using the free time you have before heading out of the house to cook yourself a hearty breakfast, write down your intentions for the day, or do a quick meditation session.

Don’t have much time in the mornings? No problem. You can do many of these things as part of your evening routine the night before to help set you up for a successful day.

These actions, while small, often set the tone for how you feel throughout the day.

how to set goals in the new year

3. Set your priorities

Every Monday, take ten minutes to write down your priorities for the week ahead. Having a clear list of the things you want to achieve short-term will help keep you grounded and inspired to get them done.

Your priorities shouldn’t just revolve around work and responsibilities. A huge step towards a positive mindset is including self-care in your weekly schedule by spending time doing things you enjoy doing during your free time.

This can include joining a fun dance class, spending quality time with a friend, or using a few afternoons to indulge in your favorite hobbies.

4. Create a beautiful things list

Have you ever heard the quote “if you stop to look around, life is pretty amazing?” While it may sound a bit cheesy, there’s a whole lot of truth in those words.

When life is busy it’s typical to stop noticing the simple and beautiful things around you. Once you slow down, you’ll find there’s a ton of inspiration standing right in front of you.

Get yourself a cute and portable notebook and carry it in your purse (or use your notes app if preferred). Take a moment to write down the things you notice along the way that you loved, thoughts that popped up throughout the day, and even ideas or inspiration you get from simple things you never noticed before. 

Intentionally writing down these beautiful things will help you to notice even more of them which will change your mindset and improve how you’re feeling.

collecting shells and rocks

5. Re-adopt a hobby you loved as a kid

Ask yourself: what did you love doing as a kid? Was it painting? A sport? Collecting shells or rocks? 

Adults often talk about how much they’d like to be kids again because life was so simple back then.

Try that activity that you loved again to see if you still find joy in it. You may rediscover a hobby that you had forgotten.

6. Journal to improve your mindset

Jotting down your thoughts, especially those that feel heavy has been proven to help you process your feelings and approach situations in a more effective way.

If you’re currently feeling like your mindset isn’t at its best, journaling can improve wellbeing. Creating a habit of journaling for a few minutes before going to bed may help you pinpoint exactly what is happening.

At the same time, your journal can become a guide for you to better understand what is going on and how you could potentially come up with solutions.

7. Write a list of the things you’re grateful for

Similar to journaling, making a conscious list of the things you are grateful for can have a big impact on your mindset and mood.

We, as humans, tend to play the comparison game without even realizing we’re doing it, and we can very easily forget about the things we have by focusing too much on our “lacks”.

When you are intentionally looking for things to be grateful for, it can instantly shift your perspective. While your circumstances may not immediately change, it can quickly alter how you see your situation.

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8. Improve the way you speak to yourself

We all keep an inner dialogue that goes on all day. Whether it’s personal feedback or the way you feel about a situation, we all have the opportunity to fill up our day with positive self-talk.

If you currently find yourself speaking negatively about yourself (even if you don’t say it out loud), make an effort to stop yourself and break the pattern of negative self-talk.

A great way to do it is to ask yourself: Would I say those words to a friend or someone I love? If the answer is no, change the dialogue.

For instance, instead of telling yourself “I’m stupid” after making a mistake, tell yourself: “I made a mistake and I will use this opportunity to learn so I can improve and do it better next time”. While that may sound silly, it does affect how you see and feel about yourself.

9. Challenge negative thoughts

Much like negative self-talk, our thoughts and views on life can have a huge impact on the way we see the world. Whenever old thinking patterns come up, make an effort to challenge your beliefs and correct yourself.

Take a moment to evaluate your thoughts. Ask yourself: why do I believe them in the first place? By challenging your thoughts on a regular basis, you’ll find yourself feeling much more positive about the world around you.

While only having optimistic thoughts is virtually impossible, having a positive mindset will help you tackle them in a much better way. 

Remind yourself of what is true. If you’re getting stuck in the same cycle of thoughts, go onto the next tip of getting an outside perspective.

change your mindset with friends

10. Get an outside perspective to change your mindset

If you’re stuck in a pattern of negative thinking, it’s easier to believe things that are not true as there isn’t anyone there to challenge you.

Invite a trusted close group of friends in on where you’re getting stuck. Having an outside perspective can be immensely helpful in changing your mindset and improving your thoughts.

Therapy is another great option. It’s helpful to have people who will listen and reflect what they’re hearing from you as well as share their perspectives. The simple act of sharing your thoughts out loud can be very cathartic and eye-opening.

Your thoughts and feelings may change you more quickly than you anticipated after allowing other people in and seeing their point of view.

11. Keep a box or folder of encouraging words

Everyone has their bad days and more challenging seasons in life. To help change your mindset, create a keepsake box and/or email folder with encouraging words you’ve received from people over the years.

When your day needs some brightening, re-read some of the kind notes or emails that you have. Especially on days that you’re feeling not good enough, these can serve as a great reminder of the difference you’ve made in other people’s lives.

These encouragements will remind you of how other people see you and that not every day is a bad one.

12. Go outside more often

Getting fresh air can work wonders for the way you feel. Our bodies need fresh air, and it’s important to remember that so does the mind.

Enjoying the great outdoors will improve your mental health and wellbeing. Taking a short walk each day & getting some vitamin D is good for your body too.

In this digital age, it takes more effort and intention to spend time outside. The rewards are well worth it though so incorporate breaks and outdoor activities as you’re able.

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13. Get plenty of rest

It’s easy to skip over rest and not take into account how a lack of sleep impacts your mindset. If you’re feeling edgy and a bit cranky, it’s hard to think positively.

Change your mindset by evaluating your sleep habits. If you’ve been going to bed too late, create a plan for how to slowly adjust your bedtime back to a more reasonable time.

Create a wind-down routine for the end of the day where you allow plenty of screen-free time before you go to bed. Getting adequate rest will have a big impact on how you think and feel.

14. Evaluate your diet

“Your diet is not only what you eat. It’s what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang around… be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually, and physically.” ~Unknown

What you eat and drink impacts how you feel. If you want to have a clearer mindset, consider how you are fueling and hydrating your body.

But don’t overlook the other type of things that you also take in on a daily basis. Mental clutter can become a big problem with the information you’re constantly taking in from various sources.

Evaluate what messages your brain is taking in through your phone and computer. Consider how those things may be negatively impacting you and make adjustments as needed.

Create boundaries with technology and feel free to unfollow any pages or people who are not helping you to achieve your goals.

15. Declutter your life to change your mindset

Clutter can take various forms in your life. When it shows up in your home, it creates stress and anxiety. Start by decluttering one quick easy area at a time and see how it changes your mindset and feelings in your home.

If your schedule is cluttered, take the opportunity to re-evaluate your commitments. Say no to the things that don’t align with your priorities.

Excess creates stress. As you declutter the areas in your life that have become overly full you’ll see how it changes your mindset and improves how you’re feeling. Simplifying can bring more clarity and peace to your life.

Your mindset matters

Your mindset impacts how you see the world and how you feel. Changing your mindset can alter your perspective and help you to see your life differently. It takes intentional effort, but the payoff of feeling more positive is well worth it.

What ways to change your mindset do you plan to do? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. Julianna, this was an awesome post! So many of us are having a hard time lately. It’s so important to have a positive mindset and your practical tips give us proactive ways to feel better! That’s so encouraging.
    One thing that helps me to work through negative emotions and deal with stress I don’t even know I’m under is creativity. I’ve noticed that doing something creative every day helps me sleep better and stay more calm, balanced, and positive!

  2. Hello Juilanna, just reading your post ( by coincidence it was the first thing I came across in my feed on Facebook ) made me feel better and positive about my day. Thank you for that !!

  3. ooooo my god i had to read twice i have printed thin of and stuck it to my wall with bits iv highlighted in pink i read it evry day thanks you so much

  4. so amazing to me ! i enjoyed more about : its not just your diet but its its what you WATCH,LISTEN,READ & THE PEOPLE WHOM YOU HANG OUT WITH

  5. Julianna, thank you for your articles and postings as they always help me to feel more positive. I am going to write down things I am grateful for and get outside more💕

  6. Im 17 years old almost 18, the time just”flied by like a flits it went faster then i thought.The memories i have as a kid is unforgettabable.I wanna go back for a day to feel the best feeling of the world, no stress no problems just relaxed.Now im almost a adult, whos got alot of things ahead.When i growed up i always lookt to soccer like my uncle.Now i can make a decision to move to my another country to play at a high team.But my dad says thats it better to have my diploma first.Its kinda like he doesnt believe in my, or maybe he wants the besr for my who knows.But i hope imma make it to a prof-soccer player its my childhood dream.To prove my coach and people who never believed in me that i can do it.Sometimes im lost in my thoughts, what ive i never reach the top level or what if i can reach the top level.Its always in your mind.Thats why you gotta think positive and belief in yourself and God.haha this was alot of text but i wil comeback over a year or 2 and let yall know.

  7. I’m so impressed, hey people I hang on with. Those are so many things I learnt from them amazing people out there

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