Much of the world is spending much more time at home than usual right now. This time is an opportunity to get your home in order. I compiled the best posts for when you need help decluttering to walk you through the process.

Best Posts for When You Need Help Decluttering

Decluttering can feel daunting when you’ve had stuff piling up over a long period of time. I’ve written about decluttering a lot and this is a collection of the best posts for when you need help decluttering.

Do this before you start decluttering

This post highlights the important, and often overlooked, first step in decluttering. If you don’t set goals for how you want your home to look, feel and function, then how will you know if you accomplished what you wanted?

Take some time to think through and write down your goals. It will help remind you of what you’re working toward when you get tired during the decluttering process.

Figuring out what clutter is in your home

Before you can begin decluttering, it’s important to figure out what clutter is in your home. Everyone is going to have their own definition so you’ll have to decide what clutter is for you.

Once you can identify what your definition is, it will make it easier to decide what stays and what goes.

best posts for when you need help decluttering

Methods for decluttering your entire home

This post compares some of the most popular methods for decluttering. I evaluate the pros and cons of a few ways of decluttering and tell you which one is my favorite and why.

This has consistently been one of my best posts for when you need help decluttering. I hope you’ll find it helpful too.

Easy 10-minute decluttering tasks that will have big results

In this post, you’ll find 12 decluttering tasks that can be done quickly that will have a big impact. One of the things that can be intimidating about decluttering is the feeling that it needs to all get done fast.

Not everyone has big chunks of time to dedicate to decluttering, but you may be surprised how much you can get done in ten to twenty-minute increments.

These tasks are a great way to kick start your decluttering process.

Decluttering lies and the truths that will set you free

A big part of your success with decluttering will relate to your mindset. What you believe about decluttering matters, so if you are believing these decluttering lies, replace them with truths.

See which of the lies resonate with you. You may need to do some adjusting with your mindset in order to achieve the best results with decluttering.

best posts for when you need help decluttering

Easy things to declutter from your home

Sometimes looking for the easy items to declutter that don’t require much thought can be a great way to jumpstart your decluttering process.

Decluttering requires that you make a lot of decisions. For some people, this is really challenging. Start with easier items and work your way up to the more difficult ones. It gets easier as you get more practice.

The best decluttering questions to help you make decisions

Some items require a lot more thought when making decisions. Emotions can take over and it can be hard to determine if the item should be kept or decluttered.

These decluttering questions will help clarify whether or not you’re ready to let go of it. Do you love and do you use it are my two favorites, but these additional questions provide more clarity when you’re still unsure.

The amazing benefits of decluttering of your home

If you need additional motivation to continue with the decluttering process, look no further than the amazing benefits of decluttering your home. Keep focusing on the end result and your goals.

When you get tired or want to quit, remind yourself of why you started. You want to be able to experience these same benefits in your home.

decluttering lies

Why you need to declutter more, not organize more

Often people think that organizing their things more will be the solutions to their challenges in their home. However, for most people, the problem isn’t a lack of organization as much as it is a problem of too much stuff.

This is why decluttering more, not organizing more is the solution. While shopping at the Container Store and buying cute baskets may be fun, it doesn’t solve the problem of owning more things than you can manage.

Reasons you keep clutter and how to overcome them

There are various reasons that people get attached to stuff. In this post, you can read about the nine most common reasons people hold onto their clutter.

Knowing why you are holding onto things is part of the process for learning to let go. See which ones resonate the most with you. Understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing is the first step in changing your behavior.

Decluttering mistakes you need to stop making

This post highlights common decluttering mistakes people make. Once you can see where you’ve maybe been going wrong it can help you to get yourself back on track.

You might not have even realized that what you were doing was a mistake. When you stop doing these things, you’ll make so much more progress with decluttering.

best posts for when you need help decluttering

Why you are struggling to complete the decluttering process

Decluttering is a journey. Sometimes in the middle or near the end, people get stuck. There are various reasons why people struggle to complete the decluttering process.

Have you struggled to finish the process? This post will help you find your way through to the finish line.

The best ways to dispose of your clutter

Once you’ve decluttered things, you need to get them out of your house as soon as possible in order to feel the full impact of decluttering. This post talks about the best ways to get rid of your decluttered items.

While there may be current constraints on how you get rid of your clutter, you can at least make a plan and get the clutter out of your way.

Things that make your house look cluttered

On occasion, people go through and declutter their home only to still feel that it looks cluttered afterward. If you still have that unsettled feeling these things that make your house look cluttered may be what’s causing it.

Some of the things mentioned may not feel like clutter to you and that’s ok. The intent is to point out potential things that could be making you feel like your home still is cluttered.

I hope you enjoyed the best posts for when you need help decluttering. If you happen to be trying to make the best of your time by decluttering during all this, these posts should help you get on your way.

Need more help with decluttering?

I created the Your Home Decluttered workbook to help walk you through the decluttering process. It includes sections on setting goals, creating your plan, checklists for each room type, celebrating your victories, assessing your habits, and making sure you reached your goals.

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Want even more help?

My decluttering course, Your Home Decluttered, was designed to walk you step by step through decluttering your entire home. It also includes a Facebook group where I’ll be very active with any questions that come up!

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  1. What if you don’t know where you will be living in the next few months?
    I feel like throwing EVERYTHING away!!! omggggg.
    Money is so tight from divorce & now clovid19….
    The motivation is lacking as well from depression….

  2. Back in the day when I started bringing home a decent salary, my natural reaction was to start buying the things I couldn’t afford before and lots of them. After a few years of that, things started piling up so my natural reaction this time was to head to The Container Store for their magical organizing products. I was standing in the checkout line, barely able to see over the mountain of plastic in my shopping cart, when I came to my senses. The problem was that I owned too much stuff and there I was about to buy another $$$ worth of more. I managed to get it all back on its right shelf and leave empty handed. Lesson learned.

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