Inside: Consider what self-improvement habits you want to work on to become the best version of yourself.

For many of us, the desire to become a better version of ourselves is ever-present. We want to continue to grow, to learn, to expand – but how do we make it happen?

You might think that the key lies in taking big action, like going back to school to pursue your passion, changing your career, or moving across the country.

But what if I told you that you could become the best version of yourself without completely overturning your life?

What if I told you that you can achieve this – and more – through self-improvement habits?

By incorporating small but meaningful actions into your regular, everyday routine, you can make a dramatic difference in your overall health, well-being, and happiness. 

And it isn’t about beating yourself up, trying to be perfect, or comparing yourself to anyone else.

Ready to learn what tweaks you can make to improve your life?

Keep reading to see how self-improvement habits can have such a big impact – and learn which habits you can start incorporating into your life today.

self-improvement habits

How can self-improvement habits help me become the best version of myself?

When we think of habits, there are a few that come to mind that everyone – well, almost everyone – puts into practice.

Brushing your teeth? That’s a habit. Checking your email as soon as you wake up? That’s a habit. Listening to a certain radio station or Spotify playlist on your way to work every morning? Yep – that’s a habit. 

Virtually anything can become a habit – which, by definition, is a “regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”

Habits are the small actions that have become so ingrained in our routine that we don’t even think about them. We just do them.

And by taking the effort out of the process, we make it easy to incorporate actions into our day that benefit us – or, in the case of bad habits, work against us.

By intentionally building habits that help you improve some facet of your life, you can work toward becoming the best version of yourself.

And while those habits might take a little effort to actually implement and incorporate into your routine, you’ll reap the rewards for years to come if you do it right. 

self-improvement habits

Which self-improvement habits can help me become my best self?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. After all, your vision of your best self doesn’t look like anyone else’s. 

But there definitely are some habits that virtually all of us can benefit from practicing. 

Consider which of these self-improvement habits you would like to incorporate into your routine.

1. Make time each day to learn something new.

There is no limit to the amount of information our brains can retain – so why not make the most of it?

Enroll in a class at your local community college or art studio, or through an online platform like LinkedIn or Coursera.

Challenge yourself to make a new recipe. Spend 15 minutes reading a biography or watching an informative YouTube video on a topic that interests you. Learn how to do a new yoga pose, start a garden, fold origami, or speak a new language. Or you can read books on different topics to grow your knowledge as well.

Your only limit is your ability to carve out that dedicated time and make learning something new – even if it’s only for five minutes each day – a part of your regular routine. 

And you never know… you might end up learning something that can change the course of your life. Knowledge can open doors and create opportunities you never knew existed. 

Being a continual student of the world is a great self-improvement habit to have. Learning and growing are essential parts of a well-rounded life.

gratitude journal

2. Practice gratitude. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to become your best self, look no further than gratitude.

Intentionally pausing for a moment each day to focus on the positive and appreciate the blessings in your life doesn’t take much time or effort – and you’ll reap big rewards.

Practicing gratitude has been proven to help reduce depression, minimize stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and more. 

There’s no right or wrong way to incorporate gratitude into your life, but here are a couple of easy ways you can make it a habit:

List 3 things.

Every time you brush your teeth, come up with three different things you’re grateful for. Think about those things and why you appreciate them until you’re finished.

Start a gratitude journal.

Buy one with daily templates or simply use a blank notebook. Spend five minutes each morning documenting a few things that are going well for you.

Find an accountability partner.

Involve a friend in your practice. Find someone who’s interested in beginning a gratitude practice as well and text each other every morning with at least one thing you’re grateful for. This is a great way to increase accountability and help your practice stick!

woman writing in a notebook

3. Set specific goals.

It’s amazing to see how many people want to improve their lives – but fail to set realistic goals to guide them. Goals serve as our guideposts and give us something specific and actionable to work toward in our quest for self-improvement. 

By making goal-setting a habit, you’ll set yourself up for success when it comes to taking the necessary steps to improve your life. You can approach this in a few different ways.

First consider what types of habits you’d like to work on, then create corresponding goals to go along with them.

You might want to focus on big-picture goals that you revisit once a month to track your progress and adjust as needed.

You might benefit from weekly goals – smaller milestones that you can take actionable steps to achieve as you navigate your week. Depending on what you’re hoping to accomplish, daily goals might be the right choice for you.

Whatever frequency you choose, making it a habit can ensure you’re holding yourself accountable and always working toward something that’s going to help you grow and improve. 

Remember that you are the one who determines what your definition of success is. Self-improvement habits help you to get there, but it’s not about comparing yourself with anyone else.

And it is possible to be content with what you have while pursuing what you want. You can find a balance between being happy while also continuing to grow.

self-improvement habits

4. Prioritize your health.

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You can’t be the best version of yourself if you’re feeling sluggish, tired, or unwell.

And what you consume on a daily basis plays a major role in how you feel.

This applies to the foods and drinks that you choose as well as the things you listen to and the people in your life.

Many of us don’t think about our diets as a habit, but what – and how – we eat influences our lives. Snacking as you watch television and grabbing fast food instead of cooking are habits. So are meal planning and enjoying dinner with your family at the same time each evening.

By evaluating what you’re consuming and prioritizing habits that ensure you’re fueling your body well, you can boost your energy levels, think more clearly, improve your immune system, and more.

Prioritizing your health isn’t just about what you eat or drink. It’s also important to consider how much movement you’re getting daily.

Recently, I purchased a walking treadmill to help me get more steps in regardless of the weather outside. I’m using it with a standing desk and it’s really encouraging me to exercise more!

Your mental health is important as well so perhaps the self-improvement habits you want to work on involve getting outdoors more or making self-care part of your daily to-do’s.

There is no right or wrong answer here. Just focus on one thing at a time and practice self-compassion in the process.

Don’t beat yourself up for how things have gone in the past. Focus forward on what small changes you can make now to improve your overall well-being.

self-improvement habits

5. Let go.

This final one of the self-improvement habits is crucial. Practice letting go regularly. As I mentioned in the previous point, self-compassion is important.

Carrying the weight of past mistakes and failures won’t help you get to where you want to go. Maybe you want to figure out how to stop being negative and create more positive thought patterns in your life.

Or it could be that you’re holding onto emotional clutter from your past and it’s time to work on letting go of that. It often isn’t easy, especially if it’s something you’ve been carrying for a long time, but with concerted effort, you can create change.

If you want to get unstuck in your life, it requires being willing to let go so that you can move forward. It can be helpful to have a trusted friend and perhaps a therapist who can help walk you through it.

Consider what you could declutter for a fresh start so that you can let go of the things that are holding you back.

It is possible to make positive changes in your life. And you can get there one step at a time.

Which of the self-improvement habits do you think will make the biggest impact on your life? Leave a comment and let me know! 

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  1. Hi Julianna
    Your 5pointers make such good sense.Ill start with health-mine hasn’t been the best over Christmas….seems I need to let some emotional stuff go,and get my motivation to be happy back!

  2. Hi Julianna, great advice I like all 5 of the pointers as I need to work on all of them since I’ve been dealing with emotional self care lately and need to work more on myself
    Best regards

  3. Great points. Some people can be harsh and insensitive when offering feedback, so I’d also include letting go of how others make you feel when you make a mistake. Thanks for sharing!

  4. these are great tips I have been healing and working on higher consciousness throughout the last part of 2023 and these are 5 key points in manifesting creating our reality on a daily basis Thank You for the tips and for taking part in helping humanity as a whole your amazing.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don’t think any blog post could fully cover the topic. I hope it’s a good starting point to help encourage people in a positive direction though.

  5. Thank you for your 5 pointers advice. It’s a great help for everyone who’s dealing with emotional and mental health.
    I like it all especially the last one… letting go.

  6. Great pointers, I love them especially letting the past go and concentrating on habits that creates new learning and self care.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Outstanding: Every statement is full of wisdom. Nice article to be read. Hope that you will carry your this great job in future too.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you for this great piece. All the five habits mentioned are equally important to me. Again thank you.

  9. Thank you for sharing these life changing habits. Letting go is the habit I must definitely improve myself on.

  10. kindness matters. We can’t be kind to others if we’re not kind to ourselves first. kindess is the only thing the world needs more of. From a live, peace and happiness one.

  11. I find it difficult to let go of the bad experiences I faced in my neighborhood work relationships family despite being warm and loving and no fault of mine.

    1. I point out people’s faults to them and most often it gets them upset. I also find it difficult to tolerate people’s fault.

  12. This is awesome for anybody who may want to have a new beginning. Prioritizing ones health by being cautious not only about what we eat but what we listen to and the people in our lives makes a whole difference.

  13. Wow… I really learnt a lot.
    To me, all this habit would greatly impact my life. all I need to do, is to set realistic goals, and that working toward achieving them. And also not forgetting that, Discipline, Determination & Consistency is very necessary.

  14. Letting Go!!! I realize that I hold on to things that I should have let go of a long time ago. I do believe if I had of let go of those things my life and the way I feel period would be much more satisfying and I would be able to put things in perspective for the better instead of dwell on the past.

  15. Hi Juliana, wow! Very intriguing. How forcible are these words….right words. I am grateful to have come across this precepts. Thank you.

  16. i understand exactly what your saying. letting go hurts but it prepares us to become a better version of ourselves once we leave a situation alone. Time heals all wounds. Once we Stop putting our time and energy into a person who doesn’t deserve it we must start putting that time and energy back into ourselves and practice more self love inorder to Elevate within!

  17. 4. Prioritize your health.

    All 5 points were on point, but if I had to rank one the 4th edged out #2. Each of your suggestions will be incorporated into my routine until they become “habit”.

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