Inside: Learn thirteen simple, cheap, and free ways to relieve stress this summer so you can relax and enjoy the season.

A guest post by Cora Gold

Summer is almost here, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to unwind and destress.

If you’re looking for ways to relax that don’t involve spending a lot of money or accumulating more stuff, good news!

There are plenty of simple, cheap, and even free ways to relieve stress this summer that align perfectly with a minimalist lifestyle.

So take the chance when you can and enjoy some of these relaxating activities this summer.

13 Simple, Cheap, and Free Ways to Relieve Stress This Summer

Whether you’re planning for a simple slow summer or you have several family and kids activities lined up for the season, make space for some ways to relieve stress this summer.

And most of them don’t cost you a thing!

1. Decluttering to Create a Calm Space

Clutter can negatively impact your stress levels and your mental health. On the other hand, a tidy, organized environment promotes a sense of calm and clarity.

Take some time to go through your belongings and remove items that no longer serve a purpose or bring you joy. 

Focus on one area at a time, such as your closet, kitchen, or workspace. Donate, recycle or sell items you don’t need.

The process of decluttering can be therapeutic, and the result is a more serene, minimalist living space that fosters relaxation and peace of mind.

Not sure where to start? Check out this list of great things to declutter in the summer.

family hike

2. Hiking to Connect With Nature

One of the best ways to destress is by immersing yourself in nature. Hiking is a fantastic option because it’s free, invigorating and allows you to connect with the great outdoors.

Find a local trail, lace up your walking shoes, and let the fresh air and natural surroundings soothe your mind.

Hiking provides physical exercise, a chance to clear your head and enjoy some solitude or time to bond with a friend.

There are many great benefits to spending more time outdoors.

3. Trying Outdoor Yoga to Find Your Zen

Yoga is renowned for its stress-relieving benefits, and practicing it outdoors can enhance the experience.

You don’t need an expensive studio membership to enjoy yoga. Simply find a quiet park or a beach, lay down a mat or towel, and start your session.

There are countless free resources online, from YouTube videos to apps, that can guide you through different routines.

ways to relieve stress this summer

4. Gardening to Nurture Growth

Gardening is a therapeutic activity that allows you to connect and nurture living things and spend time outside.

You don’t need a large backyard to start a garden — even a few pots on a balcony can be enough. Planting flowers, vegetables or herbs can be incredibly rewarding.

The act of tending to plants, watching them grow, and harvesting your own produce brings a sense of accomplishment and peace. Plus, it’s a great way to practice mindfulness.

5. Watching Movies for Relaxation and Entertainment

Sometimes, the best way to relax is by watching a good movie. Create your own cozy movie night at home with minimal effort and expense.

Check out free streaming services, go old school and borrow DVDs from the library, or utilize subscriptions you already have. 

Choose films that make you feel good, whether they’re heart-warming classics, light-hearted comedies, or immersive documentaries.

This simple activity can provide a much-needed mental escape and a chance to unwind without leaving your home.

woman reading a book in bed

6. Reading to Escape to a New World

There’s nothing quite like losing yourself in a good book. Reading is a great way to relax and take your mind off any stress you might be feeling.

Check out your local library for free books or exchange books with friends. If you prefer digital formats, numerous websites offer free e-books.

Whether you’re into fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, a good read can transport you to another world.

7. Meditating to Practice Mindfulness

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. You don’t need any special equipment or a lot of time to benefit from it.

Find a quiet spot, sit comfortably, and focus on your breath. There are many free guided meditation resources available online if you’re just starting out.

Regular meditation can help you manage stress, increase your mindfulness, and improve your overall well-being.

ways to relieve stress this summer

8. Going to the Beach to Enjoy the Waves

If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, take advantage of it. A day at the beach can be the perfect way to relax and unwind.

The sound of the waves, the feel of the sand, and the warmth of the sun are all incredibly calming.

Bring a book, take a swim, or just lay back and watch the horizon. The beach offers a natural escape from our usual routines and the hustle and bustle of daily life.

9. Exercising to Release Tension

Physical exercise is a powerful way to release tension and reduce stress. The best part is you don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment to get moving!

Simple activities like running, cycling, or even walking can help elevate your mood and clear your mind. When we exercise, we release endorphins, which are natural stress relievers.

Choose an activity you enjoy and make it part of your routine. It’s a good habit to have in your life. 

woman journaling

10. Journaling to Express Your Thoughts

Writing can be a great way to process your emotions and reduce stress. Keep a journal where you can freely express your thoughts, feelings, and reflections.

You don’t need to worry about grammar or structure — just let your words flow.

Journaling can help you gain clarity, reflect on your experiences, and find solutions to problems.

11. Eating Good Food to Nourish Your Body

As they say, “You are what you eat,” what you eat has a significant impact on how you feel. Eating a balanced, nutritious diet can help support your immune system, reduce stress, and improve your overall health.

Focus on whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Avoid excessive caffeine, sugar and processed foods, which can contribute to stress and anxiety.

Plus, preparing simple, healthy meals at home can be a calming activity in itself. 

ways to relieve stress this summer

12. Listening to Music to Soothe Your Soul

Music has a powerful effect on our emotions. Create a playlist of your favorite calming tunes and take some time to listen.

Whether you’re lying down with your eyes closed, sitting on your porch, or taking a stroll with your headphones, music can be a wonderful escape from stress.

13. Spending Time With Friends to Catch Up and Unwind

One of the simplest and most fulfilling ways to relieve stress is to spend time with friends. Catching up with loved ones can provide emotional support, laughter, and a sense of belonging. 

You can save money while still enjoying life. Plan a low-cost gathering, such as a potluck dinner, a coffee date, or a casual get-together at a local park.

Sharing stories, reminiscing about old times, and just enjoying each other’s company can significantly boost your mood and reduce stress.

These moments of connection and companionship are invaluable and perfectly align with a minimalist approach to life.

Discover the Best Ways to Relieve Stress This Summer

This summer, embrace the simplicity and joy of simple stress-relief activities. There are countless ways to unwind without spending much money or accumulating more stuff.

Enjoy the season and make the most of the beautiful summer days ahead. Remember, sometimes the best things in life really are free.

Cora Gold is the Editor-in-Chief of Revivalist magazine. She loves writing about family and living life to the fullest. Follow Cora on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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