I love reading other people’s perspectives and insights on how to live a simpler life. This lineup is my list of the best blogs on simple living, minimalism, and decluttering. I hope you’ll be as inspired by them as I have been. They are listed in no particular order. Enjoy.

Best blogs on simple living, minimalism, and decluttering:

best blogs on simple living minimalism and decluttering

The Simplicity Habit

I’m including this blog in a lineup of best blogs on simple living, minimalism, and decluttering because it’s everything I’m passionate about so, of course, I love it!

I started The Simplicity Habit to share my journey and help support and encourage others who want to simplify. Once we clear out the excess in our lives, we have more time and space for what matters most.

Check out how to live simply in a culture focused on consumerism for thoughts on ways you can live a simpler life even if you are in the minority. These tips can help you navigate a world that doesn’t always support your goals.

Simply Well Balanced

Lauren started her blog to help moms create balance and find joy in motherhood by simplifying homemaking. She focuses on simplicity and balance and practices practical minimalism.

Lauren offers many tips on how to declutter your home, simplify your life and parent well all while focusing on what matters most.

Check out Clutter Free Home: Minimalist Tips That Will Make a Huge Difference for practical ideas on how to get the clutter out of your home and save yourself time by owning less stuff. Her suggestions will help the whole family work together to simplify and keep clutter from coming back.


Sheila started Practigal with the intention of helping others simplify their lives so that they have time for what really matters to them. Her method is to simplify, organize, and prioritize. In that order.

She’s all about living simply and minimally because it causes her so much less stress and allows her to live life to the full. I also happen to love the name of her blog as I can relate to preferring a vacuum to jewelry as a gift (my husband bought me an air compressor for Christmas a few years ago and I loved it!).

Check out 8 Ways Minimalism Improved My Mental Health for insights on how living a minimalist lifestyle helped her deal with depression and anxiety. So many of us struggle with feeling down or anxious and I love Sheila’s transparency in opening up about her journey and providing hope and tips for things that have helped her cope.

No Sidebar

Brian started No Sidebar to inspire people in their journey to simplify. All the clutter in our homes, calendars, and on our minds keep us from getting to where we want to go. He wants to help you get rid of the excess and focus on the essentials. You can design a simple life starting now.

No Sidebar is a compilation of posts written by various writers with tips on how to pursue minimalism and simplicity.

Check out The Fear of the Ordinary for insights on embracing the simple and ordinary. It is after all often the simplest things that are the most fondly remembered.

best blogs on simple living, minimalism, and decluttering

Simple Lion Heart Life

Melissa’s desire to simplify her life increased when she had a toddler in her house. She is passionate about simple and intentional living in order to make motherhood a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Melissa found that the more she removed the excess from her family’s life, the more room she made to invite calmness and joy in.

Check out Why Highly Sensitive People Need Minimalism. In it, she explains the defining characteristics of a highly sensitive person and how adopting a minimalist lifestyle is beneficial. I can see elements of this that are true for me and other family members. It’s a very interesting read.

Becoming Unbusy

Zina started Becoming Unbusy to help you opt out of being busy so you find more time to focus on what matters in your life. She encourages people who are overcommitted to slow down and focus on what’s truly most important to them and to take care of themselves in the process.

She wants you to wake up with a sense of calm as you begin the day and encourages guarding your time without any guilt. Let go of what others expect of you and get your most important things done. 

Check out How to Have a Calm, Creative, Happy Life with Little Ones Underfoot. This post is a great read for moms with little kids who are struggling to find joy in the busyness of life. It’s a great reminder of how important our mindset is.

It’s My Favorite Day

Kristal created her blog to inspire you to live simply, to take ownership of your life and make each day your Favorite day. She truly believes in the transformative power of simplicity and living with purpose and intention.

After all, all we have is the moment we are in right now!

Check out 7 Simple Tricks That Will Make You Love Your Home for ways to be happier with your home. I love these tips because they help you to embrace your current space regardless of your situation. We aren’t all living in our dream homes, but using a few of these tips will help you create your own sanctuary.

Marc & Angel Hack Life

Marc & Angel has spent over ten years writing, teaching, and coaching. Their site shares proven strategies for finding lasting love, peace, success, and happiness. Their goal is to provide the reader with tools to identify and change the limiting beliefs that get and keep them stuck.

They offer insights and practical tips to help you focus on what matters most. You’ll gain insights about yourself and grow as you read their personal development pots.

Check out 6 Things Happy People Never Do for insights on what to limit or eliminate from your life in order to be happier. The practical tips will get you to examine your own life to consider how you can improve.

Laura Noelle

Laura says you don’t need a fancy system or complicated tools to cut the clutter and reduce your stress. You need simple routines and step-by-step encouragement.

She’s all about restoring simple harmony in your home and heart. She is passionate about holistic living that resonates with your mind, body, and soul.

Check out Decluttering Through the Seasons where Laura walks you through specific tasks you can do by month to maintain a decluttered space. I love her practical tips and proactive approach to keeping clutter out of the home. It’s one thing to declutter your home and a whole other thing to keep it that way.

Simple Slow & Lovely

Emma started writing after experiencing her own too-busy life season. She’s continued to work on making conscious choices in choosing to slow down and simplify. It’s a continual work in progress as you never ‘arrive’.

She is passionate about helping others learn to live a slower and simpler life and find more freedom.

Check out Busyness the Drug I Was Never Warned About for brilliant insights on how people are affected by busyness. Often these warning signs and symptoms are written off when they need to be taken seriously. This post brings to light a pervasive problem that we don’t talk about enough.

Happy Simple Mom

Brooke wants to help you simplify your life. She believes whole-heartedly that minimalism and simple living are essential to mothers who are feeling bombarded by all the things we feel we are “supposed” to do. 

She wants to help you stop feeling so overwhelmed and weighed down by emotional and physical clutter!

Check out Minimalism for Normal People where Brooke talks about a less intense approach to minimalism. She mentions the different types of minimalists and adds her own type ‘normal minimalists’ to include moms who want to simplify but who wouldn’t be as extreme as some of the other types. I resonate with so much of what she wrote in this post. It’s a must-read!

Becoming Minimalist

Joshua Becker is well known in the minimalist world due to the books he has written and the popularity of his blog. He became a minimalist when his neighbor pointed out that he wouldn’t need to be organizing his garage (instead of playing ball with his son) if he owned less stuff. Thus began his journey.

He has many inspirational posts and I highly recommend his books.

Check out Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Kids for insights on how having fewer toys helps children (and you!). There are many benefits to being selective with which toys you own. I’m guessing many moms are already on board with this idea. This post will give you further information to support your toy decluttering plan.

best blogs on simple living, decluttering, and minimalism

I Dream of Simple

Tara shares on her blog what she has learned through the process of decluttering her space, time, and mind. She journeys alongside you and encourages you as you tackle your own decluttering projects.  

She hopes that by sharing her own lessons, you can take something back to your own life.

Check out 30 Simple Mindfulness Activities for Busy Parents for information, tips, and a challenge to practice mindfulness. If you’ve been wanting to try a meditation practice or have been curious about what mindfulness is, this is an informative and helpful read.

The Life on Purpose Movement

Erica started her blog to document her journey from worn-out and overwhelmed to centered and at peace. She shared her journey in the hope of inspiring others on their path to focus, peace, self-compassion, and self-acceptance.

She wants you to own your own journey and do what works for you and hopes her words will encourage you.

Check out Self-care: It’s Not About Duration-It’s About Frequency. It serves as an important reminder of how we need to take care of ourselves. She reminds you it doesn’t have to look like a half-day event, but can be in the small moments done consistently.

Living with Margins

Christine is a wife, mother, pastor, and crafter. She started her blog to share her journey with others and in the process found that she isn’t alone in her experiences.

She wants to share the lessons she has learned to help others and hopes the stories and insights she shares are an encouragement to her readers.

Check out High Impact Decluttering, where Christine walks you through how to declutter in just 10 minutes per day! She lists 10 different options of places you can declutter quickly. I love that the last one was to choose your own adventure. If you are short on time, you’ll find her tips very helpful.

Simply Fiercely

Jennifer had some challenging life experiences. But a few years ago, she took back control of her life and cleared the clutter. She started being honest with herself, listened to her heart, did more of what she loved, and learned to let go of the rest.

She shares her insights and lessons learned on her blog.

Check out Why Your Life is Busy and Cluttered where Jennifer talks about the problem of busy and clutter in our culture. I enjoyed her personal stories and found them very relatable. In order to move past where we are currently, we need to know why and how we got there. Only then can we move forward and make more intentional choices.

A Life in Progress

Krista’s blog documents her thoughts as she works through difficulties, challenges, and pain and works to keep on living. She embraces her imperfections and challenges readers to do the same. Her writing is poetic, beautiful, real, and raw.

Her strength and resilience shine through her posts even in the midst of loss. She’s grown in self-awareness and self-compassion and encourages you to do the same.

Check out Living a Life of Purpose on the Mountaintop or in the Valley. It’s a beautifully written reminder of how to live a purposeful life even though we can’t control all of our circumstances. So no matter if you are in a challenging season or an enjoyable one, you can still lead a life of purpose.

This Simple Balance

June’s blog focuses on minimalism and simple living for overwhelmed moms. She found that minimalism gives her back one of the most limited resources we have (especially moms): time.

When you own less, you spend less time cleaning, organizing, and maintaining your house and your stuff. You can do more.

Check out The Cost of Minimalism, where June points out one of the downsides to minimalism. She explains the importance of honoring our family members, especially children, in our goals to minimize. This post was such a good reminder to me to be more sensitive to my kid’s feelings in my mission to declutter. I appreciate June’s insights into some of the more challenging parts of minimalism and how to work through them.

Filling the Jars

Julie wants to help you improve the way your home functions, better your finances through budgeting and/or increased income, and create a simpler life where you can have more meaningful relationships with your family and follow your dreams.

Her passion is to simplify and help others create an intentional and peaceful home using tips she has learned through her own journey.

Check out The Slow Declutter: A No Mess Method to Declutter Your Home for practical tips on how to start the decluttering process. Her slow approach is a great one for people who are either feeling hesitant or overwhelmed with decluttering.

Balance Through Simplicity

Antonia is a working parent and reformed workaholic who now advocated for living intentionally and simply. After juggling a busy and full life and struggling with insomnia, she started her own simplifying journey that lead her to start her blog.

Her goal is to help you declutter your home, simplify your life, and live intentionally through her practical tips and guidance.

Check out ‘Just in Case’ Clutter: What It Is and How to Deal With It for practical tips on how to let go of this common type of clutter. Antonia’s realistic advice will help you to finally let go of the things you’ve been holding onto ‘just in case’.

Check out the best blogs on simple living, minimalism, and decluttering

I hope you enjoyed my round-up of the 20 best blogs on simple living, minimalism, and decluttering. It’s so helpful to find support and encouragement along the journey to simplify.

Hopefully, you’ve found some new favorites to follow from this list of the best blogs on simple living, minimalism, and decluttering. Continue seeking inspiration as you pursue a simpler life.

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  1. Realistic Vision

    An open reality that defines what is important. It also defines how you see yourself in the big picture of the world. Once focused, value and perspective changes. Normally I think this takes place as we age. Not always.

    I have become more of a minimalist. Not that I get rid of all my possessions, more that I have no need or want for many things. I have begun to use things I have stored and enjoy them. I have given away and donated things I will never again use. I have only needs for replacing something worn out that is needed.

    My hobbies and work include application programming and problem solving both of which give me a sense of pride and involve little or no cost. I study new processes online and also experiment with new ideas.

    I have found real joy doing home improvement , whether painting or fixing things and taking the time to complete with perfection.

    It was not always this way for me. In the past I had a laundry list of perceived needs and wants and was not ever really happy. I worked hard to keep this going. I was never happy.

    At the time my daughter went to college I knew as I had saved I would not be enough. I would need to work more or something. I realized I was storing stuff from family things to whatever and paying a lot to do so. By minimizing what was not ever needed I saved. I cut the cord and got rid of cable tv which was not that hard. I stopped buying stuff. I rode public transportation to work. I moved home phone # to google voice. I stopped eating out and many other things.

    The end result was I walked more, learned more and was actually happier and never felt I lost anything. All of this continued long past paying for college and still today.

    Looking back as a Kid, I would visit family and we would play games and do puzzles and talk and I have wonderful memories of this. Today I work on issues and try to spend time learning and developing my skills. The process is going back to being a kid and being happy without having expenses. Often we associate value with expense?

    Much happier today than fifteen years ago,

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