Inside: Use these tips to get the whole family involved in spring cleaning this year!

A guest post by Rose Morrison

Spring cleaning can keep your home organized and less cluttered. This can relieve stress and create a welcoming environment for entertaining.

However, sometimes it can be a big job for one person, especially when tackling the whole house. 

Why not get the whole family involved? It can make the job go faster and create memories. Follow these tips to turn spring cleaning into a family activity. 

get family involved in spring cleaning

10 Tips to Get the Family Involved in Spring Cleaning

Use these ten tips to get the family involved in spring cleaning the home this year. You don’t have to go it alone. Get everyone in on the fun!

1. Make a List of All Tasks 

get family involved in spring cleaning

Create a list of all the jobs you need to do to help you stay organized. Include things like cleaning out closets or washing the countertops.

Is there a room in the house that has been neglected for a while? Consider starting with that area first. Also, walk around your home to get inspiration for the different chores. And don’t overlook these areas that are often forgotten when cleaning.

Having a list prevents you from forgetting specific tasks. Plus, it will feel good to check items off as you go. It also makes it easier to convince your family to help by showing them the many projects that need to get done. ​​

2. Give Everyone Specific Tasks

get family involved in spring cleaning

Once you have a list, assign each family member a job. This will help hold them accountable and give everyone something to do.

Keep your child’s age in mind when doling out tasks. For example, leave cleaning kitchen appliances for the older children. Instead, have your younger ones collect their toys or clothes off the floor. 

You may also need to show your kids how to do specific tasks if they haven’t done them before. This helps them learn a sense of responsibility. 

3. Schedule a Time for Cleaning 


Decide on a consistent time each day for cleaning. Consider each person’s schedule when choosing a time and try to find one that’s convenient for everyone.

For example, cleaning after dinner may work well for kids. They may have already finished their homework and need a brain break. Plus, it might help tire them out before bed. 

Along with the time, determining how long the cleaning session will last. You want it long enough to get things done but short enough to motivate your kids. Set a timer for the appropriate amount of time as you all work together to clean.

4. Create Deadlines for Each Job


Deadlines are great ways to hold everyone accountable. Set them for your children and yourself to keep it fair. This can ensure all family members feel like part of the team.

Create deadlines based on the extent of the chore. For example, deep cleaning the bathroom may take longer than dusting the living room. 

Write down a schedule so people don’t forget. You can even display it on the wall or refrigerator door. A whiteboard can be a fun way to feature your chore chart, and you even color-code similar tasks. 

5. Develop a Maintenance Routine

get family involved in spring cleaning

While cleaning is half the battle, you also want to maintain a tidy home. This can sometimes be a challenge with everyday spills and messes. Create a list of tasks that help keep your home spotless, including dusting and mopping. 

Another essential task is cleaning your roof and gutters. Be sure to research the correct cleaning supplies for your roof type. For example, use a mixture of equal parts of bleach, water, and chlorine for asphalt shingles.

Do these tasks regularly to maintain your home and keep it clean. Remind your kids to pitch in with the projects that they’re able to (dusting is a great option for kids) so everyone is doing their part. 

6. Make It a Game


Sometimes kids don’t want to help with household chores, so turn it into a game to motivate them to participate.

For example, create an Easter egg hunt. Hide a chocolate egg (or other wrapped candy) in a stack of clothes or a shoebox in their closet. Then tell them if they fold and neatly place their clothes in storage bins, they may find a surprise. 

You can also place a couple of treats in a toy storage bin or drawer in your child’s room. This trick can help get chores done faster and reward your kids. Just ensure all the candy is accounted for (it helps to write down how many you put where), so you’re not finding it days later. 

Use this tip to get the family involved in spring cleaning sparingly. Save it for a big spring clean rather than every time the house needs tidying. It’s helpful to teach your kids about being responsible for their things even if they aren’t being immediately rewarded for their efforts.

7. Offer a Reward at the End of the Cleaning Day

family movie night

Older children may feel games are childish. Instead, offer your teenagers a fun activity at the end of a big spring cleaning day.

For example, you could rent their favorite movie or go out to a restaurant. This can motivate them to work faster and give your family some extra bonding time. 

Just be sure to let everyone know the exact day. Your older kids or spouse may need to clear their schedule. Try to work around sports practices or important meetings. 

8. Let People Pick Their Tasks

family schedule

Older children can handle more responsibility, so consider letting them choose what they want to do. It can make them feel like their voice is being heard.

Plus, if it’s a chore they don’t mind, they may be more motivated to clean and complete it quickly and efficiently.

Ensure there is no overlapping of responsibilities by writing down each person’s name next to their chosen chore. Also, to make it fair, randomly draw names out of a hat to see who gets to pick first. 

Parents get final approval so if there are any disagreements or feelings about someone having the ‘easiest’ job you can shuffle things around a bit if needed.

9. Turn It Into a Contest 

kids cleaning

Some family-friendly competition is a fun way to get everyone motivated. You can even include prizes, such as picking out what game is played or what movie you’ll watch together later.

Contests should be functional as well, so make it a challenge for who can do the best quality work, not the fastest. 

For example, you could give each child a different sink in the room to clean. Whoever does the best job wins. Be sure to praise each child regardless of who comes out on top.

If you have children who are competitive, they may be even more motivated to try harder next time.  

10. Play Music in the Background

get family involved in spring cleaning

Music can make you feel good and distract you from mundane cleaning tasks. Studies also find it increases your productivity.

Your brain produces dopamine, which stimulates your prefrontal cortex — the part of your brain responsible for planning. The more effective your prefrontal cortex is, the more efficient you are. 

Play your kids’ favorite songs so they can dance and sing to make the time go faster. You can even create a cleaning playlist on apps like Spotify. 

Getting the Family to Help With Spring Cleaning

get family involved in spring cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to declutter and do some deep cleaning. However, doing the whole house by yourself can feel a little daunting.

While your kids may protest at first, getting them involved can be a great help in getting the work done as well as helping teach them to be responsible for their things.

As you get the whole family involved in spring cleaning, you’ll get the job done more quickly and maybe even have some fun in the process!

Rose Morrison is a freelance writer who covers home décor and organization tips. She is also the managing editor of Renovated. You can check out her Twitter to see more of her work.

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