This week John brings us another episode of Some Good News. In this episode he focuses on how people and companies are helping with donating supplies.

He also covers how parents are handling the situation and mentions having an added appreciation for our teachers.

The stories highlight how people are making the best of a challenging situation in creative ways.

Near the end, he interviews a little girl named Aubrey who missed her opportunity to see Hamilton. He offers to fly her and her family to NY after this is all over with.

Apparently she is also a fan of Mary Poppins so he brings on his wife, Emily Blunt, as well the cast members of the cast of Hamilton who sing for her.

Another great and entertaining episode. I’m looking forward to more!

If you somehow missed the first episode of the show, check it out below.

Check out the first episode of SGN

At a time when stress levels are high and the world is constantly changing, we need more good news in the world. And here, John Krasinski brings it. Be warned, you may be likely to both laugh and cry.

He created Some Good News (with the sign made by his kids) to share more positivity with the world. The stories he covers are heartwarming and emotional.

John throws in humorous quips from time to time that keeps you from crying through the whole thing. Some of my favorites were “if it isn’t clear yet, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing” and “I am alone in this room”.

At about six minutes in, he chats with Steve Carell as they celebrate the 15-year anniversary of The Office. They’re not only hilarious together while reliving some funny moments on the show, but it’s also clear that they are great friends.

more good news

The final story he covers was about a teenager who received a very warm welcome as she came home from her last chemotherapy treatment. Another tearjerker of a story, but in a positive way.

In a world that is so full of bad news lately, we need more good news like this. When you’re having a hard day, watch this again to immediately feel better. I’ve already watched it 4 times today.

I’m hopeful that John Krasinski will create additional episodes in the future as this one has already been such a hit. If you want to be alerted of new videos you can subscribe to his youtube channel SomeGoodNews.

Where are you finding joy and laughter right now? If you have other sources of good news, please share them in the comments section. I may add some of them to this post.

Let’s work on watching and sharing more good news with each other.

Sharing is caring :)

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