Inside: Want a cleaner home, but don’t enjoy the process of making it that way? Here are fourteen secrets to make cleaning less of a chore.

A guest post by Rose Morrison

Do you get excited about the thought of cleaning your home? Most of us don’t, but we still want to have a place to come home to that we feel good about.

Having a clean space that you feel proud of can help you be more comfortable at home. It’s also helpful if you plan to host guests or have friends or family stop by unannounced.

While tidying up is necessary, it often feels like a chore. Here are some ways to make cleaning less of a chore and maybe even a little fun.

14 Ways to Make Cleaning Less of a Chore

Looking to make cleaning less of a chore? Try some of these ideas!

1. Make a To-Do List

to do list

Cleaning can feel overwhelming. There’s usually a lot that needs to get done.

Creating a to-do list for each chore relieves stress. Some tasks to include are sweeping the floor or picking up toys. When adding these projects, assign them due dates and stick to three to five per day.

Then, once it’s completed, check off the item from the list. This gives people a sense of accomplishment. Make the list fancier by color-coding or adding stickers.

Sign up on the form below to get a free cleaning checklist template. For those who’re more tech-savvy, there are apps available to download, too, such as TikTik.

2. Get the Family Involved

doing the laundry

Having the whole family help makes cleaning go quicker. Plus, it allows families to bond despite everyone’s busy schedules.

For those with kids, remind them it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the house clean.Assign each person a task or specific room.

Then, regroup later to check on the progress that’s been made. Afterward, consider celebrating with a nice meal or by playing a family board game together.

3. Play Some Music

family dancing

Music pumps people up and gives them a burst of energy. Listening to music releases dopamine, which is a goal-oriented hormone. Picking songs people enjoy motivates them to get things done faster.

Consider building a chore playlist. Choose songs that are high-energy and mix in some throwbacks. Blast the music from speakers or through personal headphones.

4. Create More Storage Space

make cleaning less of a chore

When there isn’t clutter on the floor, cleaning goes much quicker. Plus, with everything having its own place, it’s easier to put things away.

Look at how your things are currently being stored. Does everything have an assigned home? Is your current storage system working for you?

If it isn’t, consider what storage solutions would work best in your home. You’ll want to create a sustainable organization system that makes putting things away easy so that everyone in the household can get on board with it.

5. Clean One Room at a Time

emptying dishwasher

​As people clean, they usually skip around to different rooms. This causes them to become easily distracted.

When tidying the living room, there may be toys that belong in a child’s bedroom. This can pull their attention in multiple directions.

So, focus on one room at a time. Wait until you’re done in that room to put the items away that belong in other rooms.

6. Wash Things Properly

cleaning countertop

When items aren’t properly taken care of, cleaning is more difficult. So, be sure to regularly wipe down surfaces and keep up with maintenance.

Some materials require a little more care to ensure they don’t sustain any damage before or during cleaning. For example, with a marble countertop, don’t prepare food with high acidity on the surface and use a trivet for hot pans.

When you create regular cleaning routines in your home, it feels like less of a chore.

7. Spread Tasks Throughout the Week


Trying to clean everything in one day can be exhausting. Therefore, spread out the chores throughout the week. Dedicate at least 20 minutes a day for tidying up.

Create a chart and assign a few tasks each day. That way, they don’t feel as intimidating to complete.

This will give you and your family members more free time on the weekends since you won’t have saved all the cleaning tasks to do then.

8. Give Yourself a Reward

coffee cup with pastry

After all the hard work, remember to celebrate. It can be something super simple like getting coffee from your favorite local shop or watching your favorite show.

Make cleaning less of a chore by having something to look forward to when you’re done.

If your family is all working together to clean, think of things you can all enjoy together to do afterwards. Enjoy a movie or game night with each other.

Having something fun to focus on can help you get through the tasks that you’d normally dread.

9. Gather Small Items

glass dish

A bedroom dresser easily accumulates small trinkets. Collect items, such as hair ties or clips, in a small jar or dish.

This helps keep the surface less cluttered and it’s more easily cleaned when small items are already gathered together in one small container.

10. Remember to Rinse Your Washing Machine

washing machine

Many people forget to clean their washers. These machines can accumulate bacteria from dirty clothes.

To clean the washing machine, pour in some vinegar and run a regular cycle. Then do another load with baking soda. Wipe down the sides to finish the job.

Remember to clean the appliance at least once a month. Also, keep the door open between washes to prevent moldy odors.

Cleaning your clothes will feel less like a chore when your washer is working properly.

11. Organize Bathroom Drawers

make cleaning less of a chore

Bathroom drawers can get cluttered with cosmetic supplies. To prevent this mess, invest in small baskets and dividers. Then separate toothbrushes and beauty supplies.

Having proper organization makes toiletries more accessible when in a hurry and keeps items from getting tumbed up in the drawer. Look for adjustable dividers that work for a variety of drawer sizes and measure your drawers before purchasing.

Help remind family members what goes where by labeling select containers.

11. Make Your Cleaning Supplies

diy cleaning supplies

Instead of using store-bought products, consider using household ingredients. This can help save the environment and is more cost-effective. To make an all-purpose cleaner, use citrus, vinegar, and essential oils.

For washing the kitchen and deodorizing, try baking soda and warm water. When washing glass surfaces, mix water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and essential oil together.

Here are other ingredients that work well as natural cleaners:

  • Salt
  • Castile soap
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon juice

12. Clean Throughout the Day

make cleaning less of a chore

Picking up things here and there leaves fewer tasks to do at the end of the day. For example, wash dishes right after cooking. Another idea is to fold laundry right after removing it from the dryer.

These small actions save people time and help check things off the list. With less to worry about, it’s easier to enjoy moments with family and friends.

13. Consider Multitasking

make cleaning less of a chore

Oftentimes, tidying the house feels boring. To stay entertained, listen to a podcast or watch television at the same time.

Want more decluttering inspiration? Listen to one of these podcasts on simple living & decluttering while you’re cleaning.

Another idea is to call friends. These strategies help prevent people from giving up halfway through the task.

14. Take Time to Declutter

make cleaning less of a chore

Before cleaning the room, take time to declutter it. This saves time having to maneuver around piles of stuff.

Remove any excess items, like clothes or toys. During this process, consider downsizing.

Think about items that aren’t as meaningful or have been sitting in the back of the closet. Sell or donate these to free up additional space.

How to Make Tidying More Fun

Cleaning takes time and effort. Often, it’s something people just want to rush through (or avoid it completely). Next time you’re dreading it, follow these tips to make cleaning less of a chore.

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Rose Morrison is a freelance writer who covers home décor and organization tips. She is also the managing editor of Renovated. You can check out her Twitter to see more of her work.

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  1. 10 items – I set a goal of putting away or cleaning up 10 items bits an easy challenge that you can easily win.

  2. Any hints on dust? The area I live in seems to generate sooo much dust that daily dusting with a duster just does not help.

  3. I live in mumbai india and because of the dry climate the dust is ernomous. Even if u dust the furniture daily by evening its back. Then the dusting task is really boring. Loved the tips. Shall try to implement some to make it more fun.

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