Does your Facebook feed bring you down? Or maybe the messages in it do not align with your goals. If you’re on a journey to declutter your life these Facebook pages that will inspire you to simplify.

After I started my journey to live more simply, I looked for inspiration anywhere I could. I also started paying more attention to the information that was influencing me.

I wanted to declutter the negativity and also to be inspired to continue on my journey. In doing so. I discovered these Facebook pages that will inspire you to simplify.

facebook pages that will inspire you to simplify

Facebook Pages That Will Inspire You to Simplify

We are all influenced by the messages we allow to fill up our minds. Living counter-culturally in a world of excess is challenging at times. Look for sources of inspiration and encouragement in your journey.

Take in the information that will support and encourage your goals. In a world full of negativity, you can choose more positive influences to fill your Facebook feed.

Check out these Facebook pages that will inspire you to simplify. Like and follow the ones that resonate with you. They will remind you of what you are pursuing and why simplifying matters.

If you want to go deeper with it, some of these pages also have groups that are smaller communities of like-minded members sharing their journeys as well.

The Simplicity Habit

I’ll go ahead and list my page straight out of the gate. The Simplicity Habit is where I share the quotes and content I find most inspiring.

The focus of the page is on living simply and intentionally by letting go of the excess to create space for what matters most. Decluttering is my specialty so I share practical steps and information on that as well.

We have a lovely group too where members share decluttering tips and get support and encouragement in the simplifying process.

Becoming Unbusy

Want to live at a slower pace and be more intentional with your schedule? Becoming Unbusy is for you. The inspiring quotes and posts encourage you to find time for what really matters in life and let go of the rest.

There is an accompanying group for people who are all working towards becoming unbusy in their lives.

Happy Simple Mom

Want to clear the clutter but you need some guidance? Happy Simple Mom will inspire you to declutter and help you along your journey to living with less. You’ll find inspiration and practical decluttering tips here as you let go of the emotional and physical clutter that weighs you down.

There is a group you can join here too for insights on decluttering and working to live more simply.

Abundant Life with Less

Abundant Life with Less encourages others to simplify life and own fewer belongings in order to move from an abundance to a truly abundant life. You’ll find a lot of inspiration here on your minimalism journey.

facebook pages that will inspire you to simplify

Simple, Slow, & Lovely

If you desire the simple things and are yearning to slow down, Simple Slow & Lovely is the place for you. You’ll find daily encouragement to embrace a simpler way of life so you can pare back to your true and best self.

Let go of what you don’t need so you have space for what you do need.

The Life on Purpose Movement

The Live on Purpose Movement inspires self-care, intentional parenting, and simple living. You’ll find encouragement to live with more purpose, less guilt and more joy as you find self-acceptance in your journey to living purposefully.

Cozy Minimalism

Want some inspiration for your home? Cozy Minimalism focuses on how your home feels. Your home should be a sanctuary and you’ll find tips, tools, and insights on how to add cozy-ness to your home. You can be minimalist and have a warm cozy home.

Set up your space so that you can focus on what truly matters most to you.

Simple Families

Simple Families will help you simplify childhood by learning tips for parenting as you strive to live with less. The focus is on simple living, parenting, and minimalism with kids to create an intentional home.

Join the group of like-minded community members who are working towards living simply and intentionally with their families too.

A Life in Progress

At A Life in Progress, you’ll find inspiration to show up through the messy parts of life and to continue to strive to pursue meaning and purpose. Quiet the noise of comparison, perfectionism, and fear so you can show up fully and joyfully in your beautifully imperfect life.

Join the group for additional encouragement in living a life of freedom, purpose, health, and joy.

Simplify Days

Simplify Days specializes in simplifying your digital life but supports and encourages simplicity in all areas of life. If you are feeling overwhelmed, simplify your days by minimizing, digitizing, organizing and prioritizing (in that order).

facebook pages that will inspire you to simplify

Be More with Less

Join the Be More with Less community to simplify your life, declutter your mind and connect with your heart. Discover more peace, ease, health, and love as you learn to let go of stress and stuff.

You can also learn more about the minimalist fashion challenge, Project 333.

Raising Simple

Raising Simple inspires you to pursue an intentional life by owning less, creating new habits, and cultivating opportunities to give. If you want to live more intentionally and authentically while also pursuing gratitude, you’ll find practical tips and guidance here.

There is more life in owning less stuff.

Join the smaller group to have more in-depth discussions and to be part of a community pursuing simplicity.

Messaging matters

The messages you allow into your mind and life matter. The things you read and the people you follow will influence your thoughts in big and small ways.

As you pursue a life of purpose and intention, follow these Facebook pages that will inspire you to simplify and encourage you in your journey to focus on more of what matters.

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