Inside: Incorporate some of these daily habits to make this your best year yet. Small changes in your life can make a big difference.

With the start of a new year, many people consider all of the goals they have and the things they want to change in the year to come.

However, grand plans and an endless list of resolutions are often get forgotten by March. I’m a firm believer in the fact that small habits can create big achievements.

If you REALLY want to make BIG changes to your life this new year, one of the surefire ways to achieve whatever you set your mind to is by starting small with easy, actionable goals. The catch?

Rather than goals, these are habits that you’ll need to work on regularly. While it might not sound as fun as fully visualizing yourself as a totally different person by December, it is these daily habits that can make the most life-changing year yet!

10 Daily Habits to Make This Your Best Year Yet

If setting goals in the new year isn’t your thing, no problem. You can still improve your life in massive ways by focusing on your habits instead.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” -John C. Maxwell

These small doable habit changes can create big results in your life.

1. Use a planner to plan your day/week/month

Get planning! Having an overview of what your days will be like is a game-changer for many different reasons. For one, it’ll get your life organized, but a secret little benefit here is that it will also give you an overview of your daily routines and give you clues on where you might be lacking. 

You might realize you’re working too much and not prioritizing self-care or spending too much time doing something you don’t enjoy when you could be spending time with your friends or trying out a new hobby.

Overall, planners act as visual guides that can give you a ton of insight into yourself. Make sure to plan and also observe so you can work on the steps you need to take to make space for the things that bring you joy.

If you’ve tried using a traditional planner before and it didn’t work well for you, no problem.

I created the Simply Scheduled Workbook as an alternative to help you plan your most important priorities without making you feel like a failure if you don’t keep up with it every day.

2. Carry a notebook everywhere you go

Get yourself a portable notebook and carry it with you at all times. You never know when your next big idea or thought might spark up and you’ll want to be able to jot it down before it gets forever lost in the back of your mind.

I still love using a pen and paper for this, but if that’s not your thing there are apps you can to jot down your thoughts on your phone.

Writing down your thoughts as they occur to you also has the added benefit of reducing your mental clutter.

3. Develop a morning & evening routine that makes you feel good

Creating daily routines helps you to be more efficient and productive each day.

Mornings are an important part of the day because they set the tone for the rest of the day. Work on developing a morning routine that makes you feel fresh, energized, and ready to take on the day.

It’s important to also have a good wind-down routine at the end of the day. Create an evening routine that you enjoy and that feels relaxing.

daily habits

4. Plan tech breaks

Make it a habit to not check your phone first thing in the morning. Not only does checking your e-mail and texts as soon as you wake up create stress, but it’s also a way to lose time that you could use for something better. 

The time that you may normally spend checking social media could instead be used for a more life-giving activity. This can include a short yoga session, a quick workout, or simply spending time journaling or reading a few chapters of a book with a cup of tea in hand.

Taking regular tech breaks throughout the day is good for your physical and mental health. Be intentional with how and when you use your devices. Otherwise, it’s easy for them to take over your life and distract you from more important things.

5. Start a journal

Journaling is one of the most powerful acts of self-care. Writing down your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis is a great way to dive into your thoughts and help you make better sense of your emotions as well as come up with solutions to whatever it is you’re currently going through.

Moreover, there’s nothing as amazing as having a “life book” to read back for years to come!

You don’t need to spend an hour every evening writing down every detail of your day. In fact, setting a 5 to 10-minute timer and writing down whatever comes to mind has proven to be more effective!

daily habits

6. Get moving

These days, our lives can get pretty sedentary. Getting your heart rate up on a regular basis is essential for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Even if don’t necessarily love long runs or hitting the gym for several hours, you could try joining a dance class, go back to that sport you loved as a kid, or simply fit in a 20-minute yoga session or walk into your days.

7. Set daily priorities

Every evening, take a few minutes to write down your top three priorities for the following day. Having a clear idea of the most important things to take care of will help you stay organized and focused.

You’ll also sleep better knowing that you’ve planned for the following day. Prioritizing helps you to have clarity and take charge of your day.

“Remember that if you don’t prioritize your life someone else will.” -Greg McKeown

8. Try new things

Make it a habit to try new things on a regular basis. While you don’t need to be spontaneous and say yes to absolutely everything, getting out of your comfort zone once in a while is key to a happy life.

 Join that Kombucha-making class you saw on Facebook, head out on that hike you’ve been wanting to do, learn to knit, or visit that museum you’ve had on your list. Whatever it is, trying new things will improve your mindset and keep your daily routine from getting too monotonous.

9. Read for 10 minutes

Create a daily habit of reading. There are numerous benefits to reading including stress reduction, gaining knowledge, improved concentration, and much more.

Read books on things you want to learn or for sheer enjoyment. It’s up to you. Your local library is a great resource.

daily habits

10. Rest

Rest can be challenging in our busy ever-moving world. Set aside time for resting and relaxing. And no, this doesn’t include mindless scrolling on your phone.

Pray, meditate, or do yoga. Try sitting in silence even if for brief periods of time. We live in a noisy and distracting world. Finding quiet and rest is not something that just happens. You have to be intentional about it.

Rest is good for your mind, body, and soul. Consider how you could make rest a daily habit in your life.

Looking for more daily habits to adopt in your life?

Here are some additional posts to help you with your habits this year.

What daily habits do you want to change in the coming year? Share them in the comments section.

It’s the daily habits that you choose that will have a huge impact on your life. You can start small. Just pick one and be consistent with it.

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  1. Last month, I was considering downsizing to a smaller home in my neighborhood. The realtors set up a time to come by my home to evaluate for a market analysis. I quickly went through and tidied up, mopped the floor and vacuumed. When they walked in, they commented how well-maintained my home was, what great natural light it had, and how well the new windows blocked the traffic noise… The week following, I found I kept it tidy and began to enjoy my surroundings more. Everything began to have a place, I found a few items that had been missing (brand new binoculars were found in a cardboard box of cold weather accessories from last Spring…). When I prepared for a trip out of town, I found I could concentrate on packing, rather than putting everything away first so I could pack! I have been working on routinely putting everything where it belongs, keeping up on chores, and not buying anything new as I set a new goal to plan to pay off my house by the time I retire. Decluttering really relaxes my mind and I am looking forward to getting to all areas, including my garage when the weather gets warmer. All because professionals were going to walk through, I realized how nice my home really as I saw it through new eyes. Now it’s ready to enjoy! Thank you for the tips!

  2. I am trying to simplify everything. I am starting with a habit of NOT posting anything on social media. I started on New Year’s Eve. Having a journal is working for me to stick to this habit. Also, doing a 2k walk every morning with my children.

    1. I have written In A Diary nightly over 40 years. It is so relaxing to sit an unwind writing the days events, thoughts. An sometimes Saddness. I am 72 years old, it holds many stories my daughter will later have. An at times I have had to dig them out to find happenings of the past. I also wrote off an on in gradeschool. Love it. Was anxious to start my new 2023!!!

      1. I’m 67 and have done the same since I was 13. My mom passed away in 2000. I have all her diaries since her and my dad were married in 1940.

  3. I actually do most of these habits everyday, or almost everyday. I use a bullet journal and a regular journal, I read, I exercise, and I get a whole day of rest every week on the Sabbath, plus time in prayer and devotions everyday. 🙂 I don’t exactly plan tech breaks, but I do have days when I don’t get on the computer at all, and I barely use my phone.

    My morning and evening routines need work, though. Thanks for the reminder; I’m going to try to get those more consistent.

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