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capsule wardrobes are ideal for moms

I’m not a mom myself, but due to the nature of my day job (I’m a preschool teacher), I spend a lot of time around moms. And the complaint that I hear the most from moms?

That they feel like they lose themselves in motherhood.

Maybe you can relate to these women. I hope you don’t, because this sentiment breaks my heart, but I’d guess that you likely do.

These women I mentioned? They’re raising some really amazing kids. From an outsider’s perspective, they’re hitting motherhood out of the dang park. But they still feel that way. So, my guess is that almost every mother, if not every mother, feels this way.

Now, I’m just a preschool teacher/youth leader/simple living blogger, so I can’t wave a magic wand and fix this problem—as much as I wish that I could do that for you. However, I think that I’ve found something that will help, and that’s why I’m here today.

So that I can tell you why capsule wardrobes are ideal for moms.

I’m a huge advocate for capsule wardrobes and I’ve seen ample benefits in my life from having one. But I strongly believe that mothers would benefit the most from having one. Today, I’ve got 3 reasons as to why.

1. Capsule Wardrobes are Ideal for Moms Because They Save You Time

You’re a mom; I don’t have to explain to you how busy you are, right? How nice would it feel to be able to get ready in a short amount of time, feel put together, and then have extra time?

You could use that time for so many different things:

  • Taking a shower (I hear this is a luxury for moms)
  • Filling your own cup so you’re ready to take charge of the day
  • Taking a few minutes to slow down and just chat with your kids around the breakfast table

A capsule wardrobe enables you to get ready in a very quick amount of time (I take less than 10minutes each morning) because you’ll no longer have to try on 5 different combinations before you decide on an outfit.

See, the key to a capsule wardrobe isn’t just a small number of items—it’s creating a cohesive wardrobe. When you have cohesion, you don’t have to worry about what looks good with what, because everything looks good together!

Interested in getting started with a capsule wardrobe? Keep reading, because I have a freebie to help you out at the bottom of this post!

2. Capsule Wardrobes are Ideal for Moms Because They Keep You from Using Up All of Your Mental Powers

Raise your hand if you know exactly what it means when I say “decision fatigue” …

No idea? That’s okay. You’ve likely experienced it, but just don’t have a name for it. According to Wikipedia, the definition is:

“In decision making and psychology, decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision making”

What that means in non-psychology terms: the more decisions you make, the harder it becomes to make decisions, and the less likely you are to make good decisions or put in the effort to really think about a decision before responding.

That headache you have after your preschooler has asked their 500th question of the day?

Decision fatigue.

That tension and irritation you feel right before you skydive off the cliff of sanity because someone has asked you to do something for them every 5 minutes of the entire day, and bedtime isn’t coming fast enough? Decision fatigue.

That running joke about women not being able to decide what they want to eat? I’m fully convinced that’s from decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue feels a little something like this:

A big wall forms in your mind, and as much as you try to make a decision, you just can’t get around it.

Okay, Amanda, but what the heck does that have to do with Capsule Wardrobes?

Getting dressed requires decision making. When you have a closet full of clothes, you have a lot of choices. And even if they don’t feel like decisions in the moment, you’re using up some of that precious mental power on those small choices when you get ready.

I mean, a 40-item capsule wardrobe has over 100 outfits inside of it. Can you imagine how many your full wardrobe has?!

Instead, ditch the excess clothes, and ditch the extra choices. Make it easy on yourself, and save your brain power for those 500 questions you’ll be asked today.

3. Capsule Wardrobes are Ideal for Moms Because They Allow You to Ditch the Yoga Pants & T-Shirt (even though I’m not working out) Look (Easily!)

Hear me out. What makes you feel more confident and energized: yoga pants and a t-shirt, or putting on “real” clothes and getting ready?
It’s going to be the “real” clothes every single time.

Now, I’m not judging anybody here—I’m literally wearing yoga pants, a t-shirt, and a hoodie as I type this. I love comfy clothes. BUT, after wearing them day in and day out for a few months straight, I realized that although they’re comfy, they don’t actually make me feel all that great.

In fact, I feel a lot lazier when I have them on. Which in turn means that I am a lot lazier when I have them on.

But when you put on an outfit, you feel more energized, and your confidence gets a nice boost.

I’ve heard it over and over again from moms—getting ready makes them feel human again.

Putting on their cute, flattering outfits makes them feel like themselves again. But who has the time, right???

I’m just going to direct you back on up to number 1 now. Seriously, in the same amount of time that you take to put on yoga pants, you can pick out and put on clothes in your closet thanks to a capsule wardrobe.

Think about it. Yoga pants are so easy because all of your t-shirts match them, right? Which is why a cohesive capsule wardrobe saves just as much time! Making it a breeze to ditch the yoga pants (on most days), and boost your self-confidence.

Capsule Wardrobes Make You Feel Like You

Capsule Wardrobes are a no-brainer way to pour into yourself each and every day.

By creating a capsule wardrobe, you save yourself time and mental energy, along with giving yourself a huge self-esteem boost. You also give yourself the gift of feeling like you again—not mom you. Just you.

The biggest question I hear about capsule wardrobes is where to begin. If you’re interested in getting started creating your own today, I have a free capsule wardrobe checklist that you can download now.

Stop getting lost in motherhood, and create a capsule wardrobe that will allow you to get ready without much effort— making you feel like YOU again.

Amanda is married to Russell, the funniest guy she knows. They are South Carolina natives living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and enjoy traveling, reading, cat snuggles, and all things Disney (okay, maybe that one is just Amanda).

She’s a recovering perfectionist turned simplicity lover, and spends a lot of her free time blogging about organization, routines, and capsule wardrobes over at amandawarfield.com. Her mission is to help other overwhelmed women get organized in order to live a present, and joy-filled life.

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