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Clutter-free stocking stuffers for all ages

I love the holiday season. However, I must admit I don’t love the shopping part. In recent years, we’ve made big strides in moving to more experience-based gifts and other clutter-free gift ideas. This has carried over to how we do stockings, so today I want to share clutter-free stocking stuffers for all ages. Clutter-free…
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How to declutter photos in your home

Certain parts of the decluttering process are easier than others. I’ve been asked quite a few times how to declutter photos in your home. Today I’ll share some tips for how to declutter your physical photos Before you declutter photos If you are early in your decluttering and simplifying journey, step away from the photos…
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How practicing gratitude will improve your life

The way you start and end your days matters. Do you take the time to slow down, get present in your life, and reflect on what you’re grateful for? Here’s how practicing gratitude will improve your life. Why practicing gratitude is especially important now In my forty years, I’ve never seen so much go down…
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Why you should embrace hygge in your life right now

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please note that I only recommend products I use and love. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. This year has thrown so many curveballs. Many people are more stressed than they’ve ever been before. This is why you should embrace hygge in your life right…
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What is your decluttering personality type? (and how it can help)

About a week ago I helped my husband declutter his clothes. For those who know me, they know that is a big deal because he is not a fan of decluttering. The process got me to thinking about his decluttering personality type. Everyone has unique experiences and personalities that are reflected in how they declutter…
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