Inside: Consider these nine reasons why to declutter this summer and discover seven ways to make the process more fun.

Summer is the perfect time to finally tackle those decluttering projects you may have been putting off.

In this post, we’ll explore why summer is a great time to declutter and how to make it more fun.

With the right mindset and a bit of creativity, you can turn this clearing task into an enjoyable experience.

Here are nine reasons to declutter in the summer and seven ways to make it more fun!

why to declutter in the summer

9 Reasons Why to Declutter the Summer

As the temperatures rise and the days lengthen, summer provides the opportunity for rest, but also for productivity.

It’s the perfect time to bask in the sunshine, enjoy outdoor adventures, and, yes, tackle that decluttering project you’ve been putting off.

While the idea of decluttering might not scream “summer fun” at first glance, there are plenty of reasons why this season is ideal for clearing out the clutter and making space for a fresh start.

1. Maximize Motivation:

With longer daylight hours and a more relaxed pace, summer provides the perfect environment for tackling tasks that require time and energy.

Harness the natural boost in motivation that comes with the season to kickstart your decluttering journey.

Get motivated to declutter by imagining how you could improve the look and function of your space.

2. Use Outdoor Space:

Take advantage of the warmer weather by extending your decluttering efforts to outdoor spaces such as garages, sheds, and gardens.

If you’re like me, some of these areas are too cold to tackle in the cooler months so summer is a great time to take on decluttering the garage.

Sorting through outdoor belongings is more enjoyable when you can soak up the sunshine and breathe in the fresh air.

It’s a good idea to look at your weather forecast as you plan your decluttering. To avoid warmer temperatures, start earlier in the day.

couple opening the front door to welcome you into their home

3. Prepare for Hosting:

Summer often brings opportunities for hosting gatherings and entertaining guests.

Decluttering your home beforehand not only creates a more inviting environment for visitors but also reduces stress and allows you to fully enjoy your time with loved ones.

Use the tips in this post to help make your home a more welcoming space.

4. Transition into a New Season:

Decluttering during the summer allows you to transition seamlessly into the next season with a clean and organized space.

By clearing out unnecessary items now, you’ll be better prepared to embrace the coziness of fall and the festivities of winter without feeling weighed down by clutter.

Try these helpful tasks to complete before the summer is over.

5. Optimize Downtime:

If you have time off during the summer, why not use some of it to tackle decluttering projects?

Whether you’re taking a staycation or traveling, use part of the downtime to sort through belongings, organize closets, and declutter rooms you’ve been neglecting.

Keep in mind that one of the benefits of decluttering is that it will save you time later as it makes cleaning and staying organized much easier.

why to declutter in the summer

6. Garage Sale Opportunities:

Summer is prime garage sale season, making it the perfect time to declutter and earn some money in the process.

Gather items you no longer need or use, set up a sale with neighbors or friends, and watch your unwanted items turn into someone else’s treasure.

Use these helpful yard sale tips to optimize your next garage sale.

7. Embrace Simplicity this Summer:

Are you planning for a simple slow summer? If so, that’s great. Decluttering can help you to create a more calming and relaxing space for your family to enjoy together.

And if you have a busier summer than you’d hoped? Having a simplified space that’s less work to maintain will provide a respite from all of the events and activities in your schedule.

8. Get the Kids Involved:

Why declutter in the summer? Because the kids are home and you can get them involved in the decluttering process.

Learning how to be responsible for your things is an important life skill and the summer is a great time to teach it.

By empowering your kids to declutter the things they’ve outgrown you’re teaching them to manage their stuff.

9. Prepare for Back-to-School Season:

For families, summer is a valuable opportunity to declutter and organize before the busyness of the back-to-school season.

Streamlining belongings now can help ease the transition and lessen the stress of starting a new school year at the end of the summer.

Use these additional tips to help prepare your kids for back to school.

why to declutter in the summer

7 Ways to Make Decluttering Fun This Summer

Are you sold on the reasons to declutter this summer? Use the following tips to make the process more enjoyable!

1. Set the Mood with Music

Turn on your favorite tunes as you sort through your belongings. Create a decluttering playlist filled with upbeat songs that energize you.

Music can transform the mood and make the process feel more like a dance party than a cleanup session.

2. Time-Based Challenges

Challenge yourself to declutter for a set amount of time, like 20 or 30 minutes, and see how much you can accomplish.

Set a timer and race against the clock. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done when you’re focused and working against a deadline.

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3. Reward System

Treat yourself to rewards for reaching decluttering milestones.

After donating some of your unwanted items, choose ways to celebrate your decluttering wins.

Indulge in something that you enjoy and that feels celebratory to you. It will help motivate you to continue with the decluttering process.

4. Decluttering Games

Turn decluttering into a game by challenging yourself or your family members to find specific items within a time limit.

You can also play the “keep, donate, or toss” game, where you take turns deciding the fate of each item.

Make it fun by adding silly rules or penalties for those who hesitate too long. But be careful that things don’t get too contentious.

5. Invite Friends Over

Host a decluttering party and invite friends or family members to join in. Not only will you have extra hands to help, but you’ll also enjoy each other’s company and support.

Make it a potluck event, and take breaks to chat and relax together.

room organization ideas

6. Create a Vision Board

Visualize the space you want to create by making a decluttering vision board. Cut out images from magazines or print them from the internet that represent your ideal living space.

Display your vision board in the room you’re decluttering to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

7. Embrace Creativity

Do you consider yourself a frugal declutterer? Get creative with how you organize and repurpose items.

Turn decluttering into a DIY project by upcycling old furniture or repurposing containers for storage.

Let your imagination run wild as you find new uses for old belongings.

why to declutter in the summer

Final Thoughts on Why to Declutter in the Summer

Decluttering might not be everyone’s idea of summer fun, but the benefits make it worth the effort. And by implementing ways to make it more enjoyable, you may find it’s not such a dreaded task after all.

So grab your favorite music, gather some friends, and get some decluttering accomplished! And enjoy your clutter-free space for the rest of the summer.

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  1. I’ve pulled out a bin of nice clothes (one with the tags still on) to pass along to my daughter-in-law to sort through. She took most of them and I’ve already seen both her and granddaughter wearing the new to them clothes.
    Now, I’m refurbishing a handmade doll house, and it is being donated for a raffle. Win a fully furnished two-bedroom doll house for a buck. Proceeds go to a bonus fund for our employees. I’m happy it’s coming out of the closet and soon off to a new home.

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