Inside: Use these room organization ideas to help your home function more efficiently.

Could your space benefit from a little more organization?

A messy space can take a real toll on our well-being, while a well-organized room can bring numerous benefits.

Not only does an organized space look better from an aesthetic perspective, but living in an organized home can contribute to lower stress, increased productivity, enhanced focus, and more. 

Whether you’re dealing with a cluttered bedroom, an overstuffed bathroom, a chaotic kitchen, or a messy living room, implementing smart room organization ideas can make a big difference.

Not sure what you can do to make an impact in your space?

Here are just a handful of brilliant room organization ideas that can help you transform various rooms in your home into peaceful, orderly, organized spaces.

room organization ideas

Preparing to Organize Your Home

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to organizing your home.

Often when people think the problem is a lack of organization, the issue is really having too much stuff to manage. This is why I always recommend focusing on decluttering first.

You don’t want to spend time organizing things you don’t truly need or love anyway. Also, organizing will be much simpler when you have less stuff you’re working with.

Also, a word of warning: don’t go overboard buying storage containers. While a few select storage solutions can be very useful it’s important to consider how your home functions.

The best organizational system for your home is one that is sustainable and works for you and your space.

You want your items to be easy to find and access and easy to put away. Anything that’s overly complicated isn’t something you’re going to want to keep up with.

Two of the biggest tips for creating an organized home are to have a place for everything and make it simple to put things away.


Room Organization Ideas: The Bedroom

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Many of us consider our bedroom our own personal oasis – our peaceful place to retreat at the end of a long day to relax and unwind. But when it’s filled with visible clutter, finding that sense of relaxation and tranquility isn’t always easy. 

Try these smart tips to keep your bedroom organized:

1. Take advantage of the space beneath your bed for storage.

For most of us, our beds take up a significant amount of space in our bedrooms. So why not leverage some of that space to stay organized?

If you’re in the market for a new bed, consider buying one with built-in drawers at the bottom to hold clothes, spare bedding, and anything else you want to keep out of sight.

But you don’t have to invest in a new bed to make a difference. Instead, you can get a few long, flat storage containers (like these) to hide beneath your bed to maximize your use of that space and keep your stuff tucked away. 

room organization ideas

2. Use drawer dividers to keep your dresser chaos-free.

Dressers are a great way to store clothes, but keeping all of the stuff inside organized can be a challenge.

Drawer organizers can be a great way to keep those dresser drawers orderly.

By splitting big drawers into multiple compartments, you can easily keep certain items separated and make it easier to find the things you’re looking for without unfolding everything. 

From simple dividers to partitioned containers, there are all kinds of solutions out there. With a little research, you can easily figure out what drawer organizers will work best for you. 

My personal favorites are the adjustable style dividers as they tend to be the most flexible and can be used in a variety of ways should your needs change later.


Room Organization Ideas: The Bathroom

Want to make getting ready each morning a bit easier? Organizing your bathroom products will make finding the items you need easier so that you can get ready more quickly.

After you’ve decluttered so that you’re working with your bathroom essentials consider which organizing solutions will work best in your space.

3. Use drawer organizers to keep things where they belong.

After you’ve gone through and decluttered any expired items as well as makeup and products you’re no longer using, you’re ready to get your drawers organized.

Items will easily shift around every time a drawer is open and shut if they don’t have bins or compartments to keep them in place.

Containers in various sizes can be a great option for assigning each type of item to a certain area. Make sure to measure your drawers first and get a sense of which kinds of things you’ll be storing.

The grip on the bottom of them will help prevent shifting when the drawer opens and closes.

room organization ideas

4. Consider stackable bins and pull-out racks for the cabinets under the sink.

Organizing the cabinet under the sink can pose an interesting challenge. The plumbing often limits the usable space, but by using specific types of organizers you can maximize the space you do have available.

Measure your cabinet first and then see what combination of storage options might work best for you. Stackable bins can be a good option to consider.

This area is also a great candidate for slide-out storage to make accessing items easier. Think about what you plan to store where as you determine which storage solutions will work best for you.

room organization ideas

Room Organization Ideas: The Kitchen

Even if you love to cook, there’s one thing that’s sure to make the experience a whole lot less fun – a messy, unorganized kitchen. After you’ve decluttered the excess and gotten down to the kitchen essentials, then it’s time to figure out how you want to organize it.

By finding smart ways to maximize your storage space while keeping things easy to find, you’ll make the meal-making process much more manageable.  

5. Use the right organizers to maximize cabinet space.

Most of our kitchens are equipped with numerous cabinets for storage. But maximizing those cabinets for storage is often easier said than done.

Without the right organizers, it doesn’t take much for those cabinets to turn into deep, dark, disorganized spaces.

It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re trying to make a meal and struggling to find the things you need.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of things you can do to keep those cabinets organized.

  • Pull-out shelves can make it easy to access stuff lurking in the back.
  • Got lots of sauces and spices jumbled up in a cabinet? Add a Lazy Suzan so you can find what you need with a quick spin. 
  • Tiered racks can double or triple the amount of usable space in a cabinet when storing dishware, pots, or pans. 

Bamboo drawer organizers help keep silverware and utensils organized in their respective drawers.

By finding ways to maximize cabinet space and making it effortless to find what you need, you’ll optimize your kitchen organization and make your life a whole lot easier.

room organization ideas

6. Take advantage of wall space – including your ceiling. 

Don’t have enough cabinets to keep your kitchen gear organized and tucked away? You can also leverage wall space, and even ceiling space, to stow pots, pans, and utensils. 

Wall-mounted racks or pegboards can be a clever solution to hang cookware and utensils if you don’t have enough room in cabinets and drawers.

A hanging pot rack over your kitchen island is a functional way to store your most-used pots and pans.

And a magnetic strip over your oven can be a great way to keep knives at arm’s reach without taking up counter space with a bulky knife block. 

living room

Room Organization Ideas: The Living Room

The living room is the main communal space in many of our homes. With so much foot traffic and use, it can be hard to keep things neat and tidy – but it isn’t impossible.

Use these room organization ideas to transform your space and make it easier to keep things under control. 

7. Consider shelves and cabinets for storage.

Do you have some spare wall space in your living room? Consider taking advantage of that and turning it into storage by adding some shelves. 

While shelves can look disorganized and contribute to chaos in a room, they don’t have to. By being intentional about your shelving choices, keeping them tidy, and not overloading them with stuff, you can incorporate shelving into your space that enhances instead of detracts. 

There are hundreds of shelving options out there, from out-of-the-box options to custom creations. With a little work, you can find something that works with your budget and compliments your space’s aesthetics.

Using baskets and bins on your shelves can be an easy way to stow items out of sight and add an element of texture. 

And if you don’t want to take up some floor space? Floating shelves can be a great solution for displaying photos, housing plants, and storing books – and adding a touch of elegance to any room. 

If you just don’t like the look of open shelving, consider an armoire or cabinet to reduce visual clutter while keeping your things organized. You can often find them secondhand to save quite a bit of money.

room organization ideas

8. Opt for multi-purpose furniture.

Hoping to achieve a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic without lots of shelves and obvious storage solutions? One of the best things you can do is invest in furniture that doubles as organization.

A television stand with built-in drawers, an ottoman with a removable lid to stow away odds and ends, or a coffee table with various compartments can help you keep clutter at bay without overwhelming your space.

Not only that, but these sneaky storage solutions can keep your stuff conveniently accessible in the living room where it’s needed instead of scattered around your home. 

Final Thoughts on Room Organization Ideas

I want to end this post the same way I began with a reminder that decluttering more is the key to good organization.

In the brilliant words of Courtney Carver, ‘Organized clutter is still clutter.’

Make sure that the items you’re spending the time to organize are ones that you truly love and use. Here’s to making your home a space that functions well for you!

Which of these room organization ideas would make the biggest impact in your home? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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  1. A few years ago I moved all my spices out of the pantry closet and into 2 drawers in my island. Game changer! I used to spend so much time looking for spices on the lazy Susan. Now I open the drawer to alphabetized, labeled and tidy cooking helpers. I also wasted money buying duplicates because I couldn’t see what I had. Now cooking is even more fun.

  2. You are giving advice on kitchens with plenty of room. I can’t use the top two shelves in my cabinets as I’m short and too old to be using a stool. I have organized the best I can but still looks messy.

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