Inside: Use these journaling prompts for self-love to bring encouragement and perspective to your day.

Ready to cultivate a little self-love – but aren’t sure how to make it happen?

Looking for a way to feel a little more positivity each day?

Try picking up a pen and paper – and journaling for self-love!

If you aren’t in the practice of journaling, you might be surprised to learn that spending a few minutes each day writing down your thoughts can make a huge impact on the way you feel.

And by choosing to use journaling prompts for self-love, you can lift your spirit, boost your mood, and leave you feeling encouraged and ready to take on the day.

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What are the benefits of journaling for self-love?

Writing down your thoughts isn’t just something fun to do in your spare time. Instead, taking a few minutes out of each day to journal can bring some legitimate benefits to your health and well-being

Journaling for self-love can help you cultivate a spirit of gratitude. By spending time each day reflecting on your blessings, and the things going well in your life, you can boost your mood and your mindset. 

It can also help improve your relationships. When you reflect on the positive things in your life, chances are high that some involve the people you surround yourself with.

Developing more self-awareness and positivity can bring numerous benefits to your life. Check out these self-love quotes for inspiration as you start your day.

Another benefit of journaling for self-love is that it can boost your confidence.

If you’re feeling low or struggle with certain elements of your personality, appearance, or life overall, self-love journaling prompts can be a great way to flip the script and focus on what you DO love instead.

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Ten Journaling for Self-Love Prompts to Inspire You

Ready to start journaling for self-love but aren’t sure where to begin? Don’t worry – I’m here to help!

Using journaling prompts centered on the idea of self-love can be a great way to explore the concept with a little guidance. And this list of self-love journaling prompts will inspire you to reflect inward and dig deep.

Grab your favorite journal, settle down in a comfortable place, and get started by tackling one of these self-love journaling prompts today:

1. What makes me special?

When we’re going through the motions of everyday life, it can be easy to slip into the habit of thinking that there’s nothing special about you.

Using this self-love journaling prompt will force you to stop and reflect on the positive.

By putting pen to paper and reflecting on the things that make you unique, you can recognize your strengths, acknowledge your talents, and give yourself a little boost in the process. 

2. How have I grown in the last 5, 10, 20 years?

Many of us have overcome incredible challenges. We’ve set goals and achieved them. We’ve taken leaps of faith.

Whether you’ve been focused on growing your career, nourishing your family, exploring the world, or simply trying to figure out how to calmly navigate your world, you’ve accomplished a LOT more than you might realize.

By reflecting on how you’ve grown over a period of time, you give yourself the opportunity to reflect, reminisce, and appreciate the changes you’ve made.

You’ll likely find you’re more than you thought – more ambitious, more resilient, and more resourceful. Looking back can also be helpful for thinking and planning for the future too.

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3. What are my favorite things about my personality?

It’s easy to call out the things you don’t like about yourself – the things you perceive as glaring flaws. 

But identifying the things you truly like about yourself?

That can be a little bit harder.

Challenge yourself to think about – and write down – the things you like the most about your personality.

Maybe it’s your sense of humor, or your generosity, or your sense of optimism. Maybe it’s your level-headed approach to problem-solving or your love of reading.

Or maybe it’s something else. Whatever it is, capture it in your journal – and take it a level deeper by asking why you like those specific things about yourself. 

4. What are my favorite things about my physical appearance?

Let’s be honest – it’s important to love ALL of yourself, including your outward appearance. 

Unfortunately, many of us struggle to love the way we look. We’re great at pointing out the things we’d like to change and identifying areas where we can improve, but we’re pretty bad at appreciating the things we DO like.

That’s why writing about the things you love most about your appearance can be so powerful. You are unique, and beautiful inside AND out, and you deserve to acknowledge and celebrate that. 

Challenge yourself to find at least five things you love about the way you look. Write them down. And when you’re feeling rough, revisit that page and reflect on them. 

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5. What brought me joy when I was young?

Think back to when you were a kid. When you were free from responsibilities and obligations, free from the judgment of others.

What did you LOVE to do? What were your favorite activities and games

Chances are, you still love some of those things – you just haven’t allowed yourself to enjoy them in years.

Maybe you were a creative kid who loved to paint, draw, or color. Or perhaps you liked exploring outdoors, climbing trees, and building forts. Maybe you loved making music or playing make-believe. 

Whatever it is, try to embrace it. Acknowledge it. Love it. And see if you can find a way to bring that joy back into your adult life.

It might not look the same, but chances are, it’ll bring you the same uplifting happiness you felt as a child. 

6. What is something I am proud of?

For the humble considering things that you’re proud of may not come naturally.

But it’s important to acknowledge your accomplishments. This doesn’t have to be in the form of awards you’ve won or promotions you’ve been given (although it definitely could).

You could also reflect on how you handled difficult people or situations. Some achievements feel less grand, but they are no less important.

There are plenty of things you can find to be proud of if you take the time to think about them.

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7. What’s something I want to do but have been too afraid to try?

One of the great things about self-love journaling is that it gives you insights into various thoughts and feelings that you experience.

It’s important to be able to identify your fears as they do influence your decision-making. Consider where self-limiting beliefs may be holding you back from pursuing your passions.

If you want to get unstuck in your life being aware of when you are getting in your own way is a very helpful first step to take.

8. How would my friends or family members describe me?

Sometimes you need to step outside of yourself to identify some of your strengths. Consider how friends and family members would describe you even if you think they might be wrong.

Taking another’s viewpoint can help you to see things you may not otherwise. If you aren’t sure what family or friends would say, be brave and ask them.

This self-love journaling prompt can be a very encouraging practice that helps you to gain self-acceptance.

9. What activities are life-giving to me? How can I make more time for them?

What activities bring you joy? If you aren’t sure, check out these simple things to enjoy to help you get started thinking about it.

Once you identify those life-giving activities, how can you make more time for them? Start by decluttering your schedule.

Simplifying your commitments will give you more time back for the things that are important to you.

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10. What do I need to say “no” to?

A big part of self-love involves taking care of yourself and keeping your best interests front and center – even if it’s hard. 

One area where most of us can stand to improve is in our ability to walk away from situations that don’t serve us well.

If there are certain people in your life who leave you exhausted, or things you find yourself doing that don’t bring you any real benefit, it’s important to step back and ask yourself why.

And if the reason isn’t compelling, it’s time to make a change. 

Setting boundaries is a skill – and it’s one that we can all benefit from practicing a little more often.

You can say “no” to adding additional things to your schedule that drain you or favors you don’t have time to complete.

You can say “no” to negative or unhealthy habits, or staying late at work, or answering that phone call from somebody toxic in your life. 

Saying “no” isn’t easy, but it’s one of the best acts of self-love you can do for yourself. 

Which of the self-love journaling prompts is YOUR favorite? Leave a comment and let me know!

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