Inside: Want to learn how to make your home your sanctuary so that you can relax at the end of the day? Read on for 5 tips on how to make that happen.

At the end of a long and stressful day, there’s nothing better than walking through your front door and finally being able to relax…


For some, that feeling of relaxation just doesn’t happen. If your home is messy, cluttered, or unattractive, it might not be the sanctuary you need. In some cases, it might even be detrimental to your mental wellbeing, bringing on feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

And frankly, it shouldn’t be that way.

Your home should be your sanctuary. It should be a place where you can truly relax and be at ease, a calm and clutter-free space. You should look forward to spending time in your sanctuary – and, if you like to host, inviting others to experience it, too. 

By making some intentional changes to your home, you’ll really be able to feel like your home is your sanctuary. Whether you need to totally overhaul your space to achieve your goals or you only have a few small changes to make, keep reading to see just how easy it can be to make your home your sanctuary.

how to make your home your sanctuary

Why Should You Make Your Home Your Sanctuary?

While the idea of making your home into your own personal sanctuary might sound fun, it’s a lot more meaningful than that. There are real benefits you can get from making your home into a truly relaxing and comfortable space – ones you won’t see if the state of your home stresses you out.

You spend a LOT of time at home.

Let’s face it. Unless you’re working a high-travel job or have been able to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle, you’re probably spending quite a bit of time at home.

You might even work from a home office – which means you’re spending virtually all of your time at home.

Since you’re spending so much of your time at home, why wouldn’t you want to make your space as inviting as possible? Don’t you want to walk into a home that brings you peace and makes you smile?

By transforming your home into a sanctuary, you can make it happen.

You always feel stressed out.

Do you have a high-stress job… or feel like your life is high-stress in general?

Do you find it hard to chill out or relax – even when you’re at home?

You might want to look around and evaluate your environment.

Stress can take an incredibly negative toll on your health – without you even realizing it. Transforming your home into a relaxing, tranquil sanctuary can be a great way to bring yourself a little bit of peace and make that stress much easier to manage.

You should be able to read a book on your couch, cook a delicious meal, or navigate your evening routine free of frustration – and surrounded by things that make you happy. 

If you have young children, then your version of a sanctuary may have some differences than for those who are empty nesters. Will there still be some stressors in your home? Very likely yes, but by controlling what you can, you can create a space where you feel more comfortable.

5 Tips on How to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

Are you ready to feel like your home is your sanctuary? 

It might be easier than you think to transform your home from its current state to a space that brings you peace and relaxation. 

1. Clean up often!

A messy, dirty space can cause stress and quickly become overwhelming. Don’t let your mess get out of hand.

Instead, stay on top of regular chores. Put away those dirty dishes. Keep shoes and jackets neatly organized, not strewn around the room. Don’t let your laundry get out of control – if you can help it.

You don’t have to spend all of your spare time straightening up. You can simplify cleaning and save time. Get into the habit of quickly tidying your space for ten minutes each day, you might just be amazed to see how much of a difference it can make.

2. Be intentional with your lighting.

The way you illuminate your space can have a huge impact on how it feels. A bright, harsh fluorescent light hanging from the ceiling can make you feel like you’re shopping in a big box warehouse, or worse – sitting in an interrogation room.

On the other hand, natural light can help a space feel bright and airy. Artificial lighting is certainly not all bad, but by sticking with warmer hues and having the ability to brighten or dim your space to suit your mood helps.

Consider turning on or off a few lamps, or using a dimmer. Candles (regular or battery operated) and fairy lights can also be helpful. The proper lighting can really make it feel like your home is your sanctuary.

how to make your home your sanctuary

3. Make comfort a priority.

Throw pillows, soft rugs, and snuggly blankets can go a long way in making your home feel like a relaxing sanctuary. 

And if you really want to make your home feel as relaxing as your favorite day spa?

Fluffy towels, a plush bathrobe, and some cozy slippers can go a long way to make your space feel like a sanctuary.

High quality linens and comfortable furniture makes your home feel cozy and inviting, and you’ll find yourself much more at ease. 

4. Keep clutter under control.

Having too much clutter is an easy way to make your home feel like anything but a sanctuary. 

Clutter can cause stress. It can contribute to anxiety. And it can make you feel overwhelmed, even if you can’t exactly figure out why. It takes a toll, both consciously and subconsciously. 

Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. By using the best decluttering method for you and your home you can say goodbye to the stuff you don’t need.

You’ll be amazed to see just how much of a difference it can make – and how much more your home might feel like a sanctuary without all that extra stuff.

how to make your home your sanctuary

5. Selectively add special touches that you love. 

One of the struggles of turning your home into a sanctuary? It can take some time and money. Quality furniture pieces and high-quality linens can be a bit of an investment.

Be thoughtful in the special touches that you add to your home. Make sure that you love the items that you bring into your space. It is possible to balance creating a cozy space while also living simply.

If you’re on a tight budget, get creative. You can find quality used furniture or art pieces second hand at thrift shops or on Facebook marketplace. A gallon of paint can also go a long way to creating a cozy and calm feeling in a room in your home.

At the end of the day, you want your home sanctuary to be a space you enjoy spending time in. By adding some special touches to really make it personal, it’ll be much easier to feel like your home is truly yours. 

What have you done to make your home your sanctuary? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Plants either real or fake , I have both , low wattage bulbs in my lamps . I have neutral colours in my sitting room for a cosy feel and can change it up with some colours. Fragrance is a big thing for me wax melts or candles .

    1. I have told myself that my home is my sanctuary. I love going in the sanctuary at church. Thank you, I made notes.

  2. Love this post Julianna! I do a lot of those things. I love having natural light as much as possible during the day and then salt lamps twinkle lights and a soft warm light at night. I can’t sit on my couch without a throw blanket and I love having diffuser for some good smells. One think I indulge in is a different bed set for winter and summer which not only matches the temperature but also changes it up once in awhile. I also love my google home mini cause I can ask it to play nice music to help me chill 🙂

  3. Like Jessalynn, good music is a big thing for my husband and I. We love good, restful instrumental and classical music, especially in the evening. We do listen to more energizing music earlier in the day sometimes.

    We were just talking about getting more candles recently, and reading this reminded me of that. We do have some candle-operated ones, so I think I’m going to spread them around the house. 🙂

    1. I agree. Background music is so much fun. I have my alexa play Latin music on Taco Tuesday and Dean Martin dinner music when we’re cooking Italian. For those times we just need to chill classical instrumental is the best!

  4. Good suggestions especially the lighting tips. I have 4 family members including 2 teen adult daughters that refuse to pick up after themselves, I mean even cooking food And leaving it out, overnight even. I struggle with chronic fatigue so any tips that I can get with his challenges would be helpful. Oh, and I did do a chore chart even at their age, I’m introducing it tonight. Here goes.

    1. I have adult sons still living at home – sometimes a chore chart is still necessary for them! 😱 I will definitely be leaving one when I go away in a couple of weeks, otherwise I will come back to a bomb site!

    2. Make your bedroom your sanctuary.
      Do Not pick up anything after them.
      Let them live in their mess. Give them a time frame to have the house cleaned, if they don’t do it, tough love, they are out.
      No wonder you are exhausted.
      Living at home at their age is a privilege they need to earn. It’s part of cooperating & being part of the family. You are not their maid.

    3. Having adult and teen children living at home should be responsible enough to pick up after themselves. I can see how you are so tired! I’m thinking tough love is in order with consequences attached! My 5 year old Granddaughter picks up after self .

  5. I have recently retired. I have framed my awards and plaques and displayed them at a place I sit and relax. It makes me very happy about the hard work I put in, sincerely. And hoards of certificates, I filed and made into a pretty coffee table book

  6. I have added some solid coloured bedspreads, a floral metal wall hanging, painted my rooms in bright colours, some showpiece, white curtains. And I clean everyday and declutter every month. Also I own what I love and not much stuffs.

  7. Since the passing of my husband of 38+ years 3 years ago I had to declutter, clean, paint, and did some renovations by giving away things and throwing away certain unnecessary items it was a great feeling!! Not to mention the healing process! I still miss him like crazy but I don’t feel as stressed my home is now cozy and warm and so inviting to myself (if that makes sense) thank you for sharing this link and I hope my words will inspire someone in need 💞

    1. Rose Ann,
      Thank you for the encouraging ideas. I’m in a similar situation. Lost my husband unexpectedly July 2021, after 39 years together. So overwhelming at times, but your ideas have me thinking about what I’d like to due to make my home a sanctuary as I go forward.
      Blessings to you.

  8. Living alone in my little house allows me to tidy up and de-clutter whenever necessary. I love candles and use lamps for softer lighting. l use throw pillows and matching throws draped on my chairs/sofa. My decor tends to be simplistic and I switch it up a few times throughout the year, based on season and mood.

  9. Your suggestions are great, with all you said for creating aa home as a sanctuary , I would add light background music 🎶 for me . Thank you ~ enjoyed reading your article….

  10. I am from India and in general there is a bit d dust that gets settled during the day. These tips especially the one on planning one place to clean a day is excellent. I am going to use that. But in general I have lots of nice smelling candles and good lighting in the house that makes me feel good.

  11. Fairy and tea lights, lamps, big leafy plants, Persian rugs, colourful throws and cushions, ornaments and artwork, books, beanbags, my partner’s handmade hardwood tables – and the most loved possession I have, my American Staffordshire terrier, Basil 💚💜

  12. I love my apartment/sanctuary! I have called it Breathing space… I have throw blankets on each chair, all with special memories attached to them, a small water fountain, 2 electric fireplaces, books I love to read, photos of loved ones, and a beautiful view! I love coming home or just staying in!

  13. I wind up mechanical metronome to a heart rate or a beat slower than that, 56- 60 beats per minute. All media and other noise what possible to switch off is switched off – such a peace in the world then, especially when sunshine overly comes in from windows. So good to read, to write or to do whatever home activities,,,,

  14. Just some to add:
    1. Make the indoors more seamless with the outdoors–patio, deck, porch, and yard. Decorate outdoor areas like indoor rooms with rugs, pillows, comfy seating, etc. Our canvas for our sanctuary is now more spacious and airy. Open doors and windows once in a while and let the air flow
    2. Use natural elements and play with combo of texture in decor. Use wood, mixed metals, different types of fabrics, plants/flowers, water fountains, fireplace/candles, sand (like in hourglasses and zen gardens), etc.
    3. Surround ourselves with select (don’t overdo to avoid clutter) reminders of people and things we love–curated items from travel adventures, family heirlooms, favorite books, photo gallery, etc.
    4. Use multi-functional and space saving furniture to maximize space and storage. Poufs that can be used as ottomans, extra seating, and side table. Benches with built-in storage. And more.
    5. Multi-sensory experience (what we see, smell, hear, touch/feel). Love all the suggestions mentioned already. Diffuser, candles, music, water fountain, wind chimes, etc. And I just love the smell of a clean house.
    6. Meditation/Prayer area. Doesn’t have to be a big space, just somewhere away from distractions. Can have a comfortable place to sit/lie down or pillow, chimes, singing bowls, meditation music and affirmations/prayers, zen decor.
    7. Space that allows us to move our bodies. Just as sanctuaries are great for our hearts and minds, they also take care of our bodies. We typically think about giving our bodies rest and relaxing and that’s great. But equally important is allowing our bodies to move and energizing ourselves. For some this might be a small area or home gym to do yoga and do various exercises or even a play area.

  15. We downsized 3 yrs ago. I had to declutter & get rid of lots to move into our smaller place. I love it!
    I’m still getting rid of things & being very selective of anything new that comes in.
    I only want what makes me happy around me. I’m also using my special dishes everyday.
    Next I’ll focus on art pieces.

  16. I need a fun and cheerful home instead of a calm one. So I have a Disney kitchen, a big ferris wheel tapestry on the wall by my bed, and quirky decor like a toy VW Bug with flowers all over it next to a rainbow colored daisy in a striped vase. Currently working on a 50s diner themed space for my project area and a corner nook dedicated to the Harry Potter franchise. My favorite item is a jewel-toned tree-of-life tapestry with a cosmic, hippie vibe. Even though the design elements are a bit random, it’s just a simple studio apartment – and I love it!

  17. I’ve named my house ‘The Sanctuary’ based on William Wordsworths poem ‘To a Butterfly.” Theres minimum furniture, everything white, wilderness in the garden, flowers everywhere and poetry on stones and rocks.

  18. Just a few of the things that are important for my sanctuary: Lots of natural light, few and meaningful pieces of art on the wall, simply furnished so I don’t have to move a lot of smaller items to sweep, and a small table lamp on the kitchen counter (makes it feel so homey).

  19. When I have kept things simple but classy I feel home. I love a tablecloth, flowers, candles and an uncluttered table. We’re still dealing with insurance after Hurricane Ida so taming the paper tiger is a daily challenge. We moved back to our fabulous rebuilt home about 3 months ago. We thought we were pretty good at keeping clutter at bay until we had to take every single thing out. It was amazing how much STUFF we had! Granted most was tucked away in the garage and attic.

    We are much more selective with our possesions now. Still haven’t found a new sofa cuz we’re so picky.

    Like others have said, we designed the rebuild with lighting being top priority.

    A fireplace in the winter to cozy up to with a good book.

    But our favorite part of the house is a toss up between our back porch or sitting near the extra large windows in our living room that make you feel like you’re outside while you’re inside. Lol

    I can see my garden and we have a blast bird watching.

    Music is a big deal too. I usually have folk music playing quietly or I play my piano for stress relief and fun.

    Food prepping in my new kitchen.

    Holidays too. When we were displaced we were in a rental with boxes from ceiling to floor. No room for a Christmas tree. That made me soooo sad. I go crazy at Christmas. Tastefully crazy. Lol

    I could go on and on about our “home”. We are so incredibly happy to be home and are still working on finishing getting our contents replaced. It’s a process even when you think you don’t have “that much”!

    So happy to be home!

  20. I’m in the process of redoing our home into a sanctuary. I have a very sick teen who can’t leave the house, so we’re working on each room to give it a sanctuary feel.

    bedrooms have soft comfy blankets, extra pillows & throws, reading/crocheting corners, a shelf for special items (pictures, crystals, gifts from relatives who have passed on, etc)

    Our bathroom is tiny but we’re trying to make it feel more spa like. A tub desk with room for a drink, a book, a snack a candle or whatever.

    candles are a favourite for us.

    a small yoga area has helped too.

    our living room has comfy throws and pillows on the couch and floor for humans & pets alike.

    it spills into our backyard which has a table & chairs, comfortable cushions, bug lamps, a mini table too smores bar with table top fire pit.

    most importantly I’ve found the following things helpful: adding some colour. neutral is dull for us. so we had pops of our favourite colours in our rooms with pillows and throws. lots of calming blues & touches of pink & purple (my daughter’s happy colours)

    art work on the wall. some created by family, others bought with specific intentions. also crystal sun pieces ✨️

    most importantly for me personally, is the decluttered, organized kitchen that’s accessible to use & everything has a place and is in it. only certain items are counter approved (fruit bowl, a lazy Susan of oils, vinegars & spices used daily) & my coffee maker!

    we mave multiple pets who’s toys do end up on the floor but they’re picked up daily & sometimes they’ll help (usually not).

    what a great article! it’s given me many more ideas on how to switch things up in our home!

    oh and lighting is essential because I’m blind & light sensitivity is a huge part of it.

    we also have a sensory wall in our home to help me with my vision & to help out daughter destress. it’s been carefully designed for looks (those that can see it) as well as touch, scent and adaptability. it’s got faux plants, fairy lights, glitter, words, photos hung, things that reflect around the room when the sun shines, etc. it’s a peaceful place!

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