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Inside: What are you creating space for when you declutter your home and life? Let’s dive into why we want to clear the clutter and the reasons for creating space.

Let’s face it, a home filled with unwanted clutter just doesn’t feel good.

Everywhere you look, there’s another unfinished chore or project. 

Half loads of laundry get forgotten in hampers (because your clothing drawers are full.)  Trying new recipes is tough (because you can’t find the right ingredients in your overstuffed pantry.)

You keep swearing you’ll tidy up and get everything in order, but the cluttered mess remains.

Your living space should support you, but clutter holds you back. It’s like you’re on a hamster wheel and can never get ahead.

creating space

Deep down you know you’re ready for a simplified living space

One that’s easy to clean, requires less attention and everything you own is right where you need it when you need it.  A home that allows you to take your time and energy back.

Yet even after reading blog posts, pinning articles on Pinterest and following all of the best organizing accounts on Instagram – the clutter remains.  And you can’t help but think negative thoughts about your space.

If this sounds like you, it’s normal to feel frustrated. 

Today I’m sharing a simple practice that could turn your home around for good.  It isn’t as flashy or click-worthy as glamorous pantry makeovers or decluttering hacks, but it works.

Here’s the truth. 

There are hundreds of decluttering methods available, and I guarantee one will work for you.  But without the blueprint of knowing where you’re headed, you may work in circles forever.

Instead, I invite you to…

Look Ahead and Ask Yourself “Why?”

Rather than curse the current state of your home, try looking towards the future space you want.

Once you get crystal clear on where you’re going and why, you will set off a chain reaction of motivation, action and results.

When I work 1:1 with clients, we always begin with them describing in detail what they would like from their home (and how it will affect their life) in the future. 

This gives us a blueprint to work from and return to, to make sure we’re on the right path.

They successfully clear their homes of excess stuff because they stay laser focused on the path forward.

Their everyday actions are aligned with their values, as they take steady, sustainable action to create lasting results.

And guess what? You can too!

It’s time to release any of the negative feelings you have of your home.  Instead, use the prompts in this article to envision the brighter, lighter future you want.

creating space

My Experience with Creating Space

Curious why I’m so passionate about positive visualization when it comes to decluttering?

Because I did exactly this over ten years ago in my own life – and the results were remarkable.

I had the typical cluttered space.  Every cupboard, drawer, and box was stuffed full.

The surfaces in my home were filled with papers, unread books, and gifts I kept out of guilt.  I always left my home in a frenzy because I never knew where my keys were.

Not only was the physical space around me cluttered, but the hopes I had for my life weren’t being fulfilled.

I dreamed of traveling the world, yet never seemed to have the time or money to do so. 

My life felt like I was treading water, never able to get ahead.

Now I see that my home didn’t support myself or my ambitions.

Luckily, I stumbled upon intentional living and minimalism and was immediately hooked.  

And that’s when everything changed.

Once I had a solid reason behind why I was removing items from my life, every action I took felt aligned and easy.

I cleared out closets, donated DVDs and paid off $9k of debt.

I started a travel fund and got my first passport.  Each decision was aligned with my why – travel.

Within two years I took my first sabbatical, exploring Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for two months. 

Even now, my home is simple and easy to manage.  This allows me to focus on what I love most, travel.

Simple Ways to Discover Your Motivation

If this sounds appealing to you, it’s time to get clear on what you’re making space for.

Grab a journal or piece of paper and answer the following questions:

Think of your happiest memories.

Who were you with? What were you doing? Describe them in detail, including how you felt and why.

creating space

What matters to you when it comes to your home?

Some examples of what may be important to you in your home are:

  • Beauty – curating art or photos
  • Function – getting your kids out the door without stress or fights
  • Peace – relaxing on weekends rather than cleaning and organizing

If you think ahead a year from now, where do you wish to be?

Reverse engineer this answer by writing a letter to yourself dated a year from now.  Write out in detail all that you’ve done and how good you feel. 

Don’t hold yourself back. This form of journaling is called scripting and it is incredibly powerful.  Because anything you can imagine, you can create.

Once you’ve answered the questions above choose 2-3 words that will guide your clearing and decluttering.  Examples I love are playful, haven, peaceful and inspired adventure.

What are you three words?

Steps You Can Take Today to Start Creating Space

Reading a blog is a good start, but results only come from action.

Complete the journal prompts above and discover why you really want an uncluttered home. How will creating space impact your home and your life?

If you follow the suggestions in this article you will have a clear answer to what you’re creating space for.  Keep this motivation close as you declutter your home.

Lose yourself in the infinite possibilities that exist within your imagination. The more freely you look forward to a beautiful life you wish for, the easier it is to take the tangible steps to make it happen.

Take small steps forward, no matter how insignificant you think they are.

I began by clearing out under the sink in my bathroom, it can really be that simple.

Every small action you take builds upon the last, and will bring you closer to the dreams you have for yourself and your home!

Jen is an intentional organizer who specializes in decluttering (and its magical benefits!)  She helps women create peace in their lives by clearing their mind, home & spirit. Jen shares her fresh, approachable take on simple living, organizing and intentional living. You can find her work at Clear Your Life and on Instagram.

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  1. Peaceful, spiritual haven.

    Those are my three words. 🙂

    I think the step I’ll take today might be some “trash bag therapy” this evening. 🙂

  2. I like Amanda’s three words for sure, since I am trying to create a sanctuary for whomever might come visit (including me) our remote, wooded area. I am also trying to declutter my gardens! My other three would be beauty, joy and breathing.

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