Last year I had a big goal. Due to the time and focus required to meet that goal, I quickly realized I could not just add this goal on top of everything I was already doing. Sometimes you need to create space for your goals.

Changes had to be made. Priorities shifted. I gave up Netflix (and a few other things) to start this blog. You’re welcome 😉

In order to change your life, you first have to make space in your life. Your life is currently being impacted by at least one type of clutter. If you have goals that are important to you, you’ll need to prioritize them.

Decluttering your life should be part of your goals because it allows you to create space for your goals so you can work on achieving them.

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How to Create Space for Your Goals

Look at the following areas of your life and find ways to create space for your goals as you declutter the unnecessary and excess in your life.


So often we think about all of the things we want to add to our lives and schedules. It isn’t common to approach goal setting from a ‘what do I need less of?’ perspective.

But the reality is we can’t get any more time than we have (unless you know something I don’t). 

How do you go about getting more time in your life so you can work on achieving your goals? Well, first look at how you’re spending your time now.

I created a Time Tracker worksheet so you can have a template for writing down what you are doing. Fill out the form below and the link will be emailed to you.

Spend a few days (or more ideally, a week) tracking how you spend your time. Do you notice anything as you write it down?

I’ve found that the exercise of writing things down already creates a greater awareness of my actions. I am more likely to choose healthier food to eat if I know I’m having to write it down. The same is true of tracking time.

After you’ve tracked your time for a week, look over your worksheets and analyze it. Was anything surprising? Do you immediately see things you can cut back on to have more time available?

We all have too much of something

The reality is, we all have clutter. The three most common types of clutter that take up our time are:

  • stuff
  • schedule
  • technology


Our homes are filled with stuff. That stuff takes up our time as we fight to regain control over our home. We shop then we clean, we pick up, we organize, we sort, we purge and the cycle continues. How do we stop it?

First, go through and systematically declutter your space. Then, change your purchasing habits and become more careful consumers so that you don’t continue repeating the cycle.

If you want to work on decluttering your home, first you have to know what clutter is in your home. Then you to have a vision and goal for your home before you start decluttering. And finally, work step by step to declutter your home.


Our society tells us we need to go, go, go. And many of us listen to that. We overcommit our schedules and are exhausted as a result.

It’s so easy to say ‘yes’ to all the things. It’s tempting to want to help all the causes and please all the people. The reality though is this way of living is depleting.

When we lack margin, it’s hard to fully have our heart in our commitments. We get tired and then resentful for having taken too much on.

Social media has taken the fear of missing out to new heights. We are now aware constantly that our friends are having the time of their lives without us. It’s easy to feel like you want to be everywhere, but that’s a. not possible and b. not healthy.

I like the shifted perspective of the joy of missing out and embracing being at home. We need rest and balance in our lives. There is indeed joy in sporting your stretch pants and messy mom bun in the comfort of your own home. Selfies not needed 😉


It is impossible to escape technology in our culture. It’s become such an integral part of our lives perhaps to a detrimental degree. We no longer know how to just wait.

Instead, we immediately go to our phones to fill the void. Communication isn’t what it used to be either. Common courtesy is less common these days as we struggle to give our focused attention to the people in front of us.

We’ve become so used to the high priority placed on cell phones that it’s easy to ignore how they’ve begun taking over our lives and our time. The act of simply tracking how much time you spend on your phone per day can be frightening.

Just imagine what you could have accomplished had that time been focused on something else.

Create space for your goals

The whole intent behind decluttering is to create more space in your home and your life. Declutter items in your home so that you can spend less time cleaning and picking up and more time invested with your family and on other things you care about.

Likewise, as you declutter your schedule from perceived obligations and additional activities, you have now freed yourself up to do more of what is important to you. You’ve created time and space to focus on other goals (which could include relaxing and enjoying life at home with your family).

When you create boundaries with technology and limit the amount of time you are willing to spend on your phone, computer, and television, a whole new world opens up for you. Imagine the number of books you could read or additional time you could be sleeping!

Do you have goals you would like to accomplish this year? Decluttering should be part of your goals to make space in your life to work on those dreams. It will likely require some sacrifices and changes in habits, but the pay off will be worth it.

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