Life gets busy but with 12 easy ways to slow down today, you can relax and enjoy moments in the day. Relaxing is part of being present in your life and living intentionally.

Often I find myself rushing through the day. By the day’s end, it all feels like a blur and I can barely recall what happened.

Sometimes life forces me to slow down (like when my kid gets sick, hypothetically) and I’m able to see ways to appreciate the slowness of it. Today I bring you 12 easy ways to slow down today (brought to you by my sweet K).

12 easy ways to slow down

12 Easy Ways to Slow Down Today

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1. Enjoy nature

Take a brief walk, jog, or simply sit outside and take in the fresh air. If the weather is bad, even looking out the window can be beneficial.

Notice nature and look at the flowers, plants, and trees. Listen to the birds.

Take in the scene around you with all of your senses. It’s amazing how much being in nature can help you relax and slow down.

2. Take deep breaths

Do you ever take a deep breath and realize how rare it is that you take in that much oxygen? When we run at frantic speeds, we don’t often notice how we are breathing let alone take the time to slow our breath.

Being aware of your body and taking slow deep breaths can help you feel more centered and calm.

3. Leave 5 minutes earlier

One of the reasons we can feel so rushed is because we’re often running behind. If you have somewhere you need to be at a particular time, plan on leaving the house 5 minutes earlier.

Give yourself a cushion of extra time so you don’t feel so stressed when you’re on the road. If you’re habitually late, you may want to plan for 10 minutes earlier.

4. Sit in silence

Trying to sit in silence can be a tough ask when you have little kids. If you’re still fortunate enough to have kids who nap or have quiet playtime, use some of that time to sit and enjoy the silence.

It can be tempting to fill the silence with noise perhaps because we are so used to it, but silence offers a way to slow down and clear your head. If you want to really slow down, schedule a silent retreat and you’ll notice how rare it is to find quiet.

5. Take a tech time-out

Similar to how sitting in silence is difficult, it’s challenging to not default to using our phones. Plan a tech time-out. Your mind will feel clearer and more rested when you spend less time on social media.

Practice setting self-imposed limits and keeping them. Check out this post for further tips.

6. Savor a favorite snack or drink

When was the last time you savored a snack or drink? Pick one of your favorites and slowly enjoy it.

And no, chugging gulps of coffee and reheating the same cup 4 times isn’t ideal ;). Take the time to appreciate the flavor and texture. Savor the bites or sips.

7. Phone a friend

Yes, phones can make actual calls where you hear someone speak on the other end of the line. If you sincerely hate talking on the phone (as I know many of us, moms especially, tend to) then chat or text to check in with a friend.

Slowing down means taking the focus off everything happening in your day and thinking about others.

8. Listen to calming music

Create a playlist of music on spotify or iTunes that makes you feel relaxed and calm. When you are feeling stressed or the house feels chaotic, turn on that playlist for everyone to enjoy.

It might not always work like magic but it’s interesting to notice how much music can influence the tone in the home.

9. Read a book

Another way to get outside the busyness of your day is to immerse yourself in something else whether it be a story or non-fiction book that interests you. While I use a kindle sometimes, I still prefer paper books (usually from the library). I find it more calming than looking at a lit screen.

Want to check out some books on simple living? You can see a list of my favorites here.

10. Write on paper

Journaling or even just list making on paper allows your brain to slow down from all of the information it’s storing. This practice lets you get your ideas or feelings onto paper so that you can slow down and relax.

This can be part of your evening routine or part of planning your day.

11. Take a nap

This one is a challenge for me. If you happen to be type A then napping may feel like a struggle for you too. Even if you aren’t able to fall asleep, laying down and resting for a few minutes is great for your mind and body.

12. Play a board game

The pace of a board game is much slower than children’s tv shows or video games. If you want to get the family in on a slower-paced activity, board games are great.

Choose one that isn’t timed if you want it to feel more relaxed. Check out my list of the best family board games. They are great for all ages!

I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to try one of these 12 easy ways to slow down today. If you do, please feel free to share your experience or additional ways you like to slow down in the comments section.

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  1. I enjoyed this, especially since they are so simple to do and easy to make into habits. But, then again simplicity is your trademark. You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you.

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