Inside: Enjoy your golden years by using these simplifying tips for seniors to help let go of the clutter and focus on your priorities.

A guest post by Melissa Waltz

Most of us have too many things. And when you’ve been collecting things for nearly a lifetime, you’ve likely got stuff stashed everywhere from the garage and attic to the back of your closet.

It’s challenging to remember where anything is, much less use any of it regularly.

But decluttering can be a difficult process for many of us. And it’s not just about stuff either.

We often become attached to habits and routines that aren’t really necessary. They can add just as much stress and anxiety to our lives as all that stuff we don’t really need.

Cutting down on clutter, in your home, and in your lifestyle, will not only reduce stress but also save money and time. It will make it easier to find the things you really need so you don’t spend money unnecessarily. Cleaning and organizing your space will also be faster and easier.

Your golden years should be about enjoying everything life has to offer, not spending your valuable time on unnecessary tasks.

Here are our top simplifying tips for seniors, so you can get on with the things that bring you joy and fulfillment.

simplifying tips for seniors

6 Simplifying Tips for Seniors

Use these simplifying tips for seniors to declutter the excess and focus on what matters most.

1. Declutter Your Commitments

Our lives are full of so many commitments… from home to church and volunteering to family and friends. Sit down and make a list of your commitments.

It’s quite the eye-opener, isn’t it? Now, look at each item on your list and think about whether it really adds joy and value to your life.

If the item isn’t truly worth the time you’re investing in it, consider letting it go. Learn how to say no.

Eliminating things that don’t bring joy and fulfillment in your golden years will leave you with more time to do the things you truly love. What could be more important than that?

2. Rethink Your Habits and Routines

Most of us follow the same routines every day, simply tackling tasks haphazardly without any real plan. Rethinking your habits and routines can help you eliminate unnecessary steps and get things done more efficiently, reducing your stress level, and leaving you with more free time.

Take another look at your list of commitments and obligations. Plan out daily and weekly routines that will save you time.

Be sure to batch all of your like tasks together. For example, instead of stopping at the grocery store several times during the week, make a list and do all of your shopping in one trip.

Simplifying your routines can also save you money. One example is switching to a minimalistic skincare routine. All you really need is a cleanser, prescription retinoid (if desired), a good moisturizer, and an SPF.

Decluttering your days is worth the effort because it leaves you with more time and money to do the things that bring you joy. And as an added bonus, thoughtful routines bring a sense of calm and control to your life, something we can all benefit from.

happy retired seniors

3. Establish the Right Mindset

Before you even begin to declutter, ask yourself why you want to declutter in the first place. What is your motivation? Write it down so you can refer back to it when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

It can also be beneficial to think about anything that might block you from meeting your goals. Preparing your mindset for potential challenges can help you face them head-on.

Know your end goal and then break it down into smaller goals you can achieve in an hour or less. Set reasonable expectations for what you want to get done, based on how much time and energy you want to spend decluttering.

4. Have a Game Plan

When it comes to decluttering your space, it’s a good idea to have a game plan in place before you get started. Work in one room or area at a time and know what you’re going to do with items that you want to keep and how you plan to dispose of unwanted items.

How will you transport items you want to donate to the drop-off location? Is there a convenient way to recycle items or throw them away as needed? Do you know someone in need who could use some of the items you want to give away?

You’ll also want to create a sorting system with a designated place for items you want to organize, fix, recycle, donate, sell, give away, and toss. Of course, you’ll also want to come up with a plan for organizing the items you want to keep so you’ll be able to find them when you need them.

simplifying tips for seniors

5. Start Small

Facing an entire home that needs decluttering will feel like an overwhelming and monumental task. It’s much better to start with a small decluttering task, like clearing your desk or the countertops in your kitchen. 

Work in 15-minute increments. Set a timer and dive in. When the timer goes off, see how you feel and decide if you want to do more.

Another great way to get started is to pick just 10 things to get rid of. Do you have duplicates of something you wouldn’t miss?

Get rid of them and see how good it feels. It’s a great way to get the ball rolling and work up the motivation to get rid of things you don’t need.

6. Decluttering Room-by-Room

Decluttering one room at a time is a good way to get momentum going and work your way through each room of your home. Start with the room you spend the most time in.

Here’s how to declutter an entire room, step by step:

  • Start by clearing off surfaces like desks, tables, and countertops.
  • Now go around the room and gather anything that doesn’t belong. Put it in a box or bin so you can put it away later.
  • Systematically go through the room, one area at a time. Decide what you’re going to get rid of and what you’re going to keep. Organize each area as you go. Group like items in the same place and organize loose or small items in bins or baskets.
  • Find a home for each item in your box of things that don’t belong.
  • Deal with the items you’re getting rid of before moving on to the next room. 
simplifying tips for seniors

Which of these simplifying tips for seniors did you find most helpful? Share it in the comments!

Now that you’ve decluttered your commitments, routines, and home, keep in mind that decluttering is an ongoing process. Learn to say no to things that aren’t necessary or don’t bring you joy to keep clutter from creeping back in.

Reevaluate your life and space regularly to see what you can get rid of to free up more time, space, and money for the things you enjoy!

After pursuing her music career as a singer for an alternative rock band, Melissa began writing about the music industry. She is an independent writer who is continuously researching, learning, and exploring new areas in life. She now spends her days offering private music lessons and writing on various topics.

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One Comment

  1. Right after Christmas we both got omicron, and am I thankful that we were fully vaccinated. We didn’t get as sick as we might have.
    So the room we spend most time in right now is the bedroom. It’s become very cluttered with medicines, books, clothes….
    Since I feel much better now, I decided to tidy up a bit. Put the cover on the bed! Shooed his highness into the living room for a while.
    I cleared up medicines, put current meds into a basket and either threw away or stored the rest. We have a box for non current meds that gets turned out every 2 months.
    Toiletries went back into the bathroom.
    Shoes (his) went back into the shoe rack in the passage. Outside shoes aren’t supposed to be in the bedroom!
    I dumped an armful of clothes (his!) Into the washing machine.
    Cleared everything off the bedside tables, dusted, changed the mats and removed stacks of books, more medicines, and pens, pencils and notepads. These last went back onto the desk. Binned obvious rubbish.
    Finally! I admired my nice tidy bedroom.
    Now I’m over the covid I’ll keep on top of it. I live with a pack rat, he’s incurable. No point feeling martyred, he is how he is.

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