Inside: Learn five secrets of people who always have a beautifully organized home to help your home function at its best.

For some of us, an organized home is the status quo.

But for many? It’s a seemingly unattainable dream. 

Between work, family, and all of the other obligations that keep us busy, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to find the time you need to truly maintain an organized home. At least, that’s how it can feel. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can have an organized home. It’s absolutely within your reach. 

You just have to learn how to make it happen. 

What are the benefits of having an organized home?

Having an organized home is a gift that just keeps on giving. There are many benefits to having a decluttered and organized home.

Living in an organized, tidy, clutter-free space is beneficial to your mental well-being. You’re able to think more clearly, stress less, and feel less overwhelmed when everything is in its rightful place. You’ll be able to learn more easily, be more creative, and feel more joy. 

The benefits extend into every room of your home. If your office is organized, you’ll be more productive.

Your bedroom? You’ll sleep easier at night when you aren’t overwhelmed by chaos and disorder.

And the idea of cooking a meal in your kitchen – instead of ordering takeout – is way more enticing when you’ve actually got plenty of counter space to prep it on. 

You’ll also have more time to spend on the things you love. Think about it. Keeping your home organized means you’ll spend less time cleaning up your mess.

Less time searching for stuff that you know is somewhere – but you just don’t know where. Less time worrying about what you’re going to do with everything, or figuring out how you’re actually going to organize it all.

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Five secrets of people who always have a beautifully organized home

If you’re wondering how some people manage to always have an organized home, I’ve got some good news.

I know a few of their secrets.

Ready to unlock the keys to having an organized home – all the time?

Put these secrets into practice in your own life, and you might just be amazed to see how realistic it can be to have an organized home. 

While these tips may seem obvious, it’s easy to overlook the obvious in our own homes. We’re creatures of habit and we can stop noticing the clutter in our space when we get used to seeing it.

But by looking at your home with a fresh perspective and adjusting your behaviors, you too can have the beautifully organized home of your dreams.

What would a beautifully organized home look like for you? It doesn’t have to be the fancy versions you see on tv (that’s an organizing myth designed to sell you more stuff).

Beautiful can be really simple. Your home should be a reflection of what you love. Creating a beautifully organized home is about making a space that you feel good about and that functions well for you and your family.

Here are the secrets to help you get there.

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Secret #1: They always put things back where they belong.

One of the biggest secrets of people who always have an organized home? They rarely, if ever, have to dedicate a whole weekend to cleaning up.

How do they do it?

It’s simple, really. 

They just don’t let things get that disorganized in the first place. 

By putting things back where they belong as soon as they’ve used them, they keep their homes neat and orderly virtually all of the time.

When they take off a coat, they hang it up in the closet – instead of throwing it on the back of a chair. And when they finish a drink, they put their glass in the dishwasher instead of leaving it on the coffee table.

When they’re done reading a book, it gets put back on the shelf where it belongs. And when they bring in the mail, they read it and get rid of it right away – instead of letting it pile up on the kitchen counter, collecting dust. 

This strategy might sound tedious, but with a little effort, it becomes a habit. And by putting things back where they belong right away, you can save yourself a ton of time and effort later on. 

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Secret #2: They have a place for everything

Another key to always having an organized home?

Make sure everything you own belongs somewhere

Think about it. If you’re going to put things back where they belong, they have to have a spot where they, well, belong

Most stuff in your home has an obvious spot. Shoes belong in the shoe rack. Utensils belong in the kitchen drawer with the organizer. You’ve got a spot for your coffee mugs, your vitamins, your dog’s toys, your dirty laundry.

And if you don’t?

Designate one. Get a bin, a box, a shelf organizer. Pull out the label maker. Give everything you own a specific spot, and you’ll find it’s way easier to have an organized home. 

And if you can’t find a spot for something? Ask yourself whether or not you actually need it. And if the answer is no? Get rid of it. 

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Secret #3: They don’t buy stuff they don’t need.

When you keep buying stuff that you don’t necessarily need, it’s difficult to stay organized.

As I said, everything in your home should have a place where it belongs. And most of us are somewhat limited in the amount of space in our homes. 

People who always have an organized home are methodical about their purchases. They don’t get tempted by big sales or flash deals. And they resist impulse buys or add-ons as they shop with intention.

They carefully identify their needs, do their research, and purchase exactly what they want. 

Having an organized home that is easy to maintain requires being a very good gatekeeper of what enters your home. The less stuff you have to manage, the easier it is to get and stay organized.

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Secret #4: They get rid of things that no longer serve them. 

Getting rid of stuff we no longer need is easier said than done for many of us. But for those who have an organized home, it’s just part of the process. 

Attics, basements, garages, and closets are often filled with things we no longer need. Old clothes that don’t actually fit anymore – or just aren’t really our style.

Books we don’t plan on reading ever again – and didn’t like much to begin with. Chipped dishes, old electronics, half-used cans of paint. The list goes on. 

By getting rid of things that no longer serve you as soon as possible, instead of holding onto them for years to come, you can ensure your house stays as clutter-free as possible.

And you save yourself from having to overcome the challenge of figuring out how to get rid of all that stuff that’s accumulated over the years. 

If you know you have too much clutter but aren’t sure where to start with streamlining your stuff, check out this post on how to start decluttering your house.

habits that will keep your home neat and tidy

Secret #5: They do clean up and organize their stuff on a regular basis.

We’re all human. Which means sometimes, things do get a little disorganized – even in the tidiest of homes.

People who always have an organized home often make a habit of tidying to keep their homes neat and clean.

Even ten or twenty minutes a day – or an hour or two on a Saturday morning – can make a tremendous difference when it comes to staying on top of laundry, straightening up, and tackling the miscellaneous things that creep into our space. 

What they don’t do is ignore everything that’s accumulating until the problem becomes too big to ignore – which is the habit that many fall into. 

Working to adjust your habits and putting things away on a regular basis helps to keep your home organized and feeling more manageable.

Do you have any additional tips on how to have an organized home? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Consider using products like Blueland, where the refill is a tablet that you add your own water too. Ecologically a good decision and you aren’t storing bottles and jugs of “back stock”. I made this change for hand soap, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner. I also changed to Earth Breeze for laundry sheets for the washer.

  2. I wish you sold a paper back copy of your book. I love a book in my hands! Your page is one of my top 5 favs! Thank you!!

  3. if you have doubles or triples of one thing, evaluate which one you need or love and donate the others

  4. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Otherwise the whole idea is overwhelming. If you are stymied by the idea of decluttering your home, start small. Try just one drawer, one closet, or one area (bathroom closet, bedroom dresser, kitchen junk drawer) and go through that one area and sort into piles: a keep pile, give away pile, and a maybe pile to keep or give away. I have 3 shelving units in a spare room with my laundry area at one end. The closet is my dressing area and the remainder of the room is storage. I have storage cubes on the 3 shelves and now when I need a light bulb or an extension cord, I know exactly where they are. I love this room and all my junk piles are gone.

  5. I do seasonal assessments/quarterly,
    going through bins to see if I need them anymore or perhaps taking the time going through pictures, reminiscing and seeing how blessed I really have been and am.
    I also do organized messes, categorizing things, then setting an actual time to go through, making honest assessments of when or if I’ll ever use something.
    I inevitably feel both productive and elevated and can & do enjoy living.

    1. Hello! If you don’t have the time or energy to sell then you can do what i do and donate to a women’s and abuse shelter … they go directly to the ladies … not sold at a profit thrift shop and maybe pick up few toiletries from dollar store on your way… trust me you will feel karmically recouped ❤️

        1. Call your local Chamber of Commerce. They’ll know. If you live in too small a town that you dont have a C of C, Google for non-profit thrift shops or Women’s shelters in your area.

  6. Every end table, coffee table etc. has storage under for things used in that room like throws, workout straps and weights etc. Do what I call “blocking” as soon as I get up. look at clock..time tasks like vacuuming,wiping down surfaces, etc. amazing how quickly it’s done when you designate time and go “turbo”. Also block breaks to just chill and totally relax throughout the day. Have a “seasonal closet with what is appropriate for weather one for biking, casual and one shower and go to town outfit if needed. While I can get too many clothes etc. as thrifting is my guilty hobby if it gets too much I “block a whole day or evening and sort all of each item in clear recycling bags and “go shopping” just keeping my favorites. Tie the bag up and put in a storage spot. Keep until next season..if I haven’t got anything out it goes to the womens shelter.

  7. I used to just clean my house once a week (or 2 weeks sometimes) and it would usually take the whole day….a beautiful Saturday wasted. I found that when I am home on the computer, it is easy to be absorbed in stuff and keep going for hours. So, I set a timer for every 30 minutes. When it goes off, I give my eyes and stiff back a break by doing some activity for ten full minutes. It reduces stress, as my house is progressively getting clean and organized over the busy week.

  8. Reduce or restrict how many items you allow yourself on surfaces. Not only does it offer a relief from visual declutter, but it’s far easier to spot that something is out of place and needs to be tended to if you normally have only only a few items in a space. My kitchen table used to be a free-for-all and if an extra something landed there it’d stay there, blending into the general chaos. Now that I only have a couple potted plants and one piece of decor–themselves within the border of a table mat–any extra item that lands there stands out like a red flag, making it easy to spot and take care of immediately.

  9. The key is to embrace a simpler life with less stuff. Step away from all the ‘doing’ and focus on ‘being’. Clear your counter and bench tops, only keep enough for what you actually need and use, rotate and donate unused toys, and avoid organising your clutter when you can simply get rid of it (organised clutter is still clutter). It’s also ok to teach your kids that they can in fact be interesting simply by being the unique individual they are – they don’t have to keep up with all the other kids – ditch the endless technology and expensive hobbies – have better conversations and spend quality time together. Teach them to give back to others by donating or swapping the things they no longer want or need. Encourage them to join you at local charities where you can volunteer together. Grow your own vegetables and teach your kids the value of quality organic food. Teach them to care and respect for themselves and others, and to nourish their souls as well as their minds and bodies. The time spent on this stuff will help them to become well adjusted adults who contribute back to the family and to society in a meaningful way.

  10. I have 1 bin for hubby & 1 for me, for mail, catalogs, magazines, whatever gets brought into the house. The incoming items either need to be filed to save, gone through & tossed or donated. I have an organizer in my car for donations. There are 3 places in town I donate to, so I have the items w/me whenever I’m in the particular neighborhood.

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