Inside: Here are over one hundred experience gifts for tweens. Go clutter-free this year and get the tween in your life an experience they’ll never forget!

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what gifts you want to give your tweens. This can be a daunting task. After all, they are in that stage between being kids and teenagers so gift ideas for them can sometimes be hard to come by!

Over the years we’ve learned that the newness of material items often wears out fast. Then we were left with clutter, guilt (about getting rid of it), and the credit card bill.

We’ve since switched to focusing on more experience gifts and other clutter-free alternatives. That isn’t to say we never give any material items, but we are very selective with them.

The memories made from experiences last longer and have had a bigger impact on our family. While many of these options are not inexpensive, you can often find deals and could consider combining gifts with other family members.

This list of 100+ experience gifts for tweens can be adapted for any occasion and are great for tween boys and girls. Gifts include ideas like a spa day, geocaching, white water rafting, rock climbing lessons, and much more! 

experience gifts for tweens

What are Experience Gifts?

Experience gifts have gained popularity in recent years. Younger generations are favoring experiences over possessions, creating memories and moments that last a lifetime. 

An experience gift is just that, an experienced adventure, class, opportunity, event, and the list goes on. Most experience gifts won’t end up with something tangible at the end, although some will naturally, such as a pottery class project or a photo shoot.  

The biggest point is that most, if not all, involve family time.  You can design your tween’s experience gift to be one-on-one with a parent, sibling, friend, or the whole family.  Better yet, get together with a family friend and have co-experience gift adventures with their tweens too.  

Tween experience gifts will fill your hearts and home with memories for a lifetime, not your closets and counters with more stuff!

100+ Experience Gifts For Tween Boys & Girls

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Tween experience gifts are a great way to create positive family experiences together. Whether you’re looking for something your tween can enjoy on their own, with friends, or as part of the whole family, here are over 100 experience gift ideas for tweens to get you started!

Vacation/Getaway Tween Experience Gift Ideas

  1. America the Beautiful – National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass
  2. Geocaching Outing Around Town or Vacation (how about Norway?)
  3. Camping Excursion With Family (or friends backyard party!)
  4. Tween Friendly Cruises! (Carnival, Disney, Royal)
  5. Weekend Road Trip (planned together through a national park!)
  6. The Last Frontier” Alaska Trip by Disney
  7. Florida Cove Key Private Island Houseboat Vacation! (really? yes really!)
  8. Royalton Bavaro All-inclusive Resort, Punta Cana (great for tweens)
  9. Family Paddleboard Adventure at Tybee Island (near Savannah)
  10.  Disney Family Vacation (cliche’ maybe, but oh so loved)
  11. Turkey Hill “Create Your Own” Ice Cream, Package, & Commercial 
  12. Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 
  13. Fishing Trip or Deep Sea Fishing
  14. Amtrak or European Rail Trip
  15. Plan a trip to a Comic-Con or other fan event


No matter your tween boy or girl’s interests or hobbies, you can find a way to incorporate that into a fun experience gift! It could be something they’ve tried before and enjoyed or something completely new.

  1. Sports Camps
    • Soccer Bootcamp
    • Basketball Skills Training Camp
    • Swimming/Diving Camp
  2. Gymnastics Lesson
  3. Martial Arts Classes
  4. Cooking Classes (check out this online option!)
  5. Knife Care Classes (for the serious tween chef)
  6. Dance Classes
  7. Yoga Studio Session
  8. Sports Tween Experience Gift Ideas:
    • Indoor Climbing Adventure
    • Ziplining or TreeTop Adventure
    • Bowling
    • Skating/Ice Rink
    • Batting Cages
    • Cycling Tour
    • Skiing/Snowboarding Trip
    • Mountain Hiking
    • Skateboard Park Membership
  9. Sporting Events
    • Tickets to a favorite sport/game
    • Meet & Greet with Sports Pro’s
    • Go to a baseball game
    • A collegiate game at alma mater 
    • Round of Golf with a pro
  10. Firearm Safety Classes/Target Practice
  11. Axe Throwing Lessons (sounds scary, I know)
  12. Knitting or Crocheting Classes
  13. Surfing Lessons
  14. Archery Classes
  15. Flying Lessons
experience gifts for tweens

Art’s Minded Tween Experience Gift Ideas

Have a tween who loves music and the arts? Here are a variety of experience gifts for tweens who enjoy those types of activities.

  1. Tickets To A Theatrical Performance/Play
  2. Painting or Art Class
  3. Ceramic Making/Pottery Wheel Experience
  4. Crafting Classes
  5. Symphony, Philharmonic, or Orchestra Event
  6. Concert Tickets
  7. Guitar/Music Lessons
  8. Attend a TV Taping
  9. Theater Camp
  10. Acting Classes
  11. Photography Classes
  12. Broadway Show
  13. Professional Headshots
  14. Singing Lessons
  15. Recording Studio Session

Science/Academically Focused Tween Experience Gifts

With the ever-changing global stage and new technologies developing almost daily, there’s plenty of reason for both you and your tween to be happy about experience gifts that stimulate their minds and their hearts.

  1. Astronaut Training Experience Center or
  2. Khan Academy Membership
  3. Participate On An Archeological Dig 
  4. A Night at The Museum Event
  5. NASA Space Camp
  6. Go To An Observatory
  7. See The Northern Lights
  8. Science Center Excursions
  9. Computer IT Classes
  10. Coding and Game Development Courses ID Tech
experience gifts for tweens

Tween Experience Gifts for the Adventurer

You know you have a little daredevil in you as well.  What better way to indulge one of your own bucket list wishes than gifting a fantastic experience to your tween?!

  1. Bungee Jumping
  2. Go-Kart Racing
  3. Sailing or Catamaran Ride
  4. Canoe or Kayaking
  5. Indoor Skydiving
  6. Create a scavenger hunt 
  7. Rock Climbing
  8. Paintball Party/Laser Tag
  9. Escape Room
  10. Weekend Mountain Biking Trip
  11. White Water Rafting
  12. Scuba Diving
  13. Whale Watching Trip
  14. Airboat Swamp Tour
  15. Flight Simulator
  16. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  17. Helicopter Ride
  18. Off-Roading ATV
  19. Parasailing
  20.  Bull Riding School

“You and Me” Type Experience Gifts for Tween Girls

Have some “girl time” that will delight your tween with one of these experience gifts! 

  1. Mother-Daughter Tea
  2. Dad and Daughter Date
  3. Spa Day: 
  4. Mani-Pedi
    • Massage
    • Hot Yoga
    • Mudbath
  5. Hair Styling/Blow Out
  6. Makeover/Facial
  7. Skin Care Session 
  8. Fashion Show Tickets

“You and Me Type” Experience Gifts for Tween Boys

Knowing what your tween is interested in is key in selecting an experience gift for them. Here are some additional ideas for tween boys.

  1. Boy’s Night Out
  2. Mother and Son Date
  3. Watch a Horserace
  4. WWE Wrestling Match
  5. Monster Truck or NASCAR
  6. Attend a Rodeo

Just Around Town Tween Experience Gift for Girls & Boys

  1. Movie and Dinner Night
  2. Gift Card to Dave & Buster’s Arcade or local game room.
  3. Plan A City Tourist Tour- Be a tourist in your town for the weekend. Stay at a hotel and plan a trip together only of things you’ve never experienced together.
  4. Curious Chef Book-put together a notebook of 10 or more of your tween’s favorite or fun recipes and cook for the family.  
  5. Budding Baker Book-same idea, only baking.
  6. Hello Fresh Subscription-for a tween cook with working parents. All the ingredients are portioned and easy to follow instructions.
  7. Pontoon Party-rent a pontoon boat for a tween party.
  8. Bonfire Bonanza- have a bonfire at a lake or beach pit (where allowed) with a weenie roast and s’mores.
  9. Mini-Golf Outing
  10.  A Shopping Spree (at thrift and secondhand shops)
  11. Redecorate A Tween’s Room (and more importantly, de-clutter!)
  12. Create a Command Center or a crafting center together.
  13. Visit a water park or local amusement park.
  14. Attend a book reading signing by a favored author.
  15. – the ultimate in training or teaching by the cream of the crop from their industry. 
experience gifts for tweens

Experience gifts for tweens are a great way to give your child an experience they won’t forget. 

Whether you’re looking for something that will help them learn new skills, explore their interests or get outside the house- there is sure to be an idea on this list! 

Plus, a tween experience gift not only means a whole more family togetherness, it also means a whole lot less clutter in your life!

What are your favorite experience gifts for tweens? Share them in the comments section below.

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