Many products talk a big game. They claim they will save you time and improve your life in some way. I’ve found many times that they didn’t live up to the hype. But then there are those rare few products that will simplify your life.

When I’m talking about products that will simplify your life, it’s often because they save time or money, help you to be more organized, or make you more efficient in some way.

products that will simplify your life

My List of Best Products That Will Simplify Your Life

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please note that I only recommend products I use and love. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

The following are the list of products that have worked best for me as well as people in my Facebook community. Any of these items can become clutter if you don’t use them or love them.

You know yourself and what’s a fit for you and what isn’t. Be selective with what you choose to bring into your home.

1. Instant Pot

I know there are a few people out there who haven’t loved their instant pot, but by in large there are MANY happy instant pot owners. The options of different things it can do are impressive. The selling point for me was being able to cook frozen meat quickly without drying it out.

There are various versions and sizes. The one I have is the 6-quart basic model. There are larger and smaller options and ones with even more features. You can even get a cute floral one!

The only cons: to me with using the instant pot is that you cannot easily check the status of the food. I have released the pressure only to find that the food wasn’t cooked enough and had to bring it back up to pressure to cook it again.

Also, some recipes may mislead you into believing the cooking process will be shorter than it is. While it does cook quickly, you have to factor in the time that it takes to get to pressure.

Some people get rid of their crockpot after they get an instant pot, but I still like using my crockpot for certain dishes. It is easier to check on the progress of the food.

If you prefer a no-tech cooker, check out a cast iron dutch oven. There are high ends ones like La Creuset and lower-end versions like this one that both get rave reviews.

2. Vitamix

Years ago I bought my husband a Vitamix for his birthday. If you’ve never used a high powered blender, they are really impressive! They’re great for smoothies, but you can do all kinds of other things in it too like make your own flour or make soup. I’m certain I haven’t exhausted all of the possibilities with it yet.

Vitamixes come with an excellent warranty with great customer service. We sent ours in for repair once and didn’t have to pay anything.

Blendtecs are similar with a little lower price point. If you need a more budget-friendly option, I’ve heard great things about the Ninja too.

3. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

When I heard various people rave about this Revlon hair dryer, I wasn’t sure. Would it really do anything different for me? I wanted to try and my mom was kind enough to buy it for me for my birthday.

I’ll admit on the first try I was not sold, but I decided to try it a couple more times. And then I loved it! It dries my hair so much faster than using a regular hair dryer and round brush, which is why it made my list of products that will simplify your life. I was astounded.

My hair is wavy so when I want my hair straight I always use this dryer. I sometimes still use a flat iron as well since I haven’t figured out how to get out all the wave with just the dryer.

4. Dry shampoo

So for all the days I don’t wash and blow dry my hair, I love having dry shampoo on hand. It really does work well for those in-between days. I’m not very brand loyal on this one. I’ve tried a few different kinds and they all seemed to work well.

5. Cellphone power bank

Over the summer we went on a road trip. About 20 minutes from our destination our minivan broke down. My cell phone was low on battery and I needed to call AAA. Thankfully, my mother in law had a power bank that I was able to plug into my phone to charge it.

You don’t always know when circumstances like this will happen, but afterward, I bought my own power bank for any time I am driving further than 30 minutes from home. It’s also just nice to have when you won’t be somewhere that you can easily charge your phone.

6. Corelle dishes

There are a couple of reasons why our Corelle dishes made my list of products that will simplify your life. First of all, they are hard to break or chip. We’ve had ours for 9 years with zero broken dishes and that is with little kids using them too.

They also are compact when stacked so they save space in the cupboard. We went the plain white ones since they never go out of style, but there are lots of designs and options to choose from.

7. Mason jars

There are so many things to love about mason jars. They are so versatile, pretty, and inexpensive. I use them in my pantry to store various items like oats and flours. They are available in so many sizes, but the ones I use most are pint and quart.

I also use them for gifts and change up what kind of items I put in there from ingredients to make your own cookies to a spa in a jar. They’re also great for home decor. I have a friend who even uses them as a baby bottle.

8. Water bottle & Travel mug

Do you want to drink more water? Get an insulated water bottle with a straw and keep it with you. You’ll drink more water without even thinking twice about it.

It’s simplified my life by having more cold water to drink without having to constantly refill. I am not one to normally drink the recommended amounts of water, but having this bottle has significantly increased my daily intake.

Need an insulated travel mug to keep your coffee or tea warm? I like this Contigo one. Having coffee that stays hot on the go makes it less tempting to stop and buy coffee when I’m out, which saves me both time and money.

9. Berkey Water Filtration System

Alright, I have to warn you that this isn’t an inexpensive item. For years we used Brita and Pur pitchers for our water. It wasn’t very convenient as we were continually filling them and waiting for them to filter, especially when we had company over.

We also didn’t feel like they filtered enough out of the water. This past March we took the leap and bought a Berkey. Ours is the Royal model and we use it for a family of four. It’s been the perfect size for us.

I was hesitant to spend the money because I’m very frugal. It added up to quite a bit with the extra filters and view faucet my husband wanted. However, it’s been completely worth the investment.

Water tastes so much better once it’s been filtered with our Berkey. My kids can get their own water now. I am not constantly filling pitchers all day long and having them take up space in my fridge.

While it is an investment, the filters are much more effective in the Berkey and they last a long time before needing replacement.

10. Coffee subscription

I normally don’t like subscription services. I’ve found that many of them end up giving you a good deal on stuff you don’t really want or need. However, for Christmas, I ordered a coffee subscription service through Atlas for my husband and he loves it.

The coffees are sourced from a variety of countries and the quality far surpasses what we were getting from the grocery store. The subscription helps us to stay stocked without even having to think about it. There hasn’t been one we haven’t liked yet! If you want to try out Atlas, you can use my referral link you’ll save on your first purchase.

11. Dry erase calendar

Having a dry erase calendar helps keep all family members aware of what is going on in our schedule. While my husband and I also use Google calendar, it is helpful to have something we can all see and that helps our daughter’s know what is coming up.

This is the one that we have, but there are lots of great ones including magnetic ones you can put on your fridge. Life is simpler when we communicated and all know what is going on.

12. Planner & Workbook

I’ve found that you are either a planner person or you aren’t. There isn’t a lot of in-between. When I was using a planner, I liked the layout and design of the Happy planner. I just don’t stick with consistently writing in a planner.

If you struggle with it too, I created a workbook called Simply Scheduled to help you plan your day and be efficient with your time without the confines of a normal planner. You can read more about it here.

13. Kindle

While I love reading actual physical books, the kindle made my list of best products to simplify your life because of all the things you can do on it. Some people opt to get rid of their paper books and just use their kindle so that is an option.

I prefer to use my kindle to listen to audiobooks and podcasts mostly. If you can get hoopla through your library, it is awesome. You get 10 free rentals per month and don’t have to wait in line. I also use Libby, but you often do wait in line for what you want on that platform.

Audible is another great option for those who love audiobooks and want a fantastic selection without the wait. Or a kindle membership if you enjoy reading, but not audiobooks.

I do occasionally read ebooks as well, but not as often as I listen to things. There are lots of other options of things you can do on your kindle with the apps, but that is mostly how I have used it for the past few years.

Community list of best products that will simplify your life:

This next section was products recommended by the Simplify & Declutter Facebook group. I wanted the list to include not just my favorites, but other people’s as well. Thanks to the community for helping with this!

14. Robot vacuum

People really love their robot vacuums as quite a few people recommended this. Vacuuming happens to be the one chore I don’t mind doing so I’m happy with my shark, but if you loathe vacuuming this may change your life.

15. Spin mop

I’ve heard other people recommend the O-cedar spin mop and it was also mentioned in my community. Really who loves mopping? So having a bucket that lets you spin the thing can at least bring a little joy to the process.

16. Dryer balls

We’ve all heard how bad dryer sheets are for us, so dryer balls are an excellent alternative without the chemicals. We tend to have tons of static cling on our clothes because I use nothing, so this is something I want to try soon.

17. Reusable silicone food bags

If you are tired of buying plastic single-use bags, reusable silicone bags are a great alternative. They’re much better for the environment so you can feel good about not having more plastic trash.

18. Food vacuum sealer

If you’ve found food going bad or getting freezer burn from not being stored well, a vacuum sealer can help save you money in the long run from not having to throw out as much food.

They’ve also come down in price significantly in recent years. This budget-friendly option has great reviews.

19. Stainless steel grater

And sometimes it is the simpler items that can be one of the best products to simplify your life. A stainless steel handheld grater can be used for so many things including garlic, parmesan, nutmeg, and citrus zest.

Stainless steel refrigerator with a magnetic dry erase whiteboard

20. Dry erase board

A dry-erase board can be helpful for writing down items you need to get from the grocery store. Similar to the dry erase calendar, you can also use it to communicate with family members. You can get just a simple board or a magnetic option for your fridge.

21. Backpack diaper bag

If you are a mom with little kids, a backpack diaper bag will simplify your life by giving you one less thing to carry. I’ve heard this recommendation from numerous moms. There are so many cute options.

22. Accordion file folder

Many people have found success in dealing with mail and paperwork by sorting it immediately and then filing it in a categorized accordion file folder. This helps keep papers off the counter and we could all use more of that!

Wishlist of products that will simplify your life

I don’t own these products and they weren’t recommended by my community, but I have seen them repeatedly recommended by people I follow online. They also have amazing reviews!

23. Ninja multicooker

While I do love my instant pot, I still enjoy using a slow cooker too. I’ve heard rave reviews of this Ninja multicooker and I’d like to try it out when my current slow cooker passes on.

24. Ninja coffee bar

I’ve had my current coffee maker for over 20 years if you can believe it. I got it when I worked at Linens N Things if that tells you anything. It still works fine, but doesn’t pour well but I wasn’t creative enough for it to inspire me to become a coffee artist like my friend Jon at Coffee on Canvas.

When my machine finally dies, I want to check out the Ninja coffee machine. I’ve read great reviews of it and think investing a little into making coffee at home makes a lot more sense than buying it out regularly.

Simplify by decluttering

Simplifying by decluttering may sound counterintuitive after giving you a list of 24 of the best items that will simplify your life, but here’s the thing. If you don’t use them or love them, they become clutter. So be wise about what your purchase and get rid of the things you aren’t using.

If you do buy an item that helps simply your life-great! Now make sure to let go of the items you already had that it replaced.

Are there any products you would have included in this list that I didn’t? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

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  1. Yes! I love this list ❤️
    I agree that occasionally there are products that are worth the investment! Also I love my Corelle dishes! We also have classic white, and even a few floral design that my grandma handed down to me that we’re my favorite as a kid 🥰

  2. I’m not a huge coffee drinker so I like using a French Press coffeemaker, which also happens to make a good batch of loose leaf tea too. And since they can come in something cute, practical, & small enough for me I can use one I like while also portioning my caffeine intake (especially with coffee).

  3. I LOVE my Berkey! It is so worth the cost. I also love stocking up on pantry things at Costco. I don’t really consider that as clutter since I have adequate pantry space and it will all be used. I don’t use paper or plastic products, so I love my silicone bags, unpaper towels, cloth napkins, and handkerchiefs. I also use a bidet toilet attachment, so my use of TP is minimal. And last is my pour over coffee – the only waste is the bag the coffee comes in and the coffee is the only thing I have to buy.

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